I will be glad to know some quick and tasty great breakfast recipes.

Clarisse O.
I don’t have many but I hope these will help you !
– Greek yogurt with fruits (or whatever you want to put in I often put half an apple, a banana (or half), a « dried fig », sometimes I can also put grapes, oat) I don’t have a special recipe I really make the mix I want
– porridge : some milk in a saucepan (I really do everything approximately so same I don’t have a special quantity) and then put some oat and stir, I think you can do as you please for the time you stir if you prefer it to be really like a « dough » or still want it somewhat liquid. Then I add a square of chocolate or some vanilla extract.
– oat pancakes : 2 bananas, 2 eggs and a certain amount oat (I just pour it same I don’t know how much I put) crush the bananas, mix it with the the eggs add the oat and cooks it on a pan I then eat it with some fruits, compote…
– finally toasts with some cheese and an egg :
2 slices of sandwich bread an egg and some soft cheese (I cook the egg the way I want : scrambled, boiled fried)
My friends told me I have weird taste so it may not be tasty for you but hope it’ll give you some breakfast ideas !
Sofie E.
You can have allways eggs. For me they are the best option in the morning. Also some fruit, like kiwi, apple, strawberries..and some seeds or nuts. Sometimes i had some cheese (goda)
Marcus P.
Avocado toast with salt and pepper. Simple and super delicious!! Just toast bread in a bread toaster, and mash half an avocado with a fork and spread it out on the bread. Then season with ground pepper and salt. Delishh!🥑
Eden O.
I love oatmeal, expecially if accompanied by fruit and healthy fats! My favorite oatmeal recipe is this one: I put 30 g of rolled oats in a pan with a cup of water and I let it boil, when the oats start to form a paste, I add half a cup of soy/almond milk (unsweatened), and let it thicken to become a paste again, meanwhile I cut finely one half of an apple and one half of a banana, then I mix it together with the oats when they are sticky, then i put everything in a bowl and add a pinch of cinnamon and 10 g of chocolate chips (99%) or a spoonfull of almond/peanut butter! It's creamy and tasty and takes only 10' when u master the passages! Or else, if I'm in a super hurry, I will do some overnight oats or pur the oats with only half Cup of almond milk for 2 minutes in the microwawe and then add the fruit!