Can you give me pieces of advice on some easy and quick recipes for breakfast?

Eleanor O.
I love oatmeal pancakes. I blend oatmeal, banana and almond milk and vanilla extract. Then i make them on the pan with butter. 🙂
Scarlett Q.
Egg based breakfast. The easiest would be two hard boiled eggs with a cup of hot beverage ehich for me would be coffee. If not enough, pair the eggs with wholemeal bread and baked beans which comes in a can. For more complex egg based recipes, you can search on Google or on Youtube. If you're vegetarian who can't take eggs, you need to consult others.
Albana E.
For Basic breakfast one should eat sprouts, they are really helpful.for healthy body.
Apart from this bread and milk is a good option again. Oats can also be a good option.
1 or 2 parathas along with tea can also provide good energy.
Elsa P.
Vegetable omelette with at least 100g of vegetables. Cook the vegetables in a microwave, no need for oil, when tender enough add whisked egg. For more flavour add curry powder, or Garam masala powder.
Emeline T.
toast with any topping, overnight oats (ready to go in the morning), fruit, or even smoothies (just blend a bunch of fruits/vegetables and it's ready!)
Constance P.
Every morning for breakfast I just Sautee my favorite veggies in a pan, then pour my eggs on top and make either an omelet or a scramble depending on how my egg flip goes, the I put some cheese in their with it and as a side I eat some yogurt, all with a glass of water
Gullweig N.
Eggs are always something quick and easy. Make a couple eggs sunny side up and put them on some buttered toast. You can also add a bit of avocado for a little extra good protein and good fat
Sasha Y.
I am an Indian so I will say my favourite dishes name. It is "Iddiappam with vegetable stew" please search in youtube for further info.
Anna B.
Bread dipped in eggs. Break the eggs into a bowl, thoroughly stir. Add salt. Heat oil on a pan. Dip pieces of bread into the egg & fry it on the pan. Tasty egg dipped toasts.
Don E.
For breakfast, I usually like to have peanut butter on toast, a banana, and a yogurt. It’s one of my favorite things to have for breakfast because it’s high in protein and starts off the day right. You could also make oatmeal or cereal. If you don’t have time to make toast or anything really, you could just grab a fruit and a yogurt. Or, you could prepare something the night before so when you are in a rush, you can just grab and go. When making something the night before, I like to cut up different kinds of fruit to make myself a little fruit salad.
Ellen B.
Try oatmeal, simple toast or some yogurt. If your appetite is small in the morning, make a shake with fruits and other ingredients of your choosing.
Ro N.
Yeah! If I’m in a rush, I’ll make a quick bowl of granola and milk (I prefer chunkier cereal so it doesn’t get soggy fast), but I also hard boil eggs for the week in case I want to be full for longer in the morning. Another cool recipe I use is making egg cups, using a muffin pan and a cracked egg, and I usually add spinach or tomato and cook a bunch for the week! Super healthy and really yummy 🙂
Gullweig N.
I personally make eggs on whole grain toast with tomato, ketchup and pepper. It’s super quick to make so it doesn’t feel like a chore and it tastes good while still being nutritious and protein filled.
Ortrud O.
A bowl of oatmeal, a breakfast shake, some yogurt. Some scrambled eggs with a yogurt and fresh fruit. I download some apps that are free and have a bunch of recipes like whisk and healthy recipes
Ro N.
If you have pinterest , a really nice app then you should search “easy and quick recipes’’ like you asked. If not then make a mug cake or a french toast, waffles , oat bowl , pancakes ,cupcakes……e.t.c.You should also download some apps for recipes from App store or Google play like “ tasty’’!
Katrina O.
The routine I love the most is drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning because it's put me in a good mood for the day. Plus it is super easy to do ☀️
Mathias B.
I don't know of many since I'm. New to this experience as well but you should look to buy some oatmeal and maize meal these are easy to make and you can add fruit to them.
Or you could get muesli with yogurt.
A good afternoon snack could be boiled eggs or some fried chicken with veggies. It's easy with not much to do other than fry and boil.
Thorsten F.
I usually wake up at 8 so it’s a bit early for me. So I make out meal with some fruit on the side. The oatmeal i use is quaker oats in maple and brown sugar. I also use the original and add honey with cinnamon. After that I snack on some more fruits and as bigger meals come around I try to eat a little bit less than what I used to. (that’s for me personally) I stay away from soda, energy drinks, and overly sugary drinks.
Edna P.
Oatmeal are the best. I really love it you just put oatmeal into a bowl and then add some milk or yoghurt or what you want and then some fruit. And you can also add cocoa and honet.
Clinton U.
I usually cut the middle of a bread in circle shape and then crack an egg inside it. Then you use the pieces of bread in corners and dip them into the yellow part of the egg
Gullweig N.
Get a frying pan, add some oil or grease, crack two eggs, and put a piece of bread. Cook the eggs and fry the bread all in the same pan! Wash up an apple and get some orange juice mixed half and half with water, and boom! Breakfast!
Ross E.
Smoothie (500cc) of 2 raw Eggs, 2 banana and 2spoons 90% natural Cocoa whit 1 soup spoon quinoa (previous cook) and 1 Chia seeds for beverage, you can add 1 spoon of peanut butter and for eat, I like fresh advocado and tomato(or carrots or both) whit olive oil and fries champignons whit pepper. I don't use gluten and processed sugars
Sevim F.
How to Do the Work by Dr Nicole LePera…it's really helping me in my journey towards self-love and self-exploration and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themselves and heal
Proc Pio O.
Things I eat for breakfast:

– A mixed fruit salad with a spoon of natural yoghurt with chia seeds and flax seeds and nuts on top (usually ground almonds or pistachios)
– Porridge Oats with cinnamon and banana
– Multigrain toast with avocado and a poached egg (with fresh parsley if I have it) and a sprinkle of chia seeds
– A grilled grapefuit (cut the grapefuit into half, use a sharp knife to slice into the segments and around the outside (dont remove the segments though) and grill. You could use a pinch of coconut sugar to help the caramalized effect and make it marginally less tart
– Spelt cornflakes with seeds and nuts

Kamil F.
I would say a quick protein bar or even just an apple to start the day to give you a boost of energy. Personally I do a Belvita pack or just grab an apple and go
Paige S.
I try to fill up on things that will keep my energy up though the morning, like oats or complex carbohydrates. I also like to get some fruit or honey in there to sweeten things naturally, so a smoothie is particularly good for that. Peanut butter is good too, its a source of protein and its got lots of health fat in it that aids with digesting certain nutrients
Alyssa Z.
Overnight oats are a must! You can prepare it the evening, put it in the fridge and eat it the next morning.
You just need oats, vegetal milk and some fruits and you can top it with almonds, etc.
Gullweig N.
I always have normal breakfast such as milk with either biscuits or cereals. But, don’t worry, I hope this question will come once again when I will have my own lifestyle. Then, I will give you amazing pieces of easy breakfast!
H Lo Se O.
Yes ! I love poached eggs and they are very easy to make. You can find all types of ideas! I make a salad with them and it very good ! The salad has tomato , cucumber and avocado . Another thing that I love to eat a a cheese , ham and vegetable sandwich. I put my favorite vegetables .
Josselino F.
Toast bread with avocado-garlic spread
You mash a whole avocado in a bowl, then you add 4 whole heads of garlic (grated) and add two whole molten cheese and mix
Nicholas I.
1. Glass of freshly made juice. Usually a blend of oranges & lemons.
2. 2 fried eggs. With good amount of garlic & onions. And a pinch of salt & tumaric. Depending on your preference add a little hot pepper to complete the taste.
3. Avoid the heavy carbohydrates in the morning. Have only 2 slices of bread.
4. A cup of hot tea or coffee.