Yes I need help with breakfast and making ideas to eat as well.

Kenneth P.
I made a pinterest board of all the recipes that i'm looking to try. The thing i like about the pinterest boards is that it will also show you more ideas that are similar to the ones you have a specific board. I don't always follow the recipe to a t, so if i am maki g any changes i be sure to put them in tge comment sention of that pin.

Jack A.
Honestly, it’s fine if you don’t have a big fancy breakfast. A lot of people don’t have time to make that. Something simple, like yogurt with fruit and granola, or toast with eggs or bacon can go a long way. As for recipes, try making egg in toast. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Danielle P.
Pinterest can help with make ahead meals and prep. Oatmeal/steel cut oats in a mason jar is very portable and you can change up the fruits to keep away the blahs

Loane O.
I find for breakfast I want something quick and filling. If I have an early morning I pick something for breakfast that I can make the day before like overnight oats or a muffin. Smoothies are also good for breakfast, especially if you need to eat on the go. As for making ideas to eat, I find meal plans help with that because you can decide everything in advance and then make or eat them as you go through the week.

Wallace U.
A heavy workout might help you stay fit and makes hungry. Therefore it is advised to workour in some way before you have your breakfast list out all the items you crave for your breakfast even though unhealthy. Put the traditional healthy breakfast items on the other side. Now try eating both in equal quantities in the beginning. Then slightly start reducing the quantity of unhealthy items. After a while you can put them aside completely noticing the change in your body.this might help you motivate to take your first meal of the day. Whatever you eat see that they are rich in protein and fiber in the morning. You can also include carbs in break fast. See that you include fruits in the morning because they are absorbed better.

Dale P.
Hi! It helps to start small. I try to pick more fruit into my morning breakfasts. I eat oatmeal too. Breakfast is a hard time for me to eat, either my stomach feels weird, or I’m busy! I find smoothies are a great compromise. Eating will make the rest of the day better, you shouldn’t be denying yourself time to eat. Do it for you! -DM 🙂

Otniel Z.
I think the main thing is to prepare the night before it’s really going to help you to eat healthy And will avoid you from getting lazy in the mornig

Sofia E.
I found some microwave breakfasts that literally take 3 min to make. Half the week I cook for myself and the rest of the time it’s an easy meal.

Harvey U.
I suggest to have breakfast foods that you like for example ‘fruit salad’ if you need help with recipes I would try Pinterest or online breakfast ideas

H Lio S.
You need to stop making excuses and use the app they have some good ideas! I just eat 2 eggs Bio for the record! Every day now and some chees on it sometime sum mushrooms! Take some nut Blend to work. No salt nuts! Take a also two Apple's! Cut them up it helps me to eat them! Make sure you have every thing in house and ready for the next day!

Victoria Z.
Most mornings I make smoothies, which are very quick to make and easy to clean up after. Ingredients are almond milk, banana, spinach, frozen blueberries, chia seeds and a scoop of protein powder! Also easy and healthy are banana pancakes, or I love avocado on toast when I go out to eat!

Evangelos E.
A good breakfast is high in nutrients. I find the best breakfast with a green smoothie and protein like eggs. But you could also add protein to the smoothies as well.

Charlie E.
I usually eat eggs every morning as I am a vegetarian and that's how I get a lot of my protein. I also sometimes have oatmeal with fruit and a little maple syrup or honey.

Dave E.
Ezekiel sprouted toast w nut butter
Oatmeal with fruit (usually I use a frozen mix of strawberry, banana, and peach)
Baked eggs with veg (broccoli, cauliflower, peas, green beans etc)
Smoothie with frozen fruit, almond milk, nut butter, hemp hearts, and oatmeal.

Note: sometimes when I want variety I will make a couple of these in half portions

Daniel C.
Currently I eat mostly eggs or Mozzarella cheese for breakfast. Sometimes switch to peanut butter. I try to keep it simple.

Joseph P.
Something quick and simple is best, I slice a banana in half and put peanut butter in the middle. It's tasty, nutritious, quick and affordable. Give it a try for three days x

Wally E.
Breakfast is the key to kickstart the day and set the eating for the day on the right foot. I have built it around egg, veggies, oats (with 3 dates, nuts & 1 banana), orange juice/papaya slices and tea. It covers most of the essentials. Best of luck!

Juliano Q.
Make an omelet with eggs mushrooms spinach and tomatoes. Another option would be oats (maybe a cereal box one) + milk. Just keep it simple and don’t overthink about it.

Elias U.
Get up early make 2 eggs with mais bread, it lighter than dark bread, make smootie 2 bananas a little sirup, milk, and something to fill it up! Havermout(Dutch)

Diane Z.
Breakfast is hard but it's the best start to your day you can ask for. I like a protein heavy breakfast with eggs and bacon (yes, I work them in) plus a fruit with a little yogurt. My family is my motivation so try to have a buddy encourage you or eat breakfast with you. Easy ideas are overnight oats, homemade egg sandwiches, granola and yogurt or a lovely little omelette. You got this, try planning ahead and see if it helps! 🤗

Jadir Q.
I have never liked eating breakfast, especially when I first get up. But I’ve found that a bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola a little later in the morning helps my energy level a lot.

Dorina J.
I love to have a different breakfast almost everyday as I get bored really quickly!
But this one I like it a lot
-2/3 cup jumbo oats
– 1 cup vegetal milk
– 2 ts chia seeds
– 2 ts Maple syrup
– pinch of salt
– vanilla extract
Mix it all the night before and leave it in the fridge for tomorrow morning.
In the morning add some berries or fruits you like.