How late can you eat and still have it called breakfast?

Gwendolyn R.
I consider anything after 11am to be brunch at that point.
It depends though, as if you've already been awake before brunch time then it's brunch.
If not then your first meal will always be breakfast, as the term breakfast is just breaking your fast of the night.
Caylan W.
to me, it can be as late as 12:30! even though some people call it brunch, i view breakfast as “breaking your fast” from the day before 😁 hope this helps!
Rosa Maria U.
I consider breakfast up to 11.15. Althought i dont find it healthy and good way, because my inner clock says that dinner should be at 18.30. So it means that meals would be to close, if I have breakfast after 11. I have late breakfast very rarely, maybe when travel, or sleep longer.
Asta G.
I think the latest you can eat and still call it breakfast would be 11am because anything past that would be considered lunch. Generally it's better to eat breakfast earlier in the day (7 to 11am) in order to eat every meal of the day.
Eric R.
That depends on what time you go to sleep, some people have breakfast at ten pm and some have breakfast at 10 am, there is no rule or guideline to when is to late fir breakfast, your body will let you know.
Beauregard L.
Depending on whether you're a day shift or night shift worker I can expect the answers to be different. As a day shift worker in my opinion 10:30 is the latest you can eat breakfast.