What do you eat if you’re in a rush to get out the door?

Laila N.
I usually have a banana or an apple, with peanut butter 🤤 can't help it 😂 it is a quick, satisfying snack/meal for me ❤
Ioanna N.
No matter in how much hurry I am I always drink a cup of warm milk with cocoa and honey. Then, I check what options I have:a slice of cake, a toast, a banana, etc.
Charbaa M.
I usually try to at least eat a small little snack if i am in a rush later in the day, but if I just woke up or it’s really early i don’t really like eating it makes me feel sick
Heidi Q.
Sometimes i eat pasta with a quick condiment, like tomato sauce. Other times i eat some bread with prosciutto, mozzarella or mortadella.
Cattaboom N.
Because everything is virtual, I haven’t had to do this in a while. When I was going to in person school and I was late though, sometimes I would just grab a bagel to eat in the car, or eat a quick bowl of cereal.
Bessie F.
When I don’t have much time in the morning I usually make myself almond butter and banana on toast or I quickly make a smoothie with my favourite ingredients.
Astrid E.
It depends on what i have at the moment. Sometimes i eat a single fruit like an apple or a banana. But if i have nothing that i can eat on the go, I'll just get through it on an empty stomach.
Zoran O.
most likely nothing if i’m in a rush but if i’m really hungry then i will most likely put some cereal in a plastic bag and eat it in the car
L Zaro E.
That depends entirely on the moment of the day and my overall amount of hunger. I eat based on macros, so it may be an apple, a wholewheat sandwich, a protein bar, or a handful of nuts.
Risiele P.
Cereal is what I usually prefer. Otherwise, I sometimes keep some sort of pastry in the fridge, so I take it out, defreeze it and eat it.