How long after you wake up do you have breakfast?

Rachel N.
As soon as I get dressed I go and get breakfast, but I sometimes am awake but don’t get up straight away. It’s a really bad habit that I need to break actually.
Constantin F.
Due my schedule, I eat breakfast around 3 hours after I eat. Before breakfast, I make sure to drink plenty of water and complete my exercise routine.
Lois G.
Usually ~2 hours, give or take. Growing up I was not only not hungry right after waking up, but forcing myself to eat would make me very ill. I listen to my body now. Sometimes I will wake up hungry if I slept poorly, and have a small snack of bread or yogurt, but most days I wake up around 10:30am and eat my first meal around noon.
Rouven E.
It depends, I will usually have water and a coffee first, then exercise and after have breakfast. This is all dependent on my schedule.
Magdalena E.
30-40 minutes after I wake up I have breakfast. About and hour and a half after I wake up, I gotta go number two. About two hours after I have breakfast, I get hungry again.
Russell X.
I try to take breakfast as soon as I am out of bed. However some days I get caught up with tidying my space when I get up and I postpone breakfast for an hour after I am awake.
Theodore G.
Generally one hour later. This is helping my body to prepare the day. Breakfast just after waking up is not good for our stomach. Let him/her wake up too.
L Gio E.
After drinking water wait atleast half an hour to eat anything. In that time you could do some quick yoga or a few stretches or go for a walk or simply meditate to start your day.
Josephine F.
On the weekdays, when I have school, I wake up at about 6:45 and get breakfast usually sometime at 6:50-7:00
On weekends, I just have breakfast whenever I feel like it. Even if it is hours later from when I woke up
Rene G.
Usually about an hour or so after I wake up, I don't tend to be particularly hungry in the mornings so I wait a little while.
Matias X.
I have breakfast shortly after I wake up. My routine starts with making my bed, meditating and then have breakfast while I read the newspaper. After that I hit the gym.
Isabella E.
Often, I will have my water and a small snack like a banana or an apple to get some energy for morning exercises. After that, I'll make my eggs so as to get some post-workout protein and energy. If you're struggling to find the right time or order to eat, consider breaking it up into smaller meals throughout your routine. Ultimately, whatever works for you and gets it done is best.
Beatrice J.
I have breakfast 2-3 hours after waking up. First I drink water, this keeps me full while I prepare for work. I then have tea: green tea or ginger tea. In my opinion tea makes me more energized than coffee. When I get to work I then settle and eat before I start off my day. This adds more energy and brightens my mood for the various tasks ahead.
Terrance T.
I have breakfast about 30 to 40 minutes after I wake up. I usually start with drinking water, exercising, then having a small breakfast or a protein shake.
Isaac Q.
There is the difference between waking up and standing up. Breakfirst is usually 20 min after standing up and 2h after waking up. 😉
Monica X.
I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. I notice when you are eating healthier, it doesn't seem to take long to prepare breakfast. I personally have found that eating a banana and a handful or walnuts gives me great energy, keeps me full, and is also quick and easy! Sometimes, if I am feeling hungrier, I will add in some oatmeal or fresh berries. Hope this helps!
Vera A.
I usually have a quick bite of something half an hour after I get upo but I have a proper breakfast when I get to work around 3h after I get up.
Ashley R.
It often depends on how tired I am when I wake up because that affects how long I take to get ready. I typically eat before leaving for work or on my way out the door, which is usually an hour after waking up.
Aenne T.
I get up, drink water, do some pushups, shower and then go down and have breakfast. Probably about 45 min after getting out of bed
Noah U.
I dont usually have enough time to eat in the morning so I try to do it within 10 minutes of waking up because if I wait until after I get ready or until I get to work I will end up skipping the breakfast altogether
Axel O.
On school days, I get up around 6:00 in the morning. It's a rush to be ready in an hour and a half so I settle for a simple bowl of trix cereal with milk. On weekends, I'm normally awake by 7:00 AM so I have more time to fix a better and healthy breakfast. Once I wake up, I usually get up, use the restroom, and then head to the kitchen. That gives me around 10 minutes to fully wake up and be ready to start the day! Hope this helped 🙂
Britney N.
Typically breakfast is at least an hour after I get up. I brush teeth, go on a nice walk with the pup, take a shower and then eat. It’s a nice pause before finishing getting ready and heading out the door for the day.
Hugh N.
I tend to wake up between 6:00 and 6:30am. I like to wait about 20 minutes before I eat anything so I can develop an appetite – to make the time go by quicker, I brush my teeth, tidy up my room, get dressed, read and drink some water before having breakfast.

I found eating a big breakfast makes me full until lunch time – if I get hungry before lunch, I like to eat a piece of fruit and drink a cup of water 😇🍄

I hope this helps you!! ❤️

Frances J.
About one to one and a half hours after, it really depends. Lately though, I’ve been trying to have breakfast right after my quiet time.
Ginger Q.
I usually wait about 90 minutes. I eat when I get to the office. I drink water and coffee first thing and a banana on the train if I'm hungry
Michelle U.
I always wake up at 6h30 drink some water, have some exercise whether I go for a run or do some push ups. Then I take a cold shower. Then it’s breakfast time. Usually half an hour / hour after I wake up.
Harvey E.
Well for me, as soon as I wake up I have to use the bathroom. Then I drink my water for the morning, make my bed and get started on breakfast. After breakfast I wait at least 30mins and then do my exercises. So I would say 10 to 15 minutes after I get up. I try not to eat any heavy food after 6pm so I wake up hungry and drained. I need energy to exercise. Hope this helps.