Have any breakfast tips if I’m trying to gain weight?

B Z.
Add more carbs to your diet.. Root veggies like sweet potatoes, yellow Yukon potatoes, squash, nuts, beans, grains like rice, oats, plant or animal milk, ripe bananas avocado and fruits.. Don’t forget your veggies.. Carrots etc.. veggie and fruit juices with added protein powder, and a proportionate serving of poultry meat and fish (if you eat them) to balance and build muscle tissue.

Adding some weighted exercised can also help to tone and build muscle which is bulkier than fat..


Else Z.
Well if you are trying to gain weight I would eat in bigger quantitys and eat things like eggs and bacon and toast and things that are good for you but also have lots of carbs and protein so your energized all day aswell

Omnia Z.
Not about eating alarge amounts of it but you must take care & be awareness about it's ingredients of protein, calcium, vitamin, magnesium, and also penefit with it Will.

Michelle U.
I like to make French toast in the morning with a glass of milk. I just say it’s 1000 calories. I have 4 slices usually. You can meal prep a bunch at once or what I do is just make 4 each day. I just use 2 eggs a little bit of milk, and than I add salt, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. I just eyeball to be quick.

Aguinaldo C.
Add proteins and healthy fats. I notice that those sorts of foods tend to have more calories. You can add protein powder to oatmeal and porridge and avocado is a popular healthy fat item. Eggs and salmon are also good choice!