Is it ok if i eat my breakfast late? Like 10:00 or10:30??

Adam N.
Sure, effectively it makes no difference to your body or mind. It slightly depends on what time do you get up and how well you slept and if you actually feel hungry and purposely stay that way till 10.30. It is far more important what you eat and if you do it same time every day. Try not to get to the point when h.a.l.t. (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) kicks in and please be concerned about nutrition and calorie intake/burn throughout the day.
Afonso T.
yes, it’s ok to have a lazy morning. Sometimes the best thing to do for your health is take a slow day. A good day =/= an extremely productive day. It’s what you make of it!
Amy Y.
It's better to eat it late than not to eat it at all, but if you do, you should consider portions and how much it'll fill you considering that you'll eat lunch soon. If you manage to have breakfast earlier it'd be better, but it all depends on your routine. It's always better to have breakfast as soon as you wake up anyway 🙂
Salvador U.
Yes absolutely , if you aren't an early bird and you wake up late it's ok to have breakfast at any time in the morning 😊
My Little Tedy N.
Of course it is. As long as you are not eating eat after 12 PM then it’s fine. Some people wake up later than others which results in a late breakfast and that’s okay.
T Lio P.
Yes of course. Breakfast is any time you break a fast. Any time you break a fast, it is breakfast. Any time is good. I would say any time before noon is perfect.
Katherine A.
Yes, i mean it depends…if before 10:00 you aren’t doing any hard work or studying, you should be okey. I like to take my time in the mornings to wake up, reflect on the day and then take a calm breakfast. Also I do intermittent fasting, so i need to take my breakfast a little late + i do exercise before taking my first meal 🙂
Anurag O.
Yeah it's totally fine if you don't feel weak till the time. If you start getting hungry in like 7 or 8 am you should do your breakfast at that time because if you'll stay hungry till 10 or 10 30 your mind will not think of what are you are doing present it will keep thinking about food so I'll suggest to do your breakfast at 7 or 8 and always take light breakfast instead of heavy one it will help you throughout the day.
Kristin F.
I think it is fine to eat your breakfast at a later time. For example when you wake up late, it can make sence so eat at a later time too. You do need to make sure that you will not push it too far, cause skipping your breakfast is very unhealthy.
Kelly O.
Absolutely! Everyone’s body is different and you should do what feels best for your body. There are a lot of people that just don’t feel good when they try to eat soon after waking up.
Sara C.
I think it depends on why you are having it so late; if you are waking up at 9/9.30 then I think it's still good. If you are waking up several hours before hand, it may be good to try and get something small in earlier.
Storm Z.
It's okay to eat breakfast late, as long as you get out of bed late. Since breakfast is your fuel and energy for the day, you want to eat when you get out of bed to start your morning right.
Jane C.
I think if you feel like it, it's ok, but if you eat late because you are busy earlier, and you want to eat earlier, it's not good, try to fix it if it possible 🙂
Nelmo E.
I think the most important part is doing the thing, so if breakfast doesn’t happen until 10:30, it at least happened! I often clear my “morning goals” in the afternoon simply because of timing, but I still celebrate my success!
Gustav C.
I know people who eat breakfast later than 10:30, I think it’s fine. Just remember to not replace your breakfast with your lunch etc.
Diedrich F.
I feel like it’s fine with your schedule, as long as it’s linked consecutively with the other habits because that’s how the routines get solidified
Joris U.
I think it depends on your sleep schedule, so if you wake up a bit later, it's better to eat breakfast than to skip it completely.
Scheherezade N.
Yea absolutely! Especially when you’ve got other things to work in to your morning routine, mine takes me up until late morning – a ten o’clock breakfast sounds like you’ve managed to get other things done first, which is great! Hope you’re enjoying your new routine ❤️
Julian Q.
I am grateful for my amazing family, my friends and how they are there for me. A roof over my head and food. Im also thankful that i am healthy and how i can run walk jump and dance!!
Genilsa N.
To me, having breakfast everyday is important, so 10-10.30 is OK. Although you may want to think about making it more of a brunch if you have breakfast any later
Delicia O.
Yes. It's all about nourishing the body when we can and being consistent as possible to complete our goals. For me, if I was going to eat later than usual, then I would be mindful to not have a big breakfast so I can have lunch at appropriate time. Just adjust it to what fits for your schedule.
Florent F.
It depends. When do you wake up? Your body needs energy soon after you wake. If you're waking around 6,7,8 and not eating until 10 or 10:30, your body and brain doesn't have fuel that it needs to function.
Brittony N.
That depends on when I wake up. If I was up late for good reason and sleep in to provide myself rest then it is ok occasionally but on a daily basis, no. I need to have a full glass of water and a healthy breakfast at the start of my day to give me nutrients and energy to accomplish the things I must get done.
Max Y.
I heard from a nutritionist that I follow, that it dosnt necessarily matter what time you eat breakfast, and that it is better to listen to your body when you feel hungry. When you deconstruct the word breakfast, it really means break-fast, as in you are breaking your fast. So what matters most is what you eat after breaking your fast.
Lea W.
It depends on the time you wake up. For example, today I got up at 8:00 am and started my day drinking water. Later I had a cup of coffee and drank another glass of water. Because of the lesson I had at 8:30 am, I waited until it ended and I ate my breakfast at 10:00 am. Don't worry if you wake up a little bit later, simply adjust your own routine to the things you have to do during the day like work or studies. I recommend that you have your breakfast as soon as possible after you wake up. Remember that breakfast is essential and gives you the energy you need to start the day being motivated. Having the first meal from 1 to 2 hours after you wake up is nice. It's important not to feel stressed about the routine you want to follow. It should help you be more productive and less worried!! 🙂 I hope it helps you ☆
Freja X.
Depends on what you're trying to achieve and what you have planned for the day.

For me after 8 hours of sleep I don't eat anything for another 6 hours then eat my daily amount of calories, fats, Carbs and proteins in a balanced form to also get my nutrients. This makes dieting easier for if I want to gain or lose weight and saves money since you're not snacking (you won't believe how much you spend snacking)

Hope this helps 😊

Colin F.
I think so if your schedule is later than other people. And as long as you eat a good breakfast and don't start your day before then, then yes! I eat a breakfast immediately after I do my breakfast service for patients in hospital so I can keep going for the rest of my day!
Christine P.
Depends on what time you get up. If you get up at 8, that's perfect. If you get up at 6 you may want to consider intermittent fasting instead.
Cl O B.
I think it depends on the time you wake up and the time you will have lunch. It's important that you don't eat your breakfast much late, cause it could affect how much you would eat in lunch; but if you wake up late (and consequently costume have lunch late too), it's ok (I guess)
Michelle F.
It’s best to eat breakfast within a couple hours of waking up so that you get your metabolism going. At 10:30 am you should be having a small snack. Waiting too long to eat tends to make you eat more and your body holds on to fat.
Ella U.
yes i guess, As long as it is right after yiu wake up and fits into your routine. If it can’t fit into your routine, then it will be way harder to stick to it.
Clara Z.
Better late than never. We all have busy mornings and sometimes forget to take time out for ourselves. I try to keep healthy high protein bars or shakes around so I can get an early breakfast in on busy days.
D Cimo Q.
Its better to eat within an hour of waking up I've found. You don't have to eat anything heavy, maybe a piece of fruit or protein shake/smoothie would be a great way to start the day.
Erik Q.
Sure that it is. But it depends, if it's a big breakfast because you want to gain muscle, then you should consider that you could not be hungry for the lunch, so it might be better to anticipate or make it lighter.
Anyway, the important think is that you actually have a breakfast, cuz — consistency above all.
Alma P.
Yes absolutely! In fact lots of people do it intentionally as part of a daily fasting regime (for example only eating between 10am & 6pm) that can help with health and weight loss.
Josefina A.
I would rather eat it early in the morning. If it’s too late, it can interrupt a work routine that I’ve already started with.
Lamia Y.
I think that’s okay yeah. As long as it gives you fuel when you need it I don’t think you need to set a specific time for it
Jack E.
Depending at what time do you wake up. If is early if think you shloud at least drink a cup of tee as soon you wake up and then at 10 you can have a consistent breakfast. This is my thought
Melissa Z.
My understanding is based on my nutritionist’s recommendations; eating within 1-2 hours of waking is best, and so is eating around the same times each day. That way the body knows when to expect food and gets ready for it.
Diana F.
Yes, it is okay because as your making a habit. There will be a day where you don’t get up at the time you were suppose to. Plus as you’re learning to get better at a habit you need to keep encouragement going.
Rachael N.
Absolutely – breakfast is simply breaking the overnight fast. Increasing the length of this overnight fast has health benefits.
Abel Y.
It is OK. You set the meals for yourself according to your obligations. Although it is recommended to eat a few hours after waking up. However, it can also be a snack, such as some fruit, oatmeal, a handful of nuts, etc. At 10am it is perfectly fine to have breakfast. 🍎❣️
6 A.
night owls aren't hungry first thing in the morning! i try to keep an apple and/or banana at my desk so when i start feeling hungry I can munch on something. don't always want a full meal or heavy big hot breakfast, but something like nuts, peanut butter, other protein or low sugar snack in the morning holds me over for quite a while
Rapha L E.
I think it depends on what time you wake and get up in the morning. Let's say you get up at 10 and have your breakfast by 10:30, that's absolutely fine. But if you wake up around 7 and you have your breakfast between 10 and 10:30 than your body has no fuel till that time. Those 3 hours you will most likely be very hungry and not feel energized untill you have your breakfast.
Leo Z.
No. First of all people have different sleeping patterns so the time you have breakfast depends on when you get up. As long as your still eating breakfast that’s all that matters.
Saar W.
yes, i doesnt change anything. as long as you eat breakfast it is ok bcs if you eat breakfast you are gonna eat less in the day
Ethel E.
Yes because breakfast is just whats in its name breaking your fast. To elaborate when you are asleep you are technically fasting so the first thing you eat after waking up would be you breaking your fast or breakfast.
Daniel W.
If I wake up at 7a and eating breakfast at 10a, it is not a healthy thing to do to my body! My brain and body needs fuel to run my day!