Any ideas for quick and healthy breakfasts? I don’t like bananas or eat meat.

Brett E.
My perfect breakfast is a spinach quiche or scrambler with fresh tomato slices on the side. 👌🏻 Don’t eat eggs? Overnight oats are a great change up from traditional oatmeal.

Eli F.
Grape Nuts!! Super protein-packed, no-sugar cereal. You can add fruit or honey for sweetness. It’s the only thing I can consistently get down in the morning.

Milica T.
There are plenty smoothie recipes that don’t require bananas. A great way to make it quick in the mornings is to pre portion and pre freeze fruit. That way you can just throw it in the blender with some liquid of choice.

Eggs are another great breakfast option. Have them any way you like. Try with some sautéed mushrooms and spinach for an extra vitamin a boost in the morning.

Dino Y.
My go-to are protein bars. There is some really good ones out there that don't taste like sand or cardboard the way so many used to.

Ga Tan O.
I spent a while doing research in Nepal and I love the Nepali breakfast. It's basically lentil soup and rice. 1 cup yellow lentils, 1 tbs mustard oil, 1 tbs Ginger, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tsp turmeric, and salt. Boil together with four cups of water until the lentils begin to dissolve. As water as necessary to keep it soupy. This makes enough for a whole week off breakfast. Also make plain basmati rice. I keep the rice and lentils in the fridge and each morning put a few spoons of lentils over a few spoons of rice and microwave for one minute. Instant healthy veg breakfast every day. If it gets boring you can always add a vegetable curry to the mix.

Heidi P.
Do you eat eggs? Boiled eggs are a good and quick choice for breakfast. You can boil them beforehands, they'll stay good in a fridge for few days. My favourite is frozen berries with cottage cheese: handful of both, and you get easily a reasonable portion of carbs, protein and fiber, all at once

Mechthild J.
I used to eat oatmeal which is a fantastic, healthy, and filling breakfast. Lately, however, I switched to Chocolate Soilent and really love it! 😋

Naja X.
A classic: smashed or diced avocado on sourdough toast, poached egg, salt and cracked black pepper, splash of tobacco :))

Denise X.
I recommend something made of corn, like Arepas, add some cheese and two eggs. A glass of coffee and milk to complete the breakfast.

Stacey U.
I find eggs to be a super easy, versatile breakfast (if you eat those). Otherwise, smoothies and overnight oats are both usually quick to make and you can find a ton of recipes online customizable to your personal preferences.

Valdemar F.
I enjoy oatmeal and yogurt, you can try different flavors of yogurt to spice things up. Also add some dried fruit in there for some texture and flavor

Marius E.
My friend introduced me to hard boiling eggs. I was able to do this on Sunday and have enough for the week. In the morning I would grab two eggs, a package of mixed nuts and my bottle of water for the morning. It was a great meal for a quick morning.

Chad F.
I base my breakfast on oats: cooked as porridge, soaked overnight or dry as granola. I then add as much as I can in fresh and/or fried fruit, nuts and seeds, milk or yoghurt to maximize the energy and nutrient input from what I consider to be a major meal of tge day.

Gamaliel Z.
Eggs are always a good option. I make little frittata things using a muffin pan. I add peppers, onions, and cheese in the egg with some salt & pepper and then bake and refrigerate them so I can quickly heat a couple up in the morning. I also like oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries with some agave to sweeten it a little more. Sometimes I’ll also put some vegan protein powder in it. Whey doesn’t seem to do well in hot oatmeal for some reason.

Th Odore Z.
I don't eat meat either. I love eggs, and try to source free range. I only spend spend 10 mins making two eggs on toast with spinach leaves, and whatever condiments i feel like.

I minimize my shower time and have my work stuff prepped the night before to make time for myself to enjoy that breakfast.

Noilves T.
Sometimes I like to have porridge with Nutella and raspberries. Other times I’ll opt for smashed avocado on toast with a fried egg. You could even try smoothies For breakfast and cut up the fruit the night before so it’s quick to make in the morning!

Signe G.
Unsweetened peanut butter on low carb no sugar bread. Or cream cheese with berries on top, on same bread. With coffee. If I'm running late I have a jar of pickled eggs., just grab and go for those. They last for weeks

Alison E.
I like to eat plain Greek yogurt (as a source of lean proteins), with berries and/or fruit, oats or corn flakes (preferably whole grain) or a piece of toast.
If you prefer a salty taste I'd suggest eggs (1 egg or egg white) and veggies. You can prepare a frittata or egg muffins ahead.

Olivia F.
I used to ferment my own milk kefir and have it for breakfast with frozen blueberries melted into it overnight and that was great. Smoothies can be very healthy depending on what you put in them. On slow mornings I like to shred cabbage and put fried eggs on it and top it with a dressing made from olive oil and fermented pickle juice :). In a pinch, whole wheat toast with cream cheese or nut butter works too…

Johnni C.
Boiled eggs. Can be cooked while doing other things. Give you more energy without the sleepiness. Great without any additional spices. Please be careful if you have allergies tho.

Storm Z.
I do egg muffins on a Sunday and then can rehear them over the week.

10-12 eggs, cheese, any veggies you would like to add (I’ll do bell peppers, broccoli or even asparagus), salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all ingredients into a bowl and whisk together. Leave cheese for last otherwise it’ll all sink to the bottom. Line muffin tin with disposable cupcake lines or with silicone ones (these are truly a game changer). Fill all tins with egg mixture. Try to get even amounts of egg to veggies and cheese. Fill to the top but don’t overfill! Cook for 35 minutes. You can check with a toothpick to see if they’re cooked all the way through. Let them cool then throw them in a Tupperware container.

Every morning I can heat 2-3 up in the microwave and away I go. Low carb. Low sugar. High protein.

Baptiste S.
I buy mixed frozen fruit, almond milk, bananas and loose leaf spinach. Blend them all together in a magic bullet and hit the road. I use one banana per serving for creaminess in the smoothie but you could leave it out if you want. Water works as well as almond milk. I like adding hydrolyzed collagen as well for protein.

Natalie U.
Overnight oats are great! I combine almond milk, 1/2 cup oats, and some cinnamon then throw in fruit and nuts in the am. Also a fan of hard boiled eggs paired with fruit.

Nikolaj C.
I like to eat something quick since my job is fast paced. I usually go with a medium sized banana and a spoonful of chunky peanut butter. It really wakes me up and keeps me satiated till lunchtime.

Crystal G.
I think a great quick breakfast is either a hard-boiled or fried egg and a few slices of avocado. It's not heavy but it gives you the right amount of energy

Maria F.
Y am very into oatmeal now. I like to make it a porridge. Take a cup o oats, add the milk you like, and microwave for 2 mins. I then add cinnamon, fruit and nuts. Whatever you have in your kitchen will work. Also, you can change milk for yogurt if you’d like. There are so many options you’ll never get bored!

Zehra T.
Pre slice some fresh fruit the night before and ziploc it with a handful of nuts or Whole grain toast with some yogurt and granola. Hope it's helps, stay Fabulous!

Clarence E.
Try some oatmeal, just warm up some water and pour oats into it then brown sugar and milk (you don’t have to add milk if you’re vegan,) viola, Breakfast!

Grace C.
Oats cooked on the stove with water – add seeds, hemp hearts, dates, fruit etc to make it more filling.
Baked oats – lots of recipes online. Try Vegan WonderMamas or Oh She Glows.
Whole grain bread toasted with avocado 🥑
Baked beans on toast

Avery S.
Tofu Spinach “Quiche”
Made the previous day, a chilled slice of the leftover pie is quick and healthy.
No eggs or dairy, just a block of tofu blended with soy milk, a little vegan butter, several handfuls of fresh spinach, salt & pepper, poured into a pie crust and baked. Feta cheese is a nice addition if you eat dairy.

Hans Hermann C.
I am a vegetarian. So I usually drink kefir (a fermented yogurt smoothie) because it has all the nutrients I need to start the day and makes me feel full. Also, having scrambled eggs or eggs anyway you like them is super good. It is a complete food nutritionally wise and eggs will make you feel satisfied. I may also do a small wrap with beans, lentils or hummus and add a little bit of cheese and dried tomatoes. The key here is that it is a small wrap.
I always keep dried fruits and nuts handy, just in case I am in a hurry and have to eat on the run. Also, they're a great snack. (Careful with the portion though!!)

Romane O.
Me too I don’t like bananas or meat I personally eat boiled egg and a bowl of fruits and sometimes I make a smoothie I put frozen raspberries and blueberries and strawberries And my all time favorite i put drops of flavored yogurt in the freezer so the next day it will look like chocolate chips but healthier hope this helps you plus don’t forget you r amazing and u can do it and complete the journey 🤩😉

Amalie F.
I make overnight Bircher muesli in a mug – it's just almond milk, oats, and an apple grated and soaked for 10min into some sort of juice to make it not brown – (i like to use cranberry juice because it turns it a nice colour !) You can add lots of extra bits to mix things up. I love the freshness of the apple and it's crunchyness, but the whole thing is still! I find it extremely filling. If you want to increase the protein you can mix in some protein power easily too. By making in a mug I can just grab a spoon and eat it out the fridge or take it to work with me and eat at desk.

Corey C.
Well i usually take scrambled eggs, oats with dried fruits and nuts and whatever else I might like. Would that work for you?

Eline Y.
I'm vegetarian and gluten free and also not a massive fan of bananas. I buy a mice gluten free cereal called mesa sunrise and eat that with soy milk, chopped up apple, hazelnuts and a few drops of honey on top. Sometimes I replace the apple with a berry (eg blueberries or strawberries) Pretty good 🙂

Aubin Z.
I like to eat eggs with a leafy green. Sometimes I do a protein smoothie or oatmeal! I personally feel better having a large breakfast, so I make sure to make my eggs the night before. I also keep oatmeal at my desk at work and make a quick bowl when I’m there. Hope that helps!

Burghard F.
Maybe you can eat egg, tomatos,cucumber,cheese. Also i think most important food is egg in breakfast. You can drink tea, coffee or milk with your breakfast.

Dave P.
Eating 3 eggs (escrumbled or boiled) with a plate of veggies and two slides of a toast, is a healthy and full palnced breakfast. It keeps you full for at least 4 to 5 hours. You always can replace the toast with potato but not fried. Try beans instead of eegs sometimes.

Manuel A.
I like eggs. You can bake/microwave 3 egg whites, baby spinach and mushrooms (or just onions and tomatoes) in a ramekin and have an egg muffin.

Norah Y.
Get a big, round mug, spray it with cooking spray, and scramble an egg in it. Add whatever spices you like, then pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds and boom: perfectly cooked egg. You can add a slice of low-fat cheese and put it on apiece of whole grain toast for a tasty, open face breakfast sandwich!

David O.
I meat doesn't consider egg,egg is a great source of protein and great for breakfast!😀 I prefer just eating muesli with fruits for breakfast🥰

Ma Line E.
Eggs are always a go to for us. They can be done I. So many different ways. I like pairing them with sautéed greens and shallots. Or I like to make little mini frittatas in advance to have ready for the week. Berries of all kinds.

Ethan F.
I'll sometimes grab a bagel and spread peanut butter on it after lightly toasting it. That way I don't need to take my eyes off my commute to get in a bite as I go. Also, sometimes I manage to have the foresight to make a few "Break FAST" parfaits using Greek yogurt and fresh berries or fruit over the weekend for a grab and go on my craziest mornings when I'll be getting the city bus. Good luck!

Taylor T.
I want to try a breakfast burrito: 2 eggs, a sprinkling of cheese, and some salsa, in a whole wheat tortilla. That’ll give you protein, a little bit of fat, and whole grain carbs.

Zehra Y.
Natural yogurt, oatmeal, fresh fruit. I don’t like banana but I eat any berries or apple. You can add nuts and a bit of honey as well.

Brian N.
Im not crazy about berries but I will eat them. I prefer to eat seasonally. Eg porridge/outmeal in the winter. Eggs can seem a little extravagant on a weekday

G Lay R.
Tofu scramble!! You can make a big batch of tofu mix and then just fry it up with a bunch of veggies each morning — takes 5 minutes, and vegan. 🙂

Silas F.
I don't eat meat either. One of my favorite plant-based breakfasts is toast with mashed/pureed beans (any type) with avocado, salsa, and or cucumber slices on top. Yumm!

Lori F.
I do overnight oats with greek yoghurt and frozen blueberries. You can make them the night before and eat it on the go or when you get to work.

Sofie W.
I usually just have cereal like weetbix or I have a healthy smooth with Berry’s and yogurt and sometimes I’ll throw in some ice cream if I’m feelin special 🤷‍♀️ I’m also a very picky person and don’t like yogurt most of the time but this is really good

Elina F.
An Ezekiel Bread english muffin with a nut butter, like almond butter is a great way to stay full throughout the morning.

Nicolas Y.
Over night oats there are so many variations, I love the recipes by @chocolatecoveredkatie
I also often have vega one shake for breakfast. It has all the nutrients you need

Maja Z.
Fry two eggs and put them on top of some cheesy toast. Make some malt o meal on the stove, using half milk and half water. When done add two tbsp of honey (if making two servings), 1/4 cup grapenut cereal, and some fresh berries if desired. It's quick, gets you some fiber, and we all know the reputation of malt o meal, but it actually all ends up being quite tasty. I'd also suggest pouring a little bit of cold milk on top after it's done to help cool it down enough to eat.

Eloane P.
All natural Yogurt and granola is a great way to get healthy fats and protein. Throw in some blueberries or strawberries for some natural sugar. Also look into “overnight oats”. You can make them the night before and then have a breakfast ready to grab and go in the morning!

Norman Q.
An egg mug is what I call 2 eggs some veggies & a couple T of cheese in a bowl. Pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds & tip with sriracha!

Cindy C.
I like bananas for the breakfast but i'm always forgot to buy some yesterday and for restock. And that happen repeatedly

Oscar E.
I love Greek yogurt for breakfast as well as oatmeal. My favorite quick breakfast is a protein shake made with almond milk.

Jon T.
You could try smoothies. They've got everything you need for a great start, they don't need to contain bananas, and you can make them very fast. Just add a handful of some sort of nut, 3 kinds of fruits ( which you surely have) and water. You can add vegetables too, but I don't like combining veggies and fruits. Good luck!

Ven Ncio Z.
Then pancakes are the best for you! They're great, nutritious and their batter can be prepared earlier. There are many different recipes for pancakes and you can choose the one which suits you best in the morning.

Ali F.
Whip up a batch of home made granola that will last you a week. Add oats, nuts, seeds, honey, oil and dry fruits and bake till crisp. Have a cup or two of this mixed with some fresh fruit like apple and milk.

Julie J.
You can make
Fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits. They are really good and you can make them ahead of time and store them in mason jars.

Lewis G.
You can make little omelettes with veggies in a muffin tin the night before and cook them in the oven in the morning. Or you can make overnight oats with your favourite ingredients!

Neil J.
Toast with peanut butter! It gives you healthy fats, some protein and enough carbs to get you going for the start of the day!

Alicia Z.
Nuts. Cashews are great and almonds are great, and peanuts are great. Walnuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts.
Grab a handful and add some dried fruit for something sweet.

Jenny C.
I love putting fried egg on somebody toast topping it with parsley, sea salt, and black pepper with a fruit of my choosing

Karola U.
Hummus and celery/ carrots; yogurt with granola; oats soaked overnight with almond milk; chia pudding (expensive though)

Earl Y.
I prep quinoa for the week, and use it as a base for breakfast bowls. Microwave some greens on it, fry a quick egg, and ta da! A very complete breakfast.

Matthieu Z.
My favorite thing for breakfast is eggs,toast, bacon and sausage with aside fruit salad. And don't forget the tall glass of boast.

Elisane E.
I like to prepare a bowl of oats the night before so they can soak up milk or juice – I add nuts, dried fruit, seeds and cinnamon.
Using almond milk helps to avoid lactose, and a drop of apple juice goes well with the cinnamon.

Elliot Y.
Smoothies are the way forward, try making your own recipes because a lot already have bananas in and I don't like them either but you can make some delicious ones

Victoria B.
Protein shakes work great! I used Arbonne’s chocolate protein shake mix, almond milk, almond butter, chia and flax seeds, honey, and banana. But you can always leave the banana out! A friend of mine likes to put oats in hers.

Ruby G.
Overnight oats are quite good or just have a super berry salad with some seeds/nuts and a bit of natural yoghurt +honey if you like. Quick healthy sorted

Charlene E.
Scrambled egge with a splash of milk, a bit veggies like spinach or bell pepper all cooked in the microwave for 30 sec intervals until done

Heinz Joachim G.
Does not eating meat include eggs? If eggs are allowed my favorite is eggs baked in avocado.

Pre-heat oven to 325. Cut an avocado in half. Remove the pit. Crack an egg into the place where the pit was in each half. Bake for 25 minutes.

That makes runny yolk eggs. I top with a spoonful or two of green salsa.

That does take baking time, but not much prep time.

For all over faster breakfast I keep cut up berries in a bowl in the fridge. (I live in California so they’re not expensive.) I put some in a bowl, top with unsweetened yogurt (plain or vanilla), and sprinkle in a low sugar, high protein granola. I then have two hard boiled eggs separately to get enough calories and protein. I love this.

Warren Z.
Try your favorite yogurt with a serving of cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries. Add a whole grain bagel or piece of toast.

Nobre E.
I just make on omelette with 2 eggs, salt, pepper and least amount of butter possible to jusy grease the pan. I also get 1 cup of whole milk and add 2 tbps of peanut butter to it, blend it and drink that for extra protein. This is a great breakfast if you go for a run in the morning. I usually run/walk about 2.5 miles, so after that this breakfast keeps me full till lunch!

Teresa Q.
Eggs and cheese are good options for protein, but keep in mind that they have significant fat. If you are flexible about the types of carbohydrates you eat, you have a number of options for quick and healthy breakfasts.

You could try a smoothie with wheat germ, different veggies, egg whites, and a bit of monk fruit for sweetening.

Joc Lia Y.
Yogurt & granola, oatmeal with any sort of fixins you like (I’ve been using this as a great way to get rid of all those little extras in my fridge like slivered almonds, dried cranberries, even chocolate chips!), and don’t be afraid to just have some whole grain toast with jam! Wheat does have proteins

Terrence I.
Do you eat eggs. What about avacado on wholemeal toast and scrambled or poached egg. Or porridge (oatmeal) jazz it up with honey and fruits that you like. If your quickly out the door like i was this morning grab an apple and a handful of nuts.

Julie J.
Imagine I'm beatboxing while saying this: oats oats oats oats oats. Slap in your favourite dairy substitute, (be it rice milk, almond milk, coconut yogurt) throw it in the microwave, cook it on the stovetop, or just rest them overnight to absorb the liquid, then flavour them with whatever you feel that day. Nut butter? Go nuts. Pumpkin spice? Delicious. Fresh fruit and berries? As long as there's no banana. Add cocoa powder, coconut, and cherries and you're essentially eating a healthy breakfast Black Forest cake.

L Rke Z.
Eggs…if you are ok with those, there are a multitude of egg recipes online
Pancakes with oat flour instead of all purpose flour
Similarly crepes with oat or millet flour loaded with fruits on top
Chocolate or plain milk on the side for calcium instead of sugar loaded juices

Liliane Z.
Eggs over easy on toast with some avocado spread over it! A sprinkle of salt and pepper for taste and it is amazing! I’m not even an avocado fan, but something about this combo 🤤

Bertram A.
Does that include not eating eggs as well? Eggs are the most versatile breakfast item I can think of. Quick and can be prepared a million and one ways.

Loan P.
I usually prep oatmeal in a microwaveable container with brown sugar, dried fruit, sliced nuts, etc., so I can just pour in some milk and microwave it for 45 seconds and voila!

Lucas T.
I’m unsure where you are living but where I live there’s a product called Readybrek. It’s a quick, instant porridge. I boil the kettle, pour about 200 grams of Readybrek in a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon, pour the water over and stir. It’s done in less than two minutes. In my opinion, it’s a great start for body and brain. Sometimes, I’ll have a side of fruit. Other days I might have whole wheat toast with a quality peanut butter, also with fruit. Hope this helps.

Franz Peter J.
You can make almond flour pancakes, or eggs any which way. You can have an avocado filled with cream cheese, chives, tomato and seeds. Or eat a goats cheese, multiseeds and honey slice of low carb multiseeded bread.

Aladino P.
Option 1, make chia pudding the night before; 1/4 milk (any kind you like) and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, stir together and top with any combo of fruit and nuts.
Option 2, eggs cook very fast. Have them alone on top of toast or a waffle, or stir in onions and bell peppers for a scramble.
Option 3, prep smoothie ingredients ahead of time and blend them in the morning. I do a savory green smoothie. I do frozen spinach, any random green things from the fridge, and 1/2 an avocado emulsifies, so it doesn’t separate and is very filling.

Clinton S.
I think Smoothies and eggs are best choice for you. You can also have oatmeal for breakfast it can be prepare in lots of interesting ways!

Tammy Z.
Oatmeal with peanut butter. An apple and peanut butter. Eggs are quick and easy if you eat those. They're also pretty versatile so you can make them many different ways without getting tired of them.

Marshall W.
I drink a plant based protein shake every morning. Sometimes I have other food like watermelon or an apple and some avocado toast if I have time, but if I'm in a rush a vegan protein shake has plenty of nutrients in it. Find a protein powder of your choice, scoop some in the blender, throw a few ice cubes in, and then add a milk of your choice and blend it up. I usually throw frozen spinach in there too. It takes maybe 5 minutes tops to make and it's one of the healthiest and most filling things to eat for breakfast!

Gunnar R.
You could try a bowl of yoghurt with some berries and/or seeds. What could be quicker than a few spoons of yoghurt and a handful each of blueberries and pumpkin seeds? Add some honey if you want a bit more sweetness!

Beatrix J.
Oatmeal. I like to add a little but milk, maple syrup or brown sugar, chia or hemp seeds, and whatever fruit I have laying around. I've also been eating hashbrowns a lot lately. Takes a little more time though. Quesadillas are pretty fast if you eat dairy. Same with yogurt +fruit + nuts +granola. I hope this helps! (:

Marie U.
I love making smoothies
With tons of healthy nutrients in it – spirulina is inexpensive and a super food…. chia, matcha, hemp seeds, blue berries, flax seeds, and so much more!!!

Germano Z.
I’m not a big breakfast eater. I tried Keto for a while and while I dont eat that way religiously I do like the morning coffee with butter and cream. It’s the same calories as a breakfast food (about 200) but to me it’s lkke a treat. Otherwise I will either fast through breakfast or pre make a quiche and have that.

Messias A.
You can eat overnight oats with fresh fruit and sweeten it with your favorite sweetener. Here are some recipes:

Amber O.
I overdo it with the eggs. Fills me up, has lots of protein, and it keeps me full until lunch. I’ll always cook them in advance because I hate cooking in the morning. Boiled eggs are usually my go to.
Smoothies are a good option too. I have a lot of frozen bags of fruit/veggies in my freezer that I toss in a blender for a few seconds. Oats, yogurt, maybe some cinnamon. I’ll even throw in some eggs because of course I do lol. My main goal is keeping my mind awake for work.

Alison E.
You could try overnight oatmeal. Ive never had them, but they are pretty easy to make the night before and you can add whatever fruits or nuts you like to them.

Byron T.
I prepare my breakfast at dinner use leftover veggies with pan seared spinach and scramble it in some pre-seasoned tofu or egg in the morning.

Felix Z.
Try toast with avacodo on top with a little bit of salt. It tastes delicious and healthy. Super easy and quick to make.

Alberte G.
Hi user, I personally use to take for breakfast some days eggs and other days smoothies whit fruit. The eggs help to don’t be hungry before lunch and smoothies are one of the healthiest breakfast that you’ll ever do!
I’m so sorry for my English and I hope you’ll understand

Frank U.
Overnight oats are actually life changing. Milk, oats, Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and berries. Maybe some nut butter or cocoa powder.

Elfie X.
Mocha made from a teaspoon each of maca and cacao powders, honey to sweeten, and a small dollop of unsalted butter and coconut oil.