What means “The Great Breakfast”? Is it a breakfast with sandwich or eggs? Should coffee be included?

Asta C.
To me it means breakfast that will stick with you. It’s okay to have a breakfast that you enjoy every now and then like muffins or pancakes (we all have days we want these let’s be honest). If that means coffee with it so be it but for me it’s fiber filled breakfasts as well as protein. I have been trying fruit, oatmeal, eggs and nuts. Not all together and not the same everyday just some variety of that. I also like some meat source such as bacon or sausage but in small increments.
Marina Z.
Personally i don't think that when we say great breakfast we refer to what we eat and drink but how we feel after we eat breakfast. And if we feel full of energy and ready to kick start our day that means that we had a great breakfast!
Dejanirra E.
I believe a great breakfast should have good protein like eggs, a whole grain to go along with it like some whole wheat toast and some veggies to complete it. It will help you stay fuller longer & give you great energy to start the day right. I prefer a good green tea over coffee, it gives you the caffeine without too much jitters & you don't need to add as much sugar so no crash soon after. 🙂
Marion Z.
I have always had breakfast all my life. For a while now I have had a simple protein shake or porridge so this wasn't really an issue for me and I don't drink coffee and never have.
Andreas G.
It is whatever makes you feel full and happy. I eat oatmeal, an apple, and a mug of warm water during the week. I know it's good for my body and what I have time for. On the weekend I can have a larger, longer breakfast.
Tanya C.
The great breakfast should include protein. Can be yogurt. Can be eggs. Can be peanut butter. So many good protein options! And yesss, coffee is life!!!!
Stacey F.
To me, the great breakfast includes a little bit of everything- eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, maybe some hash browns or a pancake. And a little bit of fruit. I prefer orange juice and milk. I’m not a coffee drinker.
Amor T.
A great breakfast is done be preparing for it the night before. I love porridge, been having it for years now. I add a tablespoon of dried berries and add spices including cinnamon and turmeric. We adapt to everything, so I made myself adapt to use water instead of milk. All it takes is the will to adapt to good healthy eating
Ga L N.
Adding eggs it's great and a sandwich it's not bad but in my opinion eating some fruits it's one of the best options. Personaly, I love coffee so even if im trying to have a "Great Breakfast" coffee would have to be included there because if not i don't feel completly awaken
Jeppe Z.
It is mostly sandwiches and fruits. Sandwich with eggs or chicken are preferred as it contains proteins and coffee is a must.
Kathryn Z.
What does your body feel it needs? Forget about standard breakfast foods if that's not your thing. You will need fiber/complex carbs and protein.
Breakfast can look like:
A snack mix of cheese, nuts, and dried fruit.
Banana and a spoonful of peanut butter.
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit.
A sandwich with your protein of choice and veggies.
Peanut butter and banana or thinly sliced apple sandwich.
Yogurt and granola.
Slice of well-balanced pizza-lean protein, veggies, cauliflower crust, etc.
A small handful of nuts, such as almonds or walnuts and a piece of fruit.
Think outside the box.
If you want coffee, have the coffee, if tea is your thing, that's cool too. Make a point to pay attention to how your body receives and responds to these things. You might be surprised.
Gennette G.
For me a great breakfast depends on what I feel that I need to fuel my body to get started for the day. It also depends on how much time I have to prepare it. I do love a good breakfast sandwich on whole wheat bread with maybe some turkey bacon, egg, cheese, spinach, onions and peppers. Some mornings I will make a smoothie or fruit and yogurt parfait. I am not a big coffee drinker so coffee is not a requirement for me.
Lulla O.
To me great breakfast means to take time for it. To be aware of the food you prepare and fuel your body and mind with. To eat mindfully and to check on yourself what does you good. To me one day it is just a banana on the go that i chew mindfully while riding to an appointment with the bus, the other day it is homemade applepie with coffee, and another day it might be a cup of tea with a scrambled eggs. The first one is not ideal but also a better option than not have breakfast or stressfully stuff a chocolate croissant in my mouth.
Kind regards, lena
Dorien N.
A great breakfast for me means: fruits above all! I love the rainbow on my plate in the morning. But in the weekends I loooooove to make it a little party. Think pancakes (banana, oat, cottagecheese, all the different kinds) with fruits and chocolate, syrup. A table full of sandwiches, eggs and some sweet treats too. And do not forget coffee once in a while. Not because you need it, but because of the delicious smell!
Jeannette O.
A great breakfast is eaten at the kitchen table, with eniugh time to enjoy the food. Especially in Winter, it's nice when the breakfast is warm. So I like to eat something porridge-like, for example buckwheat, millet, semolina or spelt oats. This will be cooked woth water and some spices lile Cinnamon, ginger, kurkuma, piment or cardamon and sweetened with a drop of agave, date or rice syrup or honey. Put some oatmilk over the top and eat with a banan cut into small pieces and mixed into the porridge. To drink there will he a cup of English breakfast tea or simple black tea with a shot of oat milk.
Ted E.
Due to my food allergies I have 3 eggs in the morning as my breakfast and I wait until I've had the eggs to have coffee and it helps me stay hungry and I drink less coffee as a result. Anything you want to make for breakfast that will keep you full is good – I also have overnight oats in the fridge at all times
Ella R.
The great breakfast leads to a healthy lifestyle and good for starting a day. It is really important to start a day with a breakfast not only for energy throughout a day but I also able to set good mindset, able to not fall asleep and more concentrate and to prevent myself from any disease.
Humayra G.
A great breakfast includes protein that will get you through your day. Eggs, peanut butter on banana, simple but protein packed meal is great. Importantly avoid sugars, so if you take coffee, have it black and without the sweet biscuits. Sugars cause us to have a crash and it meddles with our aims and goals.
Rachel Y.
A great breakfast should feel you with energy. Think fruits, grains nothing to heavy with carbs. Bread is okay but 1 slice would be better with say 2 eggs, eggs are great for breakfast lots of healthy protein.
Laoise P.
Normally for me, overnight oats with lots of berries. Something that will give me energy for the day and will keep me full for longer. Also coffee is always included midweek. I enjoy sitting down to have my breakfast and morning coffee.
Emily P.
I take it to mean a nutritious breakfast that makes you happy and sets the tone for your day. It's fuel for your fabulous day. Mine always includes coffee but the food differs. I try to include the macros fat, protein, and carbs so my breakfast is well rounded nutritionally and it usually has something sweet in their to brighten my mood like fruit or syrup or honey.
Ted N.
I think it just means a healthy breakfast. High protein breakfast = you go longer without feeling hungry again + protein is a very important energy source. So eggs are a really good breakfast because they’re high in protein (and I’ll say that even though I’m vegan! Haha). I don’t drink coffee personally but I hear 1 cup a day can actually be good for you too (it has lots of antioxidants for sure). If you need coffee to wake you up in the mornings then that can be included in your “great breakfast” too! Do your own research on it to find something tasty, fun & healthy that can hopefully lighten up your mornings! Have a wonderful day 🙂
Coco Q.
The Great Breakfast, includes a freshly squeezed orange juice with a touch of lemon and a creamy espresso for me. Toast with avocado, egg or cheese is a great way to start the day. But what I really crave are croissant 🥐 they are my passion, although not the best energy source, but sometimes you also need a treat.
Jade Z.
I feel a great breakfast is one of which provides you with all of your essential vitamins and minerals without taking them but including in your food that you eat and drink. I feel that water should definitely be part of it whether you have juice or milk as well. Also it should be a proportionate size you should eat about five meals a day smaller portions, so maybe a couple eggs with some whole grain toast and a glass of orange juice and a glass of water. Also throwing some fruits possibly some vegetables if you like avocado on your toast.
Matheus Z.
That means to have a full breakfast, not that one you take when you're on a rush to school, like just a banana. To have a great one, it is to eat it in a relaxed way, to enjoy it.
Franklin C.
Para mim, um bom pequeno almoço tem de ter pão, cereais e fruta. Geralmente, o meu é constituído por uma torrada com manteiga, quase sempre pão de cereais, um mix de frutos secos e algum sumo de frutas. Tem sempre de ter café, ainda que, logo de manhã, beba leite com cevada e café, logo depois de um bom copo de água.
Heidi J.
Para mi significa algo que te aporte energía, pero que sea ligero. Sobre todo grasas como el aguacate, verduras o jugos hacen un desayuno completo.
Isabella F.
It is a breakfast with a lot of proteins. Eggs, fruits, nuts or peanut butter. Sometimes you can allow yourself to add something different in your breakfast. You can drink tea or coffee, but before breakfast you must drink a glass of water right after you woke up.
Michal Z.
Great breakfast means something that is healthy and has nutrient for the day. Not just a bunch of sugars. However some kind of breakfast is better than none
Stacey F.
Well I guess everyone would have a variation of the same answer. We're aware that lean proteins and grains are a good way to kick-start the body's metabolism and elevate energy levels. Eggs, of course, are my go-to, the same as many other people's. Some people need the caffeine boost from coffee. I choose a dark tea, which gives me a fraction of the caffeine boost. Perhaps doing the exercise and getting enough rest would be enough for some people to downgrade from morning coffees to less caffeinated drinks.
Wajida F.
Hi! As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I would say a great breakfast for one person may not be a great breakfast for another. I generqlly recommend warm and wet breakfasts like oatmeal, hot cereal with fruits and nuts, congee. Ultimately see how you feel in your body after you eat? If you feel a bit sluggish, it may be worthwhile to try something warm so that your stomach doesn't have to work to heat it up to your internal body temp. And 2. Something cooked and wet because it is easier to digest than something hard and crunchy. Finally, see if you really need the caffeine. I'm a coffee lover and noticed if I take a brisk walk in the morning (literally 5 min) I feel pretty awake. This helped me cut down my coffee to just one in the afternoon. Ultimately, take a minute to observe how you feel in your body – what physical sensations do you feel after eggs vs oats vs toast? With practice & knowledge, and some guidance, you can tune into what is the best fit for you.
Ursel F.
A great breakfast to me is a breakfast that involves multiple sources of nutrients. So good starches, proteins, fibers, vitamins. If i didnt have a great breakfast, it's probably because it consisted mainly or entirely of starches.
Asana Z.
I don't think coffee should be included in a great breakfast but I also think it depends on the person having the breakfast
Wren N.
I think a “great” breakfast is that which energizes. Protein stops sugar cravings but more fibrous carbs (brown rather than “white” [more processed] do other necessary things. My opinion of “great” is the most-natural-state foods, as much as possible. I think the either-or is not the point. I think we have to experiment until we find what feels good & energizes. 🙂
Nayma F.
The great breakfast for me is eat something not only delicious but also nutritious and with that you can last till lunch. I'm not good with caffeine in the morning, I change it with a glass of milk.
Raimunda Y.
I do have coffee with almond milk, after I eat eggs or a slice of toast with peanutbutter and chia, or overnight oats. Something filling.
Aiden Z.
The great breakfast is the perfect combination of all the nutrients you need full of protein and vegetables and food you love
Amber G.
A great breakfast to me would be with variety and especially with protein. I like to eat a breakfast meat and eggs and biscuits but somedays I only get in a bowl of cereal. But muffins with fruit is absolutely a great breakfast as well. And if your a coffee drinker by all means have a cup but remember water milk and juice are great with your meal.
Marcus U.
So honestly healthy breakfast means that you are feeding your body the nutrients that you deserve for a day,
because your body and mind need to run off of something.

Food gives you the energy to fuel your day and me being vegan i will never preach eggs being good for anyone.
Thats a lot of cholesterol