I work shift work at a airport, I see it difficult to make some good healthy food for this type of work. Do you have any good and fast prep breakfast routines?

Jana G.
I think you can make your breakfast as fast as possible when you wake up and it will not take long time and if you are in a hurry you can eat a protein bar in your way
Silje B.
High protein Greek yogurt, frozen fruit….or make breakfast burritos ahead…freeze..then take them on the go & microwave.
Luis Z.
Eggs are always a good option, something with bread is easy to make, salad, yogurt or a smoothie
You could also select a day to make food for the whole week
Eleonora N.
Before going to bed you can preparare the mix for pancake into a cup πŸ₯ž in the morning, while you’re waiting for coffee, you put the cup into the microwave for 1 minute..te voilΓ . You can add a fruit 🍎 🍌 🍊 and that’s all.
Neil J.
Breakfast is a very important way to start your day strong and motivated. The best way is with a healthy breakfast. I've got some tips for a quick healthy breakfast. 1. Fruits. Fruits are really easy and quick to take with you as you start your day. Just take an apple, a banana or berries. If you have some time you could make a fruit salad. Cut some bananas, add blue berries or any type of berry you want. Add some slices of apples.
2. Yogurt. Yogurt is quick and yummy. You could add granola and fruits in your yogurt. 3. Coffee or tea. Don't forget to bring something to drink with you. It's very important to drink water every morning. Just take some coffee or tea with your breakfast. There you have it, a simple breakfast!
Naja Y.
Boiled eggs cut up in slices, placed on toast which you have already prepared with philadelphia cheese, topped with salt and black pepper.
Lilian N.
A recommend porridge πŸ₯£ and top it with some banana 🍌. porridge is a great thing to have in the morning because it provides slow-realising energy ⚑ wich is exact thing you need in the morning.
Hope this helps πŸ‘
Suzy J.
If you tend to run around a lot during your shifts I suggest eating food high in carbs but not enough to make you full as this can cause cramps. If you spend the majority of your time behind a desk I think you should think to consume foods that are fulfilling as well as with vitamins and minerals as they will be easily digested and settle into your bloodstream while not doing anything counting as exercise. I am not an expert in this but here is what you can start with thinking when making your foods.
Antelmo Q.
Boiled eggs are quick and easy to make the night before. You can eat them as they are or make sandwiches with them. Season with salt and pepper. Avocado or cherry tomatoes go nicely. Try having some fruit always ready to take with you or some healthy cereal bars. Nutritious and involve no cooking.
Maya T.
You can boil an egg put it in a box with fresh vegetables and some nuts. You can praper the food a night before.
I make overnight oats for breakfast and in the morning I add fruit on top nuts and honey. For lunch you can make the night before somthing quick like chicken breast, rice or vegetables in oven.
Nikolaj C.
I have 2. Pre-made batch of steel cut oats freezes very well in muffin tins. Individually wrap to freeze and microwave for 3 minutes for a fast hot meal. I make mine in the slow cooker with pureed pumpkin. Top with a bit of nut for protein and sugar free sweetener. I use brown sugar & cinnamon coffee syrup.

2nd. Pre-made breakfast wrap. Use a good quality, nutritious wrap, fill with egg cheese, salsa, grain(ie rice or quinoa), mixed veggies (onion, celery, peppers, asparagus etc), whatever floats your boat. Don't over fill. Assemble wrap, individually wrap in parchment paper and cello wrap. Freeze. A few minutes in the microwave and you have an easy on the go meal.

Cindy F.
When i worked at an airport, i chose a coffee for breakfast. I would bring along a thermos of green tea or herbal tea and I would pack a snack for lunch. Nuts, whole fruits and vegetables…
Ivelle Z.
You can prepare this meal with a blender. First you put half a cup of oats, then a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, then add a cup of milk. Mix them together well with a mixer. This breakfast equates to a healthy protein meal and is suitable for everyone and quick as well. Thanks for asking β€β€β€πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Joice Q.
Let's start small anytime you have breakfast or lunch eat something healthy like a salad or drink a smoothie and from there keep going on
Rin N.
It can be very hard to prepare a healthy breakfast in a busy lifestyle, but worry not! You can prepare breakfast during your weekend for your work days and heat it every day you need to, you can check some of Tasty channel breakfast preps ideas or 5 minutes crafts, they are super helpful! You can also get back to the classic breakfast milk + cereals, it's really fast to prepare and eat and we know the amount of benefits it gives us.
Breakfast is the most important meal in the day, we must do our best not to skip it.
Audrey P.
Personally, I like thinking of my meals ahead of time so that I do not waste time in the morning. Most breakfasts do not take very long to make (eg yogurt parfait, peanut butter oatmeal, scrambled eggs
With bacon, etc)