How do you get yourself to eat in the morning? I never want to eat breakfast and don’t get hungry in the mornings

Johan Y.
Drinking a lot of water when I first wake up makes me get more of an appetite. On days where I’m still not hungry, I just eat a little something anyways. Like a yoghurt or banana.

Deanna J.
So for me breakfast is the best meal in the world and also the most important. It's easy for me 'cause I woke up extremely hungry and with a desire for food that the source it's completely unknown.

Randolf Z.
I make it something easy to do. I don’t want to eat, but it’s easier to make myself eat a spoon full of peanut butter than make myself cook eggs.

Joy O.
I’m not one to eat in the mornings but I make the effort to do so. Here’s why:
1) I feel good through out the day because I started my day with a plate full of energy boost.
2) When you eat in the mornings a good breakfast, there is less risk of eating really fatty foods through the day. You are less prone to eat just to makeup the fact that you didn’t eat breakfast.
Last but not least:
3) I try to set an example for my kids about healthy eating which starts with a healthy breakfast.

Now if you don’t feel hungry, just eat something light and try not to eat at night after 8pm.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Valdemar G.
Well I just don’t eat a lot. Eat something that you would really like to eat. For example, you can eat some nice yogurt or milky bar with juice. Eat something you would eat in the hotel.

Ayten F.
Well, I’m the opposite. I’m almost always starving in the mornings but I make sure to never eat after about 8 pm and I go to bed early. But I think as long as you’re eating well at your first meal of the day whether that is in the morning or later, you’ve got it figured out.

Oscar E.
Being an athlete and a person who loves food, i never wanted to skip breakfast accept on special occasions. My two reasons are above. 1. I know eating breakfast is important to keep my body healthy, and one of my priorities for my life is to live healthily. 2. I love eating great food, so find some breakfast options that you look forward to eating everyday. I mix it up, but right now I love eating a fried egg—well-seasoned—and a fruit, often a small-medium sapple. I love these foods, so they are something I look forward to the night before I go to sleep.
I hope this helps! Just keep persisting on eating breakfast regularly, and the habit will happen! You’ve got this 😊

Lucy C.
I don’t eat right away in the morning, I do my exercise first, then I‘m hungry usually. Maybe start small too and go for sth you‘ll really love

Charlotte Z.
Really, I'm always hungry! you have to generate the habit, start with fruits and believe me! It will make you hungry later. Also, the fact of not getting complicated takes away your hunger, quick breakfasts like a sandwich can help you feed yourself and not waste time.

Chantal T.
I definitely get hungry, it's more so getting the motivation to actually get up and make something to eat. There's a bunch of places close to my house to eat but I'm fast food isnt good all the time.

Anna C.
A first i wasn't really able to have breakfast but then i managed ro start convincing myself tohave breakfast due to a few medical conditions,basically i didn't really have a choice

Vincent O.
Try eating less in the evening / eating your last meal earlier perhaps. It's never been a problem for me. At least have something like a banana first thing.

Charlotte F.
I prepare my breakfast before i go to bed so I can make breakfast in 1min I also don't get hungry at morning so something light

Amalie G.
I remind myself that eating a good breakfast is part of getting back on track. Also keep in mind that breakfast doesn't have to be a big meal, it's something light to get you through the morning. Like a fruit or a few eggs.

Cecilie F.
Each morning when I get up and have my glass of water I take time to prepare breakfast I may not eat my breakfast immediately after preparing it I may take time to meditate or to clean up the clutter around my home or I may create my list of things to do for the day. But before I leave my home each day I eat a small breakfast knowing that it helps to fuel my body and my mind. This healthy habit is a small success that encourages me to do the next right thing.

Evangelino Q.
It's important to me to set up the night before so making breakfast goes as quickly and easily as possible. Also I sometimes wait a little bit until I have some sort of appetite. Knowing a tasty, healthy breakfast you can look forward to is important. If you have time, make it pretty and sit down and dine, have a pleasant little experience.

L On Q.
I found that eating is difficult but having something easy that I can put in the microwave while I get up makes it take less energy and effort so I am more likely to do it.

Sebastian N.
Remind yourself that you need those calories from breakfast to get through your day with plenty of energy. It will also help to start small, maybe with apple slices and peanut butter. Then, when your body starts getting used to eating in the mornings, you can try something more filling like an omelet. Hope it goes well for you!

Erik C.
I think it's ok, you don't need to force yourself to do it, but you ought to eat something proteinaceous during the first hour after your getting up. It can be something small and light. You just need to get it in the habit like a glass of water.

Manuel U.
When I dont feel like eating in the mornings, lately I've been eating fruit… its light and refreshing…doesnt feel like I'm forcing myself to eat. I've also been thinking of the needs of my body (in the morning) as oppose to just what I feel like doing/eating… (in the morning lol)… other times of the day lately not so much lately… but we're talking about breakfast 😂

Julie F.
Wat something you like verry much (and is healthy ofcourse) , you need to try different things to find 'the' breakfast for you.

Wallace O.
If you arent hungry, grab a handful of trail mix or dried fruit. Or eat an apple, banana or other fruit. Once you get in the habit of eating something small, you'll be hungrier for larger meals.

Ralph E.
I am sorry you don’t get hungry in the mornings. I have always been a breakfast eater. My husband and I enjoy our breakfast time together. I feel it is my job to be a good example to him of what healthy eating looks like. Maybe you could be a good example to someone in your life.

Rose I.
A workout or some exercise will ensure you are hungry in the morning. Consider making food that you love and with colors – that will help with motivation to eat well. Lastly, try to concentrate on an activity or task with and without breakfast. You will see the difference yourself.

Dwayne C.
I usually just make or prepare something I really like. So that when I wake up in the morning and make or prepare that thing after I've finished I just want to eat it immediately cause its delicous and my favorite.

Herwig C.
I just do it, at the beginning I felt exactly like you, but you need to start the habit, onde you've started things will come naturally, try no to think a lot about the action, just do it.

Craig E.
Make sure you have healthy food that you actually like ready in your kitchen. Avoid over complicated meals. Keep it simple and make sure you're kitchen is always ready

Victor P.
Exercise!! Even just a few star jumps increases my appetite
Make it a habit. Make it routine. Your body will get used to it. Good rule of thumb for habits is start small – atomic size – and make it really easy. I carry a bag of fruit and nuts with me from the supermarket and have it open at my side every morning. It’s very healthy, wakes you up, gives you energy, you can take as many or as few a you like, but the prompt will encourage you to eat more.
Also, if you drink coffee or smoke cigarettes, do that after. Give yourself a reward of some kind for doing it, even if you eat just a couple

Andy O.
I started out very small – a smoothie or glass of Instant Breakfast. Then added a piece of fruit or bagel. After that it was eggs and sausage, or a breakfast burrito.

Tyler X.
To be perfectly honest, and I’ve tried: I stopped making myself eat breakfast. There. I said it. I feel so much better when I pay attention to my body’s signals – and I’m not hungry in the morning either! I usually breat my evening fast around 11 am with a piece of fruit. Then head to lunch around 12-12:30. I’m done forcing myself to eat when I’m not hungry. It causes me to over eat for the rest of the day. Not worth it to me!

Melissa X.
Well, first and foremost , i do all of my activities like showering and preparing all of my books first . Then , I start eating my breakfast which contains usually fruit , and egg . So after i have a balnced meal , i go out the soor to school .n

Charlotte C.
I usually just make something I know I can always eat or stomach. And when it’s all ready and I’m smelling it and seeing it in front of me, I can usually just eat it up because it smells and looks sooo yummy! I used to be the same way but through forcing myself to eat anyway, now breakfast is a normal part of my routine and I actually look forward to the big meal of the day.

Addison N.
Eat a healthy breakfast that you like so much that you look forward to it so you will want to eat it, even if you’re not hungry

Olivia U.
Eat something small. You have to get your body jump started and change your metabolism. I’m not hungry when I first wake up. I make a poached or hard boiled egg and take it with me to work along with fruit and water or coconut water. I eat it slowly a few bites at a time and before I know it I’m done! Sometimes my last bite is an hour before lunch, but I still ate, I still helped my metabolism, I still helped my body and brain, and I completed my goal!! I also notice less brain fog and less dependence on caffeine!!! You can do this!!!

Elisi Rio N.
So I honestly don’t think it’s a matter of being hungry. Scientifically, eating breakfast in the morning improves your day, your mental health, as well as your physical health. So you can just think that if I eat breakfast, my body will be more adapted, and my mind will be ready for the day.

Ryan C.
Even if you are Norbert hungry set a reminder on a device and eat no matter if your hungry or not because a goodbye breakfast is what wakes you up and makes you energized.

Allen W.
I think about the bigger picture, the reason why I want to change some of the habits I have.
Until 2 weeks ago my ‘breakfast’ used to be a cup of coffee and a cigarette. But recently I realized that one day I will become mother and I want my children to have a breakfast every morning. In order to develop healthy habit for my kids one day i htodevelop the same habit myself. Therefore, every day I have breakfast ( regardless if I’m hungry or not). And that is my personal goal which keeps me motivated to continue with the breakfast routine.
Finally, when it comes to breakfast, everyone’s body gets used after certain period to have food in the morning and by the time having breakfast will become the need.

Ellen E.
Think it as an art project. Just create something you like it. You don’t have to take a lot of time maybe just dedicate maybe 8 minutes a day to make something simple.

Romy Z.
It helps a lot not to eat late, as a habit. You will wake up much more ready for breakfast. Also you can start small, eating only a portion of your regular meal.

Franklin J.
I've trained my body to know that when we wake up it's time to get some food. Starting off with a smaller breakfast so your body gets used to it is best. By increasing what you eat in the morning (when you feel ready), you'll be able to eat a hearty breakfast of good foods that will keep you going all day!

Noham T.
I’ve noticed I’m super hungry in the mornings after eating a lean, high protein, very low-non carb dinner. When I’m not so hungry I make a small fruit shake/smoothie (1 banana + 1 cup of whatever milk you like + oats/pecans for example). So you get energy without feeling heavy

Ramazan N.
I had been eating in the morning even though I wasn’t into it. This is something I had to go through. it also depends on whether I have had some minor physical activity like stretching or even walking my dog out before . Starting a day from a glass of water helps to prepare your stomach for food intake. Taking care of what and when you eat the evening before makes a difference.

It’s only difficult in the beginning. With time it becomes natural to your routine. Your body and mind will recognise the benefits. You will be more active. Waiting for lunch will stop being a torture. You will be more focused. You will just feel better during the first half of your day. This will definitely motivate you to eat your breakfast.

Crispiana C.
I am completely ravenous in the morning. My problem is not being hungry, it's making the time and having the energy to prepare meal rather than consuming treat food that is unsubstantial.

Caleb Q.
I prepare breakfast the night before by placing a jar of oatmeal in the fridge with water and raisins. That way i don't have to do anything in tune morning really.

Sheryl F.
I have Type 1 diabetes, and breakfast immediately follows my first dose of insulin each day. If I have a stomach bug, I have sweet tea or soda, without GMOs and other chemicals.

If you aren't hungry in the morning, is it maybe because you eat a big meal and/or snack(s) less than 10 hours before you get up? Or are you changing to a new schedule? Either could lead to not being hungry. Also, many exercise trainers recommend doing a workout first thing in the morning. That would get your appetite going!

Jeffrey O.
A while ago I didnt ate breakfast for the same reason, I just wasn't hungry. At some point I started to eat breakfast to try if I really need it to make a good start of the day(till the next eating moment). After a while I had a day that I didn't had time to eat breakfast because I was in a hurry and I had a really bad day because my body literaly asked for breakfast, I became dizzy and my body felt weird and my concentration was not good. From that day till now I never skipped breakfast because my body really needs it to function well.

B R Nice T.
I am a person who eats a lot and never put in weight, but in the situation that I read you can only start with something easy like vegetables (pepper, tomato, cucumber etc.) and of course something liquid like milk or tea, but a good breakfast is also with some cereals plus milk or more simple, yogurt with musli is delicious !

Corsino P.
I force myself because I know it is good for me… And I know it will hurt my stomach as the food is digesting but I always feel better after the pain has passed

Math O T.
Try to avoid eating late on the evening the night before. I wake up early, so I try to have my last meal before 7PM. If I plan to sleep in at the weekend, I allow myself to eat a little later, because I know I'll be awake later the night before.
If I do feel hungry after 7PM, I'll drink some water or tea

Neiva E.
I never wanted to eat in the mornings. I would just get up and get ready and go to work etc and then eat lunch or something like brunch if I could figure it out. As I grew older, I started getting acidity and low on energy. I then started trying to eat a little bit. A few nuts. Sometimes a piece of toast with tea. Sometimes I would carry a piece of toast and eat it while driving. Then I upped it to toast and nuts while driving. Every second day I would try to eat what everyone else at home was having. A much smaller portion or maybe even Two bites before leaving the house. Eventually my appetite got better. I then looked for food in the morning and now make an effort to pack it if I can’t have it at home. You have to find what works for you. Start small. Give your body time to understand it’s hungry after 8 hours of sleep.

Nathalie Z.
I just do it. Even if I don't have an appetite. I have noticed it makes quite the difference during the day. I'm not as tired and feel good.

Creusa C.
This is probably the hardest change for me as well. I get up @ 230 on the morning, go to work, and get home around 830 or 9. By that time I can eat. Perhaps getting up earlier, as well as not eating 3 hours before bedtime will help make it easier to eat in the morning.

Rosie U.
I find that my morning walks with my dog help to wake me up and build my appetite. The exercise is a great wake up and helps to jump start my appetite and my day.

Alexander Z.
I was like you I never ate breakfast in the morning or just ate something sweet but after a while I start to read an article about the benefit of eating breakfast specially early in the morning and because I want to loos my weight eating breakfast is one of the most important thing for me
So I start to eat, it was very hard but I do it and now I understand how important breakfast is☺️

Judy T.
I have mornings like that often. I find mornings where I do eat, I feel a lot better later in the day. I keep some food handy to eat quickly so I don't have any excuses not to eat.

Mathilde C.
You don't need to eat a full breakfast if you don't like to. Instead eat something that appeals to you. A hand of nuts, an apple, a breaker. Make it an enjoyable experience that fits your needs so you can look forward to it.

Titouan S.
Honestly, I feel exactly the same way. Present tense! I kinda just find something that tastes good and then grin and bear it lol. Normally I aim for lighter and sweeter, like a power bar with a bit of chocolate or some type of fruit. And when you really don't want anything, try a smoothie or protein drink!

Storm N.
I'm always hungry in the morning. And I'm looking for to breakfast because I always do something delicious. Outmeal with fruit, sourdough bread with guacamole or canned tuna and vegetable.

Mille C.
I eat a small bit breakfast first, like a smoothie or just one egg. I make them bigger the longer I do it. I started with the smoothie and the milk I moved to I oatmeal. I also read or do something while I eat if I am not too hungry. It helps me just finish the meal. Finally I almost able to eat more if I didn’t eat a big meal the night before, which happens of I ate a small breakfast talking about catch22.

Helge F.
Literally force yourself. Eat a handful of nuts or a breakfast bar, something small and snackish. Eventually your body will just need breakfast in the morning.

Jens Peter O.
I think about what I want to eat the night before so I can plan. That way, it's not something I enjoy preparing but it's also something I will enjoy eating as well. It also helps to surf the net and come up with new ideas so you're not bored or frustrated with your breakfast as well. All meals no matter what they are, should be pleasant to eat and bring joy and nourishment to the soul.

Marjan O.
Maybe you just need to get used to it. Try starting small, with a banana for example. For me it also helps that drinking a glass of water in the morning starts my metabolism.

Becky W.
Watch your diet at nights. Reduce carbs at night and drink hot water with lemon juice in the morning. It should create an empty stomach for an awesome breakfast

Milton U.
Eat a light dinner with salad before 6pm and do not eat anything after dinner. Just water. You will be hungry in the morning. You dont have to force yourself to eat in the morning when you are not hungry. Make yourself hungry! Eat less dinner early!

Lauriana Y.
I’m similar… especially on weekdays when my calendar is full and hectic. I’ve found that good fruit/green/smoothies go down well. Maybe it’s because they are drank (drunk) instead of chewed and the intake process feels different? It also helps that I drink it on the go during a commute so Its not first thing but along the waking/getting going during the morning process. And then… on my weekend morning that are a little more casual (and feel luxurious in that way) I enjoy brunch timing and actually making a more traditional breakfast meal… eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese an etc.

Louis S.
Start small maybe with just some fruit and then slowly add more in the morning. I’ve always had breakfast so it is a habit for me.

Douglas T.
I do have a habit of being hungry in the morning, but I have a problem with making healthy choices. I'd my breakfast requires much prep, then I default to takeout or skipping in until later in the day them eating sugary things. I think eat better in the morning when I have prepped things the night before, like cutting up fruit for example.

Lise E.
Eating is important in the morning so you can fuel yourself for the day, it keeps you healthy so that your body isn’t searching for food. Even if you don’t feel like it, it’s better in the long run.

Joseph W.
Hello! So I also have a difficult time eating a good breakfast in the morning. I always start out with a glass of water and a coffee, which easily tides me over until lunch. However, by late morning I start crashing.

I should also mention that most mornings I am rushing out the door and the last thing I want to do is make a big traditional breakfast. I'm rarely hungry when I first wake up and forcing down a full breakfast leaves me sluggish and sometimes neauseous.

The solution: Smoothies! Start with a protein powder (I go for vegaone or Alani nu) and go from there. Smoothies are super versatile. I like to add a cup of frozen fruit (just watch out for added sugar), almond milk, and a handful of spinach / kale (truly can't taste it). Also feel free to add supplements like fiber, chia seeds, collagen, etc.

If you want to prepack the ingredients (aside from protein powder and almond milk) in little ziplocl bags. It will make your morning breakfast routine so much eeasier!

Nolhan C.
What I do is I eat even if I'm not hungry. After about a week, your body starts to get hungry in the morning. It doesn't have to be a lot, it could just be a small hand full of nuts or a price of dried fruit. Just something small until you start feeling more hungry.

Wencke Q.
I am the same way. I'm doing the drink water as soon as I get up challenge or habit or whatever. That help's. The next few all help as well. For example after I wake up I start to drink some water. After that I get up & make my bed, it helps to make my room look cleaner & neater it also helps to complete my first task of the day! After that i do the stretch's followed by a short but brisk walk. After returning home & cooling down or whatnot I usally find that at this point I'm feeling hungry. It's another one of my challenges to eat a healthy breakfast. Even if you still don't feel hungry you can grab something small to munch on. When I started doing these routines I do notice that I do feel better! I feel as if I have a little more energy for the day & from there I just follow my routine to complete the rest of my challenges up to that point. I hope this helps you! It's helping me so far & I am considering paying for the app for a 1 year period.
Good Luck!

Lucimeri G.
I start fasting(stop eating any other food or beverage except water) after sunset till sunrise, then I get hungry in the morning.

Olivia O.
Start by eating something small. A couple of grapes for example. As you get into the habit of eating, should get hungry in the morning.

L Ane E.
Eating in the mornings is easy for me. When I was in college, and my days were 12 hr days with limited breaks (work and class) I had to force myself to eat breakfast. Now 10 years later I am almost always ready to eat within an hour of getting up. I also prepare breakfast ahead of time whether it’s having bags of smoothie fixings in the freezer, washed fruit and yogurt, or instapot oatmeal in single serving size containers made on Sunday for the week.

Marcia U.
Smoothies or egg cups, which are like muffins yet, using eggs, milk, cheese, turkey bacon and/or veggies for ingredients

Vit Lio Q.
If I'm not hungry or for some reason I can't eat, I'll fast and my breakfast will be later. So that day I'll only have 1 or 2 meals depending. BIt is better to respect the body than to obligate it to do something it doenst want and then feel bad after. Just make sure the meals you are having are full with nutrients.

Jeppe N.
I have very little appetite in the morning as well. To make myself more likely to eat breakfast, I try to fast after 7 pm every night. I might not be ravenous when I wake up, but my stomach is more willing to play nice when I've fasted for 8-10 hours before I eat.

Jabes F.
I'm not normally hungry in the morning, but I can eat. If you find something you like, then it's easier. And once its s habit, it's just part of getting up in the morning.

Leiliane O.
I know through studying nutrition how important breakfast is for your body. So I eat breakfast because I know it is good for me. I don’t get hungry, I just know what is best for my body.

Anna Y.
I do get hungry in the mornings but every morning I wake up and make my blended vegetable drinks and eat a source of protein

Armando W.
I actually love breakfast and can't start my day properly until I have one. Eating healthy in the morning makes me feel good. It is a small act of self-care and a way to show some love to my belly.

Amelia F.
I have the same problem. But I don't get up and eat immediately, unless I'm rushing. I drink water, but as part of my morning routine I have to walk my dogs. I then get home and ,even if I dont want to, get something light. I eat 30-45 mins after I wake up. I force myself to always eat something, as a start to this I was literally having a slice of bread. It got easier over time.