What time do you eat breakfast?

Gloria T.
I eat breakfast between 9-10am.

Drink 8 glasses (64 oz) of water per day.

Eat as many vegetables as you can.

Maybe try intermittent fasting and having a consistent sleep schedule?

Increasing my water intake has definitely helped me!

Kiera N.
Whenever I feel energized and ready, I make breakfast. Sometimes it could be at 7:00 and even as late as 11:00. When summer is over and school starts again, I would make breakfast after I got ready for the day.

Claire F.
well usually i have a snack before my real breakfast, i eat my snack a few minutes after i get up and then maybe an hour or so later i’ll eat my real breakfast. but sometimes i’ll just eat real breakfast as soon as i get up… it kinda depends

Katrina O.
I eat breakfast depending on what time I wake up. Sometimes it's around 8:00 a.m after I wake up and say goodbye to my boyfriend when he goes to work.