Any ideas on high protein low fat breakfast besides the usual breakfast

Deann T.
You can always try peanut butter and bread, it keeps you fit and healthy on top of that you don't get hungry though out the day
Elijah G.
I think in my opinion I prefer to a bread with a jam and I really like a grape jam idk I really that because it's easy to make and simple you don't need add more thing and I hope I can make 1 for my breakfast in my school.
Annabelle N.
There are a lot of choices tho, maybe egg with some hash browns and lettuce, ooh also i will give you delicious Arabic breakfasts they are really yummy, do first we have, Foul if you don't know what that is you could search it up just search “foul arab food” and it will appear, second some Shakshuka! It is an red-ish egg dish, third we have hummus, mm-mm-mm! Hummus is not just a breakfast! It could be a lunch, snack, or even dinner! You could have some hummus with carrots, cucumber and more fruits, last but not least we have falafel. This little ball is DELICIOUS! It comes with kinda of a potato-
meat texture. I hope you try these dishes!