How do you balance treats with a healthy breakfast? For example my mom makes me French toast a lot, but it isn’t very healthy for me.

Zahra T.
Well, i make sure i get my healthy meal first so it gives me tge sense that that is the priority and when you do that, even when you tell to yourself that you want to get a unhealthier meal afterwards, you are fuller that before so you can have a little of the unhealthier one. My recommendation would be eat the healthy breakfast first and leave the unhealthier choices for later. Most of the time i dont even remeber eating the unhealthier one cause im full and i just get on with my day.
James S.
I try to avoid sugar and highly processed food. Instead to treat my sweet tooth I add dark chocolate to my healthy breakfast
Karen Z.
I give myself ‘treat days’ over the weekend when I don’t have work in the mornings! I’m a teacher, and I find if I don’t have that healthy kick in the morning (Mon-Fri), there’s no way I’ll cope with that classroom. Alternatively, why not try finding a healthy version of the treat? For French toast, maybe use sourdough/wholegrain and swap sugar for another sweetener – try syrup, or even juice!
Clifford C.
I think that you should balance your breakfast by making the main course of the breakfast, (french toast) the healthiest part of It, for example if I'm eating an omelet, as my main course and omelets are healthy, to balance it out maybe I could eat something a little more sugary, like a bowl of cereal or french toast,On the side ? See what I mean ? You can do a healthy main course and a smaller, Less healthy side ! Hope this helps
Nil P.
I'd recommend you to talk to your Mom first and explain her, that you'd like to eat differently. Explain her your decision, your reasons and ask her to help you by your journey. Discuss with her what exactly you'd like to eat for breakfast, maybe make a list a go grocery shopping together. I'm sure she would be more that happy to support you. Maybe even join you
Crystal S.
Try to make the treat as healthy as possible, swap the bread for one with whole grains and try to reduce the sugar if you have any. Also try to add something healthy like a piece of fruit and eat fresh veggies throughout the day to even our the fibre and vitamin content of your day