What are your 3 most frequent ingredients you use for breakfast?

Romane F.
Bread, by the I try to have have brown bread or some sort of seeded whole meal bread. I usually toast it and have it with cheese and butter. This is usually what I am craving when I wake up. Ignore I have it, I will put avocado, tomatoes or peppers on my toast as well. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning, but I am trying to postpone it till later and have a hot cup of ginger, lemon and honey instead.

Silke Z.
I start the day with bulletproof coffee… usually intermittent fasting then eat a hard boiled egg , fruit with plain yogurt, sometimes a few slices of bacon

Selma A.
I usually make a smoothie filled with any type of fruit or veggie I have laying around. Or a mushroom cheese and spinach omelette

Marlene Z.
I eat a lot of eggs for breakfast that is my favorite breakfast. Sometimes I like to eat yogurt with granola or oatmeal and if I'm really rushing I will eat cereal.

Auguste E.
Honey Ham , I like how the sweetness taste. Kerrygold butter , I like the clean taste of it and the 3rd one is salsa . I put it in my scrambled eggs.

Marcus E.
Unsalted mixed nuts, dehydrated berries, and peanut butter. They go with almost everything, and help get me check off both lean protein and slow burning carbs

Glen S.
I prepared 2 days of sweet potato and carrot Rostis and poached and egg on top each morning. Also fruit is an easy grab and go 🍳🍌

Emile S.
I make the same breakfast most days. Overnight protein oats. I make them with oats, soya milk, a scoop of protein powder, maple syrup and either jam or peanut butter

Mandy F.
The three most frequent ingredients I use in my breakfast are 1 eggs and toast, yogurt, and tea or hot chocolate. If you count a fourth thing, it would be mixed nuts and honey.
Selmaan A Ali

Lucile T.
I make a parfait. I use vanilla Greek yogurt, raspberries & granola. Hint add unsweetened coconut and chia seeds for extra flavour and health benefits.

Dennis O.
30 minutes before wake up: 500ml of water with glutamine, half limon and 5 drops of propolis.
Breakfast: Detox juice, 3 eggs and banana.
middle of morning: Fruit salad.

Alex C.
Somet8me i eat fruit or bread, because i dont prepared it, so i just break yhe fast with dragon fruit, breda, or sometime banana. It depends to what what i gotnin the morning or what i have

Caleb Q.
Brukar äta på vardagar gröt med russin i och två kokta ägg. Men till helger och ledigheter brukar det bli färsk bröd, ägg, smör, avokado, ost, skinka och grönsaker. Dricker alltid te och vatten till frukost. Någon gång ibland till ledigheter dricker jag juice.