What defines a ‘great breakfast’ to you?

Sara A.
Well, once I often forget breakfast completely any breakfast as long as it has a protein and I control the portion it’s a win for me. Egg sandwiches, oatmeal, cereal with milk are my go tos.
Lyndsay F.
A great breakfast to me is. Successful fasting. But if i do intense workout then i usually like eggs little meat and prrhaps some toast. Im not big on eating as a wholw
Mario N.
Something that fullfils my belly and my soul. Something that as soon I finish my plate I know that will get me through the day. A good breakfast also reflects my mood and energy for that day. It has to be chosen carefully depending on what my body loves. And if you listen closely you will find lots of different healthy options. The sugar is only for the tongue, really.
Vijay C.
For me it’s a bacon egg and cheese with a sugar latte 😬 but It’s been a while since I had it, I would say now it’s oat meal with berries
Astrid P.
Your breaking your fast so you should fill your belly with the healthiest foods fit for your body's needs. My breakfast is filled with high protein, fresh fruits and sometimes veggies. My favorite is eggs and whole grain toast with fruit or fresh fruit oatmeal smoothies, sometimes omelets with healthy veggies and avocados. I'm very versatile but I always try to make the healthiest choice instead of high sugar like cereal and other unhealthy choices. Healthy food makes me feel better throughout my day.
Olena Y.
A breakfast that is healthy, fills you up, and something that you like to eat. To me a great breakfast is one with a lot of protein and stuff to give me energy to last throughout the day.
Soren P.
A "great breakfast" to me is eating your meat, bread, protein, etc in minimal proportion servings. Oh and my Skinny Brew Coffee that burns fat!😊
Monika M.
A satisfying one—capable of lifting my spirits, fueling my energy for the morning, and inspiring my movements for an ambitious day. (This is BS lol) Honestly, depends on the day and what I do.
Jennifer N.
Hey fellow fabulous user. Personally a great breakfast is one that makes me feel good, thats healthy and light. So in summary a great breakfast is one that makes me ready to take over the world. Lol.
Gypsy P.
A great breakfast is balanced and filling, but not too heavy. I am a huge fan of eggs and grits myself with a side of fruit. I have one egg over easy on top of a serving of grits topped with hot sauce. Then I like mixed berries or melon on the side. That sets me up until well into midday if not early afternoon.
Julie X.
I'm still at the beginning so having a breakfast is my goal, generally its a cereal then adding one piece of fruit to reduce the amount of cereal
Amira C.
A good break consists of a colourful plate or bowl of healthy, clean and super food that will keep full for the better part of the day. It's mouth watering, inviting, and should make a person look forward to the first meal of the day.l
Ivana C.
Something that fills you up and makes you happy and ready to start the day by giving you the necessary energy that you need
Guy P.
To me a greatbreafast is composed of foods that make my body feel energized. which in return makes me feel energized. My favorite is oatmeal with peanutbutter.
Lori J.
A great breakfast isn’t a matter of size, calorie counting, or how it “looks”. A great breakfast depends on how you feel inside and out. When I eat a breakfast with protein and nutrients that help my body throughout the day; I feel more energized, confident, and ready to face whatever comes. This also doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious foods that aren’t exactly full of vitamins and protein. Sometimes those fun breakfasts are a great treat and mood booster when you have them every once in a while. The key to a great breakfast is listening to your bodies needs and having balance in all things.
Judy E.
No matter what is on the plate. It is a great breakfast, when I take the time to prepare it, be in the moment while preparing it and eating it with enjoyment – not because “I quickly need to eat something”
Zein X.
A high protein and high fat diet, because it provides a lasting source of energy to keep you energised for longer as compared to a carb filled breakfast.
Nata A M.
A Combo of proteins and sugars, for example, eggs, vegetables, yogurt and orange juice / some chocolate. After that, a cup of Turkish coffee.
Erica G.
Something that includes at least one fruit or vegetable. A healthy spinach banana smoothie, granola with Greek yogurt and blueberries, avocado toast and eggs are all some of my favorites.