I need some recipes for “to go” breakfasts that aren’t just fruit and yogurt. I despise yogurt

Ot Lia Q.
So the night before prepare something like apples and peanut butter or a homemade granola bar to give you energy for your day so that you are not feeling tired
Silje Z.
I made egg muffins the other day. They were delicious. I cut up into tiny chunks any left over soft veg I had (spinach, onion, courgette and red pepper) mixed them up and then stuck them in a muffin tin (2 thirds full). Then I whisked up 8 eggs (for a full tray of 12 muffins), added some herb seasoning, salt, pepper and chilli (I like stuff spicy!) poured the eggs into the muffin tin then baked for 25 mins at 170celcius.

DELICIOUS! I have three each time, only about 80 cals per muffin! And they can be frozen!

Amy C.
Okay, well I recommend cereal bars. They are very tasty but make sure you are buying healthy ones as most cotnain high levels of sugar! So make sure you check the ingredients. Fruit packs are also good or store bought smoothies but again check the ingredients. Hope that helps 🙂
Tibor Y.
Healthy cereal, bagels and cream cheese, those breakfast belvita bars, and jelly toast are some ideas for quick breakfasts.
Phoebe N.
I like to have a healthy smoothie – quick to make and yummy! I put in whey protein powder, cacao powder, banana, frozen berries (usually blueberries), ice and rice milk (but you can obviously use normal dairy milk). Sometimes I add mango too if I have time. Try it!
Lj N.
You can make overnight oats recipes that just use milk (nut or oat or cows if preferred), no yoghurt and can be taken out of the fridge to go in the morning
Rhae N.
Overnight Oatmeal – Grab a to-go container like an old jar. Put some dry oatmeal in there along with nut milk (I use almond milk). You can add things in there such as berries, maple syrup, brown sugar, chia seeds, hemp seeds, protein powder, nut butter, etc. Then, leave it in the fridge overnight. Then it’s ready to eat! Pop it in the microwave or eat it cold if you want.
Myrtle E.
I usually eat cereal with milk and a banana in the morning or i eat bread with pate or a piece of pie Also i make sandwiches in the evening a day before so i don't spend time for breakfast next morning
Xenia F.
You can grab a protein bar or energy bars or even healthy smoothies are good too or u can prepare something healthy the night before so its already ready when u wake up all u gotta do is grab it and go if ur in a hurry hope this helps 💖
Thorsten J.
How about hard boiled eggs and an apple or a banana. If you make them for the week, it’s super easy, grab and go and no prep. If you want something more interesting you could always do egg bites and add some other ingredients to it like veggies and ham. There are many recipes out there
Elaine T.
Celery, turkey ham, also you can prepare eggs the night before!! Proteins are the best to keep energized the hole morning!!
Jimmy T.
I sometimes will make a microwave breakfast sandwich. Scramble some eggs and microwave in a small dish for one minute. While doing this, toast an English muffin. Once the egg is done, and some meat and a slice of cheese and pop it back in for 30 seconds. Pull out your English muffin and assemble! I just wrap it in paper towel and eat it on my drive.
Anca R.
A boiled egg and some avocado I think is perfect
You can make also toasted bread to eat with that egg and avocado.
Because of the situation with covid19, I can’t buy avocado so I eat just the egg with bread.
I also eat nuts often.
I hope this answer is useful:)
Klara N.
You can tru overnight oats:
1. Before go to bed put in jar cup of oats and milk
2. You can add yoghurt
3. And add spices if you like
4. In the morning add to the jar some fruits
Wieslaw G.
There are recipes for “egg cups/muffins” effectively you can make ahead omelettes with a muffin tin to take on the go. Alternatively, those new Just Crack an Egg’s at the grocery store can be easily imitated for a more economical breakfast. Protein shakes are usually my go to with a banana or some nuts since the calories in my shake are very low.
Amin F.
you shouldn’t just have yogurt o fruit for breakfast.I hate yogurt for breakfast too.you can have cocoa milk with cheese bread butter and nut or various breakfast with egg like sausage and egg.
Armando U.
Try making Chia Pudding. It's really tasty and really good for you. I'm sure you'll be able to find a recipe online. All you really need is Chia seeds and substitute milk. But, the recipes might call for more. I eat Chia Pudding a lot because it's really good and it fills you up. If you don't like Chia Pudding, you can try making a smoothie or a mug cake. I hope you find something that works for you!
Leon J.
2 egg omelette with a bit of cheese OR smoked salmon and scrambled eggs are my go-to high protein breakfasts. Eggs keep me going until lunchtime, no problem.
Kaleayah Y.
Oatmeal and eggs are a great way to start your day! Both are very fast to make but instant oatmeal would be your best bet if you’re in a hurry. (Try honey instead of sugar) 💗
William C.
Here are some options that don’t involve yogurt:
1. Scrambled eggs and toast
2. Oatmeal with honey and blueberries
3. Overnight oats with cocoa powder, almond milk and honey
Mercedes Z.
Cereal bars are a good option (watch out for the sugary ones), you could also bring a pot with cereals and/or mixed nuts and seeds with you to snack on the way.
Suly Z.
One I can think of would be wraps. I like peanut butter, granola and banana slices with honey. But the great thing about tortilla wraps is you can throw just about anything in it!
Dwight J.
Hey, you can prepare some Black or green tea. Also sweet potatoes or mash potatoes are a good option too. I will give you a list of some other breakfast options:

– Toast
– Wrap with cheese and ham
– Cereal without sugar
– Oatmeal pancakes
– Sausages, eggs and bacon with bread

Hope this will help you.