What supplements are us fitness fanatics into these days? Mine are creatine and HMB.

Alani C.
I’m taking whey protein powder & BCAAs, Mg, & glutamine. Was using creative but I ran out & haven’t bought any. NUUN after running & weights for electrolytes.
Soan S.
E3live green algae awesome supplement works for my pain and my grandson takes it for ADHD. The whole family can benefit from their products. We take the brain on. Look up E3live.com or find it on eBay or health food stores.
Asta U.
L-Theanine and omega 3 are my first options. Helps keep my brain healthy and on track. Beyond that I tried to play it by ear, I have a protein powder and intra-workout supplement that I mix with water to help keep me going. I cannot recall the name, but any good supplement shop should be able to make some good recommendations based on your needs! Just be sure to ask around, do your research, and keep some sort of log so you can keep track of how it affects you. (If you put it in a journal, Try to keep track of not just how it affects you during your work out, but how you feel the rest of the day. Two hours after, or later)
Magdalena J.
CoQ10!! Energy & glow, it’s the energy your cells feed on and the amount your body naturally produces decreases dramatically over time.
Joann T.
Prevagen for brain support, Turmeric for inflammation control, advaclear for proper gut health, with a dairy and gluten free diet. All keep me going through my strenuous days in clinic.
Tobias G.
I don't work out intensely. I do about 50 push ups every 2 days. Sometimes I do core work outs and go for a run. So my supplements are basically multi vitamins, vitamin d, and b12.
Mohammed O.
Creatine for sure. Before a long or endurance workout beetroot juice (available by Active-Edge, else in powder form; to increase nitric oxide), and whey protein (Ascent protein, as recommended by Tim Ferris is excellent if you don't want anything artificial).
Amanda U.
Normally protein shakes and protein Bars are a good option. Just eat and drink them during the day in small portions. Otherwise, if you really wanna train more and support your Body with all substances you need while training, you can take BCA‘s.
They will provide your muscles with the necessary power to do a little bit more.

Besides that, a well thought out trainings schedule is more important then supplements!

Dwayne E.
The only supplements I try to take are the collagen, daily vitamins, vitamin c and d and cod liver oil. I try some probiotics as well, although I lack consistency with my daily doses, I still like to try.