How do you prepare the night before to ensure a good breakfast the next (early, hectic) morning?

Harold Y.
I always have to same breakfast that I love. Oatmeal with berries. If I know I won't have time to make it, I put a prepared Tupperware in the fridge for the next day.
Liva C.
Have prepared cassaroles to reheat in the morning. Wash the fruit ahead of time and have it waiting in a bowl. Have all the ingredients for a smoorhie ready to go. Have healthy snacks ready to grab and go. Have spring water and a glass at my beside. Have a container of spring water always in the refrigerator encouraging me to drink more water throughout the day.
Stephen M.
I have a green smoothie most mornings so preparation is a matter of having all the ingredients on hand and putting the blender on the counter. I use water for my liquid. The fruits will be frozen berries and maybe a half a banana. I keep fresh and frozen greens on hand as well as a green powder. I add ground flax seeds, mushroom powder, collagen powder, Maca and some mct oil and a packet of stevia if needed.
Adrualdo C.
don't prepare the night before, prepare the weekend before! get breakfasts ready for the whole week, positioned and ready to go. pack something you can take with you and eat in work if necessary.
Abby T.
I really just make sure that I have all the ingredients needed the next morning. So that I know what I want to make and the resources are there.
Tim Z.
I prep all of my ingredients, and have them ready to go, for a quick assembly, or cooking, and throw everything together before I walk out the door.

I try to make it take no more than 5-10 minutes tops.

Gabriel Z.
I usually decide on the night before what I will be having for breakfast and then I already wash and cut the fruits and separate what will be necessary, that makes my mornings way easier and organized
Max Z.
Other than cleaning off my kitchen counter to make sure i have space to make breakfast and keeping healthy breakfast foods that i enjoy eating stocked in my kitchen, i dont do much to prepare the night before.
Tilde N.
I love Overnight Oats which I make the night before and put in my fridge so it’s ready in the morning. I also love making freezer meals for breakfast ahead of time. No prep needed. Or grab an apple or banana or a granola bar.
Sofia W.
I try to make overnight oatmeal, you combine everything in the evening, put in fridge & then it's all ready to go in the morning. I'm not a particular fan of oatmeal so probably put to much of the dried fruit in it so I can eat it, so the sugar level is probably a little high, but it really does keep me from getting hungry for longer than any breakfast/protein bars I've ever tried.
Mitchell S.
Firstly, i get up early enough to have enough time to eat breakfast without being rushed. I make sure I always have lots of cereal ( particularly oats) in the cupboards, milk, fruit and I boil enough eggs in the evening for 6 days so I can enjoy one egg with breakfast.
Agathe S.
Oh that's easy! You can make pancakes the night before then warm them in the microwave and add syrup or I like fresh fruit jam on mine.
Or you can measure into a sealable container some plain yogurt and mix in your favorite fruit then seal it and put in the fridge.
I also like Just Right cereal and a cup of skim milk. Easy and healthy.
If you don't have time for lunch, cut up some fruit and store in either a sealable bowl or zip lock bag and presto lunch.
Or make up some peanut butter and celery if you don't have a nut allergy. They keep well in the fridge as does celery with lite cream cheese.
You can even make sandwiches the night before.
Good luck and enjoy your journey.
Amalie O.
I know in advance what I will eat and make sure I have all supplies in. If eating oats, I will soak them overnight in a mason jar. I also get up before the rest of the family to minimise the morning rush.
Oc Ane Y.
I usually make sure that I have all necessary ingredients available, because I like my breakfast to be freshly made. In case I am looking at a busymorning with little time for breakfast I wake up earlier to make time for other activities, while trying to keep the same hour for eating breakfast. This is very important to me as I want to teach my body and mind to follow a regular time routine for meals.
Brennan P.
I make up granola with nuts and seeds on a Sunday every two weeks. Then have yoghurt and frozen berries / banana so minimal fuss in the morning
Denil P.
I actually prepare for the week. This week was oatmeal. I prep a single portion of almonds and blueberries to go with it each morning. Or I'll prep my breakfast smoothies by freezing fresh fruit. This way I just grab and go.
Marin Z.
The night before, I lay out my breakfast plate with a napkin and fork. These sit on the counter waiting for morning. When I am getting ready for bed, it is part of my routine to consider what I will have for breakfast, that way I havr already decided and do not have to think about it in the morning.
Armand C.
Typically I do as much as I can the night before to ensure that I eat a healthy breakfast. For example, if I were to eat oatmeal, I would leave the packet on the kitchen table as a reminder. I find this helps me make breakfast faster and also prevents me from choosing other unhealthy options. If you want to make something complex, I would suggest doing it the night before if that's possible. If that's not possible, I would stick to something such as oatmeal or a healthy breakfast bar.
Brennan A.
Cut fruits and vegetables ready the evening before. Set the table and take out on the counter/bench everything you will need to prepare breakfast the evening before (except what needs to be in the fridge, of course). This way to have everything ready at your hands as soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning.
Jeanne E.
If you eat eggs, boiling some in advance is pretty easy. Or something as simple as leaving a banana by your wallet and keys so you remember to eat something on your way to work/school
Herbert O.
I make sure that I have enough ingredients and buy what is missing the day before. Usually, I'm too lazy in the morning to throw out something special, thus I am okay with porridge. It is also important to wash the dishes beforehand, so that you don't have to waste time cleaning it. Hope I've answered your question πŸ™‚
Terry E.
I pre-cut vegetables so I can just scramble them in with eggs! I will sometimes prepare a couple of yogurt bowls as well (vanilla greek yogurt with berries and granola) so it's ready in the morning. Preparation is key! Hard Boiled eggs can be eaten for breakfast, so if you are really on the go have some of those handy!
Anna P.
Usually, I don't. Because my breakfast is simple: half an hour before, I drink a cup of lemon juice (no sugar added). Then I eat eggs and bacon, fried on pork fat, with sweet potatoes.
Abel Y.
I personally make fruit smoothies which I usually wake up earlier to make however on the odd occassion I want to have an extra 10 minutes sleep I chop up all my ingredients the night before and put them in the fridge that way it's still fresh for the morning. Another options is to make fruit bowls which are required to be put in the fridge overnight anyway so in the morning you can eat them straight away. Hope this helped
Yehudi Q.
I go to bed early and get up early- I have to leave the house by 6:20am so I usually drink my coffee and relax around 5 and make a breakfast after that! I’m in bed by 9 or 9:30 each night
Levi G.
If I have an early morning I prepare overnight oats which is a mix of oats, milk, yogurt and a range of fruit. It is really yummy. There are lots of recipes online to find one you might like.
Adrian O.
I consider all-natural, frozen sausage links or a couple of fried eggs a good breakfast. Instead of prepping the night before, just remember that it takes 1 minute in the microwave or a couple minutes on the stove to prepare. 15 minutes and you can have them with coffee and sliced fruit. Otherwise, keep bananas, frozen berries and peaches, and almond butter for smoothies (add a little water). Anything can be used for a to-go cup, just rinse it right after you finish at work and it cleans just fine in the dishwasher. Honestly, breakfast is way less complicated than lunch or dinner food in my opinion – those are ones that require more prep. Maybe try skipping lunch packing (or just throw ingredients into a bag to prep at lunch hour) and spending those minutes on breakfast instead – you'll be fueled up to figure out lunch later and there are hours to think about where to grab something healthy.
Hans Detlef U.
When I think that I'll have a busy night nad a hectic morning, I just grab a croissant om the way he the night before amd take it with me to work!
Valentina C.
Overnight oats are a great breakfast to prepare the night before, and either eat quickly in the morning, or even take with you on the go if you put them in a little tupperware container or glass jar! Put in some fruits, and additions like peanut butter or flax seeds can give you an extra boost πŸ™‚
Nora Y.
By having healthy food in the house already available and having the frame of mind the night before that I will start the day healthfully tomorrow. I think about how I will feel differently depending on which choices I make. Knowing that my choices make a difference in my mental, physical and emotional well being impacts which choices I make.
Tomas O.
I have 2 eggs in a bowl ready. I have my tea flask with just tea in the strainer packed so when I get into work it's ready.