Having trouble breaking the cereal habit. Any tips?

Arieta I.
Not really cos I don't eat cereal for breakfast until and unless school days are going on so I will try to break that habit and eat something more healthy often
Dmoney T.
Start slow by having fruit or eat pancakes or waffles if you like them I stopped eating cereal when my stomach started to hurt every time I don’t know know if it was due to the milk or not but I stopped eating cereal all together and try having smoothie in the morning or protein shakes or an ensure just try different things and see how it works for you I started eating regular foods at breakfast time like chicken, sandwiches, cheesesteaks, hoagies stuff like that will make you not want cereal at all .
Anna U.
Try to introduce different products or parts of dishes while eating cereal. It could be in the form of a side dish or a topping. Day by day increase the amount of side dish and reduce cereal.
Stacy U.
If I’m being quite honwat my biggest motivator is the fact that I got no energy from eating cereal… Start of small, for exaple change the cereal you eat (something with oats,nuts,etc.),or eat a fruit after eating cereal. It’s totally okay to forget once or twice it’s part of the process! I wish you luck, you got this!
Milana J.
Me too 😔 But I think I have a potential solution. First, you need to get inspiration for different breakfast ideas. You can download plenty of different apps for this like Pinterest or a meal planning app. I recommend making a list of the breakfast options that appeal to you so that you can remember them. Then, go shopping and buy everything you’ll need to make these ideas. And make sure you don’t buy cereal, so you don’t have that option. To start off I’d recommend at looking at granola recipes if you like cereal so much. I hope this helped 🙂
Patrick C.
You choose cereal, because it's so simple to make and very delicious. You can try putting your cereal box on the highest shelf, out of sight and place maybe fruits or something like that on the table so you are more likely to grab them.