Which is better for my mind and health, eating breakfast before or after exercise?

Manuel C.
I believe eating breakfast before exercise is always the best choice. But again, some people choose the opposite. I think it’s a personal choice with no wrong answers
Ralph U.
I believe that after exercise is best! I often feel my best immediately when I wake up and get to the gym. Eating food before can make me feel sluggish and sick if I attempt to workout soon after. Going to workout and then looking forward to a nice healthy breakfast after is the best.
Erna O.
For me it's better before excercise,because when I tried to eat breakfast after excercise, I was really weak and I didn't have any energy to excercise. It's better for me, but whatever works for you. Everyones body is different. <3
Habibah O.
It's best to exercise before eating. If it's a high intensity exercise, eating just before can cause you to throw up. It will be a fasting exercise so you may feel a bit weak, but this is best if you're looking to lose weight. The best time to eat overall though, is 2-3 hours before your exercise. If you're doing one immediately after the other however, it's best to eat after.
Jessica Z.
It is better for my mind and health to eat breakfast before ecxersice, it will give me the strength and energy I need in order to complete my session of exercises, if I tried to exercise before eating my breakfast, I'll be burning energy I don't have and I'll get tired and weaker over the days I do this, I could even get sick for that. That's the reason why I should eat breakfast before exersicing.
Irene Z.
I prefer to eat after workout. When I workout first thing in the morning with no food, I feel more the endorphins amd the body wakes up faster. When I tried to exercise after eating, I feel weaker and not focus. But everything depends on your body, just try and record the results.
Pariya Q.
I believe it's better to have the breakfast before exercise therefore you would have energy to workout. Otherwise you might burn your muscles. Also, a protein based breakfast is recommended.
Anasha X.
eating before will help improve your performance and energy, but eating after can help your body “recover”and adapt after exercise and scientists also agree on eating after. It’s all up to you though! 🙂 hope this helped
Grace U.
After feels healthier to me. If I have a full stomach while exercising, I feel sluggish and my reflux acts up. I don’t think I digest food as well if I eat immediately before exercising.
Xander C.
The best for me would be after exercising. I would normally wake up, have some water, start exercising and then have a nice full of protein breakfast.
Ruben Z.
I would recommend before as you may feel I'll eating straight after exercise. But each to their own you could maybe eat breakfast early let it settle for 30 to 40 minutes and then do exercise?
Abi J.
I would say before. You will have more energy to do your workout after you eat and get energy in your system. If you don’t you might not have energy to do your full workout. This might get you discouraged, and make you not want to continue.
Victoire Q.
I personally cannot stand to workout with a full belly, so I eat breakfast after. It also has the benefit of making you work first thing in the morning, getting the blood pumping, which I think is great for waking up and being motivated.
Amnesia A.
Normally, before. Running with a full stomach is not a good idea. But I have insulin resistance, so I prefer to eat before anything else 🙂
Danielle S.
In my opinion after breakfast – you shouldn't eat before exercise, because your stomach will be full and you should have problems with diarea.
Perry F.
Well, it depend on which exercise you practice. If you do yoga, its better on empty stomach, but if you planning on going run its better to eat, wait 30min then run…