Do you still count it as breakfast if it’s later in the day? Sometimes my days get hectic!

Roxie G.
Nope I count breakfast when I wake up or sometimes a but later or if it's later that 13.00 pm then it's either snack or lunch

Arina N.
Of course, isn’t it the first meal of the day(your day)? But I’m also trying to keep a schedule and waking up earlier at the same time

Fl Vio W.
Yes! If you wake up later you can still have 3 meal and all of them be skewed later. If that’s the case, it’s still the first meal of 3, meaning breakfast.

Katelyn G.
That’s completely fine! However, I would recommend finding a protein bar or something small and healthy on your way to do what you need to do or when you get a break. Try to have this within 2 hours of waking up. That is best for your metabolism. Then later you can have a bigger breakfast when you are less busy 🙂 I would count it as breakfast unless you’re eating it later than 11. But breakfast is just the first meal that breaks the fast you had during sleep. Break fast. So when it comes to your Fabulous healthy breakfast streak, as long as you ate a healthy meal as soon as you could, that’s counts! ☺️

Aurore T.
Yes, I'd still consider it a breakfast. A breakfast is the first meal you have after waking up from your normal 7-8 hs sleep. Some people work night shifts and sleep during the day. So, their breakfast might be in the evening. However, if you so wake up early but delay your breakfast due to being busy, you might consider yourself having missed your brrakfast ilfrom Fabulous point of view. This is because you didn't achieve the purpose of an early brrakfast, which is getting energy at the start of your day to fuel your body for a long day.

Marlissa P.
No. I think what makes breakfast, breakfast is the time frame you are eating. It my be the first meal I eat for the day, but if it’s late in the day, then it’s lunch and I technically skipped breakfast.

Aleyna N.
Sometimes my days can get hectic too. I think you shouldn't skip a meal and count it as breakfast. You can eat a bit less if you are not that hungry and you will get the calories you need per day.
Ps: I'm not an expert so this is just my opinion

Olivia P.
It depends how late you have it I think. I think as long as you have something to eat in the morning before doing something where for a long time you can get to have something to eat that counts as breakfast. I think any small thing you eat counts as breakfast and your doing great!!!

Hilma T.
Yes, even tho it’s good to build energy at the beginning of the day, “breakfast” is literally “break fast” so it doesn’t matter what time y break ur fast as long as it’s good energy you consume

Ana Lle C.
No, i always make sure that i eat my breakfast half an hour/hour after waking up and count it as a breakfast, if i miss that hour, I dont think of it as a breakfast. On that way i push myself to eat on time.

Antonin Z.
Whenever you awaken and haven't had any food for 4 hours. Then you eat some food, you are "breaking the fast" or having breakfast.