How much should I eat for breakfast?

Ily S S.
I would say that a serving each of grains, dairy or alternative product and fruit is enough to make a good breakfast. Feel free to add a serving of protein to it if you feel like that’s not enough for you.
Nicoline Y.
I think you shouldn't eat that much.. If you do, you might get too full and you won't be able to actively take on your day..Since it's still morning, the full tummy might make you fatigued and probably cause you to continue sleeping. When that happens, you might miss out on important tasks you should have done and when you realize it, you won't really feel good about yourself or feel like a winner.. trust me I've been there and its horrible.
So inorder not to miss out on some parts of your fabulously planned out day and risk damaging your mental health… don't eat too much for breakfast but just enough food that'll make you feel as light as a feather 🙂
Alena S.
As much as you like! Just ensure there's a mix of slow release carbohydrates, some fruit (for vitamins), a little bit of fat like a yoghurt (helps vitamin uptake) and ideally a breakfast that makes you smile!