How can I replace eggs for breakfast and stay light?

Afonso F.
Grilling up a tofu scramble is always great!!! Add veggies and spices to your liking. You could also do egg whites instead! Takes away most of the cholesterol for straight protein.

Vic Ncio P.
I usually go for a great oatmeal, with lots of fruits (ex. bananas or plums, cherries, strawberries…) and maybe a hand of nuts or peanut butter. I really love that meal, u should try it.
I do it every single day.

M Line Y.
Eat nutritional breakfast to keep you going throughout the day and stay light, eat healthy cereals, fruit, and other nutritional meals at the start of your day 😄.

Mara Q.
I like opting for Greek yoghurt, quark or skyr in the morning. They are high in proteins but low in fat, and therefore more light. I eat them with granola and berries for some healthy carbs. I eat relatively high on fat throughout the day, so I decide to leave out the fat from my breakfast. You can, however, still add a handful of nuts like walnuts to have some healthy fats in your breakfast.

Rachael N.
Try fruit, a smoothie, muesli, overnight oats, wholemeal toast with nut butter or scrambled tofu on toast. Plant-based foods are high in fibre, so they fill you up without a heavy feeling.

Alyssa E.
I don’t know. And stay light? I don’t know what that means.
People have smoothies, pancakes/waffles. Yogurt. Waffle and pancakes are awesome. I want to try smoothies.