I want a warm breakfast that is not too heavy. I tried oatmeal and cream of wheat as well as (x2) eggs and (x2 slices) turkey bacon; all are too heavy and I can’t finish the plate. Fruit is cold as are fruit smoothies. Warm and light breakfast suggestions?

Meymine N.
You can try oatmeal made with semi-fat milk and some banana slices and blueberries or any type of fruit you prefer , aside from that an apple and orange juice
Mila X.
i would say french toast is a good idea with some orange juice or some coffee and a banana on the side that hasn’t been in the fridge. or toast w pb and banana slices on top with some oj or coffee
Teo Z.
I usually drink a cup of tea or herbal teas or milk. It dipends on what I'm going to do after. I really enjoy adding some biscuits with peanut butter or a ham toast.
Edith S.
A cup of granola with milk or honey is something could try! I would also look into this cereal called Weetabix! I used to eat it all the time as a kid, you put milk in it and warm it up and it's nice, warm, and decently light to eat. Does lowering the portion size to say 1 egg and 1 bacon slice help or do you just end up not full? Switching from turkey bacon to something else could help too as I think that item has a lot of sodium in it, though I could be wrong. Good luck!
Angela O.
A nice warm and light breakfast that I always make is (x2 slices) toast with jam, I use (x2) eggs and scramble them, and I also have a warm cup of my favorite morning tea (coffee works too). It's not too little or too much, and it might be a breakfast you'll want to try.
David O.
For me, the perfect light and warm breakfast that still leaves me satisfied is a piece of toast with hummus spread and an egg. It is the perfect size, and if you have a larger appetite you could do 2 pieces of toast or 2 eggs. It’s really versatile and you can make it pretty quickly in the morning
Ananias A.
I often have one piece of toast because it’s easy to get down even when you don’t feel like eating and it’s really quick to make
Noemie O.
you can cook apples in the pan, you can make french toats(ex: pain perdu ( you don't need old bread )) or simply hot chocolate with a juice or a fruit with.i agree with you oatmeals are heavy I general, but you can do what you eat usually but less
Cameron P.
Here in Sweden there is soup made of rosehips that's great both warm and cold, and you can drink it plain or eat it with ice cream and small (almond) biscuits. If you can get ahold of it it might be an idea? Blueberry soup is a good option too
Alan T.
Maybe try stewing some fruit in the morning or the night before and heating it up again in the morning and having it warm. Stewed apples are very nice. Maybe have some with some yogurt 🙂
Morgan O.
I have recently found a brand of guacamole I really enjoy- I've tried one slice of toast with guac and an over easy egg. I have a pretty small appetite and that fills me alright. You could also try maybe one egg with some cheese in a tortilla. Maybe bananas or dried fruits wouldn't be too cold 😊
Zaida Q.
What about scrambled eggs, some avocado slices and crumbled feta cheese on top. Protein from the eggs, good fats from the cheese and avo. Add a slice of rye bread, and that's a great low gi carb.