Any vegan or vegetarian breakfast recommendations?

Elfie X.
You can try some pancakes , idlies, oats , Sundals , fresh fruits, fruit juice, dry fruits etc!!
I hope this may be helpful
Elo Se T.
Oatmeal with Greek yogurt berries and almond milk with a touch of maple syrup if u need sweetness 😋 I also eat special K in place of oatmeal. Or a yummy fruit smoothie banana, frozen berries, small piece of raw beetroot, short celery stalk, a few nuts if you can, maybe avo if you need a bit more healthy fat, and tonnes of spinach / kale / 🥒 plus water / almond 🥛.
Lyna E.
You put some red fruits in a little oven tray. You put some oatmeal in a bowl, mix some seeds and some honey through it and then put this on top of the red fruits. Put this in the oven for 20min
Benjamin W.
Bread with chease and nuts are a greate combo! Also for vegetarians, I can suggest eggs. (sorry vegan fellows). I usually eat an apple before my breakfast (I have a cute apple slicer which decreases the activation energy of eating an apple)
Alyssa J.
I'm not a vegan so wouldn't know. I don't want this to be really rude. But a fruit bowl?? I am so sorry if it's really rude. Enjoy your day luv x
Gopika X.
Omg yes! I'm obsessed with avocado toast I love to put some garlic powder, chili flakes, salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and a lot of lemon juice. Another vegan breakfast is some porridge or overnight oats, specifically with cacao powder and peanut butter omg yummy
Darren P.
Oat and vegetable milk, I drink milk made with spelled and Hazelnut it's really good. You can also put your oat in yogurt like coconut milk yogurt the combo is delicious
Claude Z.
As South Indian,we prefer Dosa,Idla etc. Dosa with combinations of palak,kottimeer,Pudina,onion,tomato,mirchi,carrot will cover healthy veggies. Have a fruit juice