Do you prefer to eat the same breakfast every day, or switch it up?

Sebas W.
Sometimes I do like to eat the same & classic breakfast I am blessed with; such as the simple fruit side like a tangerine or a banana, along with the glass of water waiting to refresh the body for an awesome day, then the aspect of a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee brings comfort in the form of liquid, and finally the broad scope of a breakfast idea such as a bagel, a warm breakfast sandwich made by your mom, or some eggs accompanied with a special marmalade of any flavor upon slices of bread. Besides this great breakfast awareness, I also believe in the idea to change up a bit of the breakfast plan with new options & choices such as eggs with crispy tortilla bites or some waffles layered with a homemade blueberry sauce. Also, what I believe makes a great breakfast is not only the building blocks of it hence food & drink but the environment that you're in defines a sense of experience and feeling of having breakfast.
Rose U.
A switch up , i am getting bored if i get a same breakfast every day so i do ITS a switch up the breakfast and make them funny
Joris Y.
I prefer the latter one. If I have to eat the same things for breakfast everday, I will be bored easily and even skip it.
Claus Peter R.
No I change my daily breakfast because we need gain nutrients from different types of healthy food to maintain our body fit
Jen Nys T.
I like both really , I can do the same breakfast for 2-3 days then it’s time to switch it up . But usually feel better having healthy choices like smoothies with greens and fruits I just aren’t as fancy about the recipes, I feel guilty when I eat heavy breakfast like a lot of bacon or pancakes , if I do I prefer a VERY small portion to avoid tiredness and sleep after .
Robyn N.
Depends! I often like to switch it up, especially on the weekends when I have more time to cook something special like omelettes or a big farmer’s breakfast. But usually M-F I’ll premake some things & either eat them all in a row or rotate between two quick premade things I stored… like I’ll make my own breakfast sausage patties then just heat a egg & it for a sandwich..or have cereal..or make a few bowls of oatmeal for the week..stuff like that.
Selina Y.
If I am limited on food and already have preprepared breakfast ready to grab and eat. If I had the option, I would like the luxury of being able to have a variety of options for breakfast.
Ga L W.
I have eaten the same breakfast over and over again for almost 7 years. It gets old really fast but since I don't have time to make anything else and since I don't know how to really cook. I'm stuck. But I'm getting into the transition of eating variety and it feels so good
Ashley R.
I like to switch it up from time to time, but the breakfast I usually have is more healthy so I try to stick with that more.