What’s the quickest way to prepare eggs for the morning?

Christina N.
My opinion is dippy or scrambled. But I eat dippy eggs with anything and everything spinach broccoli tomatoes; toast and bacon; frog in hole; rice;steak; burgers; fried potatoes

Matthew F.
Easy, fry them! I like to put bread and cut a hole in the middle with the top part of a glass. Then simply put in the pan with oil and an egg in the hole. Flip after 2 mins and repeat. 😎 🍳 😋

Rhythm W.
Well I only eat scrambled eggs but I have cooked other types and still think scrambled is the best way for quick and tasty eggs

Erik Z.
Take a coffee mug type cup, crack an egg in the mug, put something over the mug (paper towel, clean dish rag, etc…), put in the microwave for 1-1:30 minutes. You’ll hear it pop so that’s why it’s important to have something cover it. Once it’s done take it out and enjoy 😋

Carl Heinz O.
In a frying pan! My partner always argues that microwave is faster because of the heat up time, but the two extra minutes is totally worth the wait and easy to make time for. Plus it saves you the 5 minutes on the other end trying to scrape out the microwave egg container. 🤷‍♀️

Lee T.
It depends on how you look at quick in relation to your schedule.
It takes less than 4 minutes to fry and egg and about 20 minutes to boil one, both taking into account the time to prepare and clean up or wash up afterwards.

However whiles frying the egg you will have to spend all the 4 minutes by the cooker/sink, but when boiling you need only about 2 minutes of your time to fetch water, before, and peel the egg after and wash up the sauce pan, the remaining 18 minutes, you can use productively, reading, exercising, bathing, or doing any other activity you need to.

Douglas P.
I think the healthiest & quickest way is to wipe them in a bowl with some crashed tomatoes pepper and salt and then cook them.

Tristan Y.
Scramble them in a mug with a splash of milk and microwave for about 2 minutes, but clean the mug out soon after eating, the egg remnants are hard to remove.

Nikolaj E.
i personally tend to fry them or scramble them, but I find frying them is the quickest as you don't have to prepare anything for the eggs to be scrambled with =)

Sarah T.
Scramble them in a bowl, with salt and pepper. Then throw them over a hot pan, greased with a bit of oil or butter. They're done in about 8-10 minutes.

Polda N.
The quickest way to prepare eggs for the morning is to prepare all the ingredients with a night before, to listen some music and to make it with love, doing like this, you will not realize how quickly the time passed.

Salvador S.
I'd say mix 2 or 3 eggs up in a bowl then put them in a warm frying pan. Leave for a few minutes to make an omelette, if you're feeling adventurous, add some onion, peppers or broccoli. Serve with a little salt & pepper.

Breana O.
I like to scramble eggs with a little bell pepper and onion, but you could also set up some hard boiled eggs the day before or make egg muffin cups that can be frozen and heated in a microwave!

Riu S.
boiled egg is the type off cooked egg that I want it's pure and I always add fresh tomato with salt on it and that's it. With some hot water or tea it's much better.

Cher N.
If you hard boil them ahead of time and leave them in their shells they will last for days in the fridge. No prep necessary in the morning. Over easy is probably the fastest. It only takes a few minutes to scramble a couple of eggs but be sure you add a little fat to the pan and add a bit of milk to the eggs. Without those the eggs will by rubbery. Eggs interact with fat and liquid and it maked them light and fluufy. Also the bigger the pan the faster they will scramble.

Sofie C.
Crack your eggs open on a pan with small amount of butter.. simply nthg else keep it on low heat it takes from 7 to 10 min to cook.

Oscar W.
I don't really care about finding a quick way, but a healthy way 🙂 my personal decision is to eat one boiled egg, instead of fried in a pan! And however you cook it, an egg stays delicious ♥️

Giada Z.
I think the quickest way to prepare eggs is fried eggs. You put a small amount of oil, let it get hot and the open the egg directly on it. Few minutes and its ready, it depends on how you like it. Or, you can make boiled eggs… You let them in the water for at least 7 minutes from when it starts boiling… You can do something else while you wait 😊

Sanaa T.
Fried or scrambled would be quickest. When frying, make sure your oil is nice and hot before you crack the egg open right above the pan. For scrambled, you want the opposite, cooked over a lower heat for a little longer, stirring continuously.

Marie T.
Make sure your sink is clear of dishes the night before and all of your cookeware clean as well.
Chop up some bell peppers, onion, slices of meat, or some other veggies and herbs into small pieces and store in the fridge.
Then in the morning go right for it, crack some eggs in a frying fan, and add some othose ingredients you have ready on hand. Even better is putting the eggs on a role or a small bagel.
Then if you do not have much time you can easily slip the frying pan into the sink and continue with your morning.
Hope this helps! 🙂

Johnny F.
I personally think That the quickest way to prepare eggs for the morning is to make boiled eggs and refrigerate the eggs so that way there in the morning you can just grab them and go I hope this helped answer your question🙂just remember your doing great, keep up the good work !

Phillip S.
If you want the egg with cheese crack eggs in a pan put the cheese on top and flip it over and back again and then add salt and pepper and there you have it. Voila

Jar C.
The quickest way to make eggs is to technically microwave them but I always like to scramble mine with vegetables and some sort of other protein in the morning.

Alyssa P.
I like my eggs scrambled. Usually I beat two eggs a lot with a fork until it look fluffy. Than I put a little bit of water or milk. I put a piece of butter on the fryer to melt. When is melted I put the eggs. I use a spoon to mix and fry them until are fluffy and a little bit moist. If you like you can also put parsley, or curry, or something else you fancy. Can eat with toast.

Hayley G.
Scrambled. I can make bacon and eggs with fruit in 20 minutes. Eat it in 10. My whole morning routine takes an hour total 🙂

Lauren J.
I believe scrambled is the quickest way to prepare eggs for the morning. With scrambled eggs, you can begin scrambling them about 30 seconds after they’ve hit the pan depending on how high your heat is. I prefer my eggs fried medium though. Either way, eggs are not only a delicious breakfast choice but are very high in nutrients.