Is breakfast more important than dinner and why?

Ale T.
Because is the first meal of the day after the night and you need a lot of every to face the day.
The Winner must be' light because after you go to sleep and you need an easy digestion
Clo Q.
Breakfast should be more important than dinner. It's the meal that gives you energy for the day. Dinner is the last meal for the day. The more you eat at night, the more the body isn't able to fully digest, and sits being absorbed in your body. That leads to weight gain.
Abram E.
I never really thought of having breakfast in the past,that's because I never knew how important it is to have a great breakfast and the effect of having a simple but healthy breakfast in the morning.
Ever since I joined this challenge,I have come to realize that it doesn't only strengthen the body but builds the mind as well and I became much more stronger,energetic and ready for the whole week without complaining of stress or tiredness.

I'm glad I took on this great challenge!!!
I feel fabulous already 💪🏽

Brigitte E.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Therefore, it is the most important meal of the day. It should be rich in protein, also add a banana to the mix as a it stimulates your metabolism and also burns your bad calories when walking. Have a big, resourceful and enjoyable breakfast to kick off the day just like when you eat a Mc'donald or a well done food.
Jupiter T.
For your body, yes. When you wake up after sleep, your body needs protein and carbohydrates to function properly. Otherwise, it leads to hunger and lack of concentration around 11am (which is exactly when people reach for sugary, unhealthy snacks). Breakfast is the best thing you can do for your health and productivity, so why not prepare it the night before or even have a breakfast date with friends to make it more fun?
Jeppe B.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides you with the boost of energy in the mornings to get stuff done!
Katrina Q.
Society says yes because if energy, but you shouldn’t always Believe what society says, it’s important to pay attention do you yourself and see how you feel if you eat breakfast versus skipping breakfast. However you should make sure that you get All the food your body craves for good mental clarity. I do recommend breakfast or Three meals a day, whether your breakfast is at 8 AM or 10 AMhowever you half to see what works for you
Courtney T.
A good breakfast gives you energy for the day. Dinner is important but easier for me to skip. Without breakfast I feel like I drag through the day.
Eleonora O.
I think every meal is equally important. When you wake up you need to eat something because you haven't all night and you need energy for the day. Dinner instead is essential especially when you don't eat any snacks in the afternoon (which you shouldn't unless it's something like nuts or a little bit of yogurt for a rush of energy when you need it). Your body needs to eat, usually it's better to have a fuller breakfast and have something light for dinner (like fish or chicken breast with some vegetables, cooked it's better because they are easier to digest)
Dana T.
Because you have to start the day with energy. At night there is nothing to do and if you do a great dinner it will remain on your stomach and your sleep will be bad
Sharlene X.
I believe Breakfast to be more important than dinner because it fuels your body for the day ahead of you. I once heard that if you want to have a great day start with a hearty breakfast fit for a queen.
Lucia O.
I think that having a good and healthy breakfast is essential to have energy for the day AND to start your day big with a great feeling of success.
Dinner, on the other hand, should be lighter so you don't feel like you can't wake up the next day, and also because you don't burn those calories.
Rachel Z.
I think it is because it starts your day out right. You have to fuel yourself for the day, so you might as well start somewhere good
Janet B.
Making sure you are staying healthy is important. To be honest I'm not sure if one is more important than the other. However, staying healthy is. What are you eating when you eat?
Lauren P.
Breakfast is more importan. We need fuel/food to recharge after not eating during the night of sleep. There is a much longer time gap between dinner and breakfast the following day.
Mya Y.
For me, yes. It gives me energy for the day. I now have breakfast instead of a coffee in the morning and have noticed the positive changes already – I can’t remember when I last got that afternoon lull.
Melissa Z.
Being off from work like I have been for almost a month and having the time to make breakfast every morning I feel that it is very important. But what is also extremely important for breakfast and dinner is setting aside the time to cook for myself. I feel so much better when I take the time to do that. So In my opinion they are both important but the time to prepare the food is most important.
Valdemar F.
I think breakfast is more important than dinner because breakfast gives me enough energy to push through the morning and it helps me stay awake and energetic for around 4 hours without having to eat anything else.
Willie O.
Yes, breakfast is more important because it gives me energy and throughout the day I just generally feel better when I start with a good breakfast. I also enjoy taking the time to just relax while I’m eating and being calm before the crazy day begins
Lawrence Y.
I believe breakfast is more important because, is the first meal our bodies receive after being “dormant” for 7or 8 hrs. It needs fuel to star up the day, but most important, it needs really good fuel to jump start our metabolism and give us the much needed energy to get us through the day
Hilma J.
Breakfast is the most important meal of all because it is the meal which provides us the energy throughout the day and helps us to stay fit and healthy