How do you motivate yourself to get up immediately when you wake up?

Judith F.
I put my phone, which I use for my wake up alarm, on the other side of the room so I have to get up to shut it off. Once I’m up, I use Mel Robbins method of 5-4-3-2-1 act to stay up and start the day.
Jair A.
If something exciting is happening that day, I find I get up more quickly or maybe if I’m stressed about something I’ll wake myself up straight away. I also find I wake up quite quickly if I look at my phone for a bit.
Debby U.
Try not to think too much about it and start by getting up and make some tea/coffee. Start up slowly and don't make a haste
Joy T.
I used to have a bad sleep routine, and having a good one is still work in progress, which affected how I spent the rest of the day. Waking up late caused me to feel down for the rest of the time and I wouldn't be able to do things that I wanted to or even need to. It became so frustrating that whenever I did wake up early enough, I felt like like I could finally work well. I also made a point to enjoy the morning sky before the sun blinds me, and it felt amazing. Maybe the idea that waking up early feels good became sort of my motivation that, nowadays I find myself waking up right before my alarm. That I won't be frustrated or disappointed with the rest of the day because I started good, every morning. And I guess as long as I feel good about being up, even the winter cold windsn can't stop me.
Francisco U.
I can't get out of bed right away, so I listen to podcasts every morning for about half an hour or more till my brain wakes up and then I do some stretches and breathing before getting up.
Mark T.
I don’t actually get up immediately. I take a bit of time to get my eyes used to the brightness of morning and then take a bit to collect my thoughts. Then when I think of something fun and important I have to do, like writing, I get up and start getting ready so I can get to that sooner.
Andreas C.
Make sth your responsibility. It had been working for me really well. For me my responsibility is to take my dog on a walk. And believe me I wake up suddenly thinking he has to pee a lot.
And when you sleep talk with your brain and think sth positive like I am going to do this and I am going to have a good sleep.
I hope it works for you as well.
Cariss April N.
To be very honest, I am struggling with this. I want to get up at 6am, but it is always dark and cold so I just go straight back to bed. I leave the alarm far away though which at least makes me stand up.
S Nio Y.
I focus on how much more productive my day will be if I win the first challenge of the day. In my head I'm like "if I can do this, then I can do anything".
Margot Y.
I physically get up. I can't pick up my phone or anything else. I just have to actually get up. The act of performing my morning routine wakes me up completely.