Do you have recipes for great breakfasts?

Edelmira Y.
I like to layer fruit and yogurt in a glass. It’s pretty and delicious. Also whole grain toast with nut butter and chia seeds. I also have a glass of orange juice each morning.
Immo T.
Yes! I have multiple:
1. Delicious & Healthy Smoothie
– 1 banana
– cup of milk
– two tablespoons oat bran
– 50-100g almonds
– 1 tablespoon of Cocao Powder
– 1 tablespoon of organic/healthy peanut butter
– (optional, if you’re trying to gain muscle) serving of whey protein
Mia Y.
For me I like to keep breakfast simple. So I usually just make toast, or egg on toast, maybe have some fruit. Its simple but it's still tasty and healthy. I don't recommend cereals, they're tasty but full of sugar and it doesn't really wake you up like fresh food does. I also like to have tea with my breakfast.
Masum N.
Hello, i work in a grocery store so i have open my store at 5 am in the morning.I basically ate any breakfast but my favourite combination is – 2 cream rolls + 1 banana + 1 protein shake 360ml.Thank you.
Lea Z.
No, I don't. I eat what I have in the fridge, for example, butter, fruits (grapes, apple, peach), milk, eggs.
I would love to hear if you have some recipes.:)
Savannah U.
I don't really have any breakfast recipes but I know my stomach hurts in the morning so I have found small things that I can eat like; waffle banana and almond butter, granola bar, or even just leftovers from the night before. I just know I have to eat so I make my self.