If you eat breakfast with your family, have you been able to change what you eat without making breakfast more complicated for everyone?

Eva Rose Z.
Yes. Personally I eat low fat natural yogurt and frozen berries. You can make this the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is take it out of the fridge. Get a jar, fill it with yogurt and berries and bobs your uncle, breakfast is served.
Celine A.
No I just simply tell that I would like to do something else for me and if they are interested in my breakfast I would make them the same for them ! Sometimes I just eat what everyone is eating lol ❤️
Rosa V.
I rarely have breakfast with my kids. They are older and make their own breakfast. They don’t wake up as early as me and the 9 and 14 have school. Some times the 9 year old does enjoy a shake or smoothie with me for breakfast when I get a break at a convenient time during the morning.what makes it difficult is that I have to buy groceries or food that I know the kids will eat and I can only spend so much. I did buy a lot more healthy items this recent trip to the grocery store though.
Allan W.
I usually eat like porridge or cornflakes but sometimes I might have toast and rashers and eggs. But I can change what I eat without making things complicated
Agathe P.
Yes, luckily my kids have been enjoying the increase of fruits and veggies in our diet, so it’s been easier than I anticipated.
Alexa G.
In this situation I ll prepare what is at the same time preferred to everyone and some special that is lovely for everybody
Kate Z.
Yes I eat with my family, my motto is what is healthy for me is healthy for my family. I just make sure I have their favorite condiments available to dress up their breakfast as they like. The foundation of breakfast though is healthy. So far no complaints, and everyone is starting the day off with a full tummy of healthy food.
Sarah B.
I don't eat breakfast with my family. However there are loads of easy breakfasts you can make for the whole family. Scrambled eggs on toast, porridge with different flavours or toppings and even just healthy cereals for the quick mornings.
Hamilton S.
Hmm why should you change what you’re eating? I think having a great breakfast and eat yummy food ist most important then change your eating. You should feel good in your body and don’t care what other people said. You only live one time, so why should you don’t eat food that you want?
Clio G.
When I started haveing a full breakfast I started it alone. But to be fair on the weekend I end up eating with them. At first I felt like I shouldn't bother my parents and just squeze myself with a quick breakfast but as the times goes I had the chance to show them that I was trying to change. They laught at me like I would never be able to archive that and this thing gave me the right strength to start haveing my breakfast full enough. There's only one thing that I still try to avoid in front of my parents that is exercising because of what they have done when I told them about the breakfast and acctually I don't think I will be able to reach that expectation.
Antonella A.
Not really. We only make eggs for everyone, but then each of of us prepares their individual breakfast. It could be because me and my sisters are adults now.
Engelbert X.
Depends, if your family is willing to change what they will eat it makes it different. What are you thinking? Vegetarian or Dieting?
Ted J.
Everyone in my household makes their own breakfast. This is of course due to the time that we all start our day. That being said, I am usually the last to eat breakfast and while my breakfast choice does not disrupt others, their choices effect mine. If I am having a hard time coming up with an idea I will usually eat what everyone else had or what has been left out (usually toast). However in the mornings when I am the first to eat, I tend to make better and more mindful choices, like oatmeal. On these days my choice doesn’t disrupt others, but actually encourages them to make a better choice too. That being said, the first person to eat breakfast inadvertently sets the standard for everyone else’s breakfast and I should start waking up earlier.
Elizabeth C.
Since it’s just me, I haven’t had to make any adjustments. However, when I go over to my mom’s I make a stop at the store to pick up a couple of items (such as gluten-free bread or gluten free pancake mix).
C R U.
I eat the same thing every day and it isn't the same as what those in my household eat. I have done this for year's, so it wouldn't make things more complicated if I changed.
Dave T.
Sometimes it's difficult to change what i eat when everyone else is eating something i want to eat but they are fine with me eating healthier
Wendy U.
I don't eat with family at the moment, but if I was, I think It would be easy enough. I'd just do my own rather than someone else having to prepare 2 or more types of breakfast
Alexander G.
Yes. My family is extremely supportive of my goals and health in general. They allow space for me to create something different for myself or join me and eat healthy with me.
Brenda F.
I live with my girlfriend and cook breakfast pretty much every day. My breakfast stays pretty consistent each day: fiber, protein, and a fruit. I do occasionally omit one for something else just to mix things up though. Today I had a breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, steak, onion and sausage) with a bowl of Fiber One with fruit.
Nathalie A.
I usually have a chat with my family about my goals (even though its awkward) and either decide together what to eat or I wake up to make my own breakfast. Suggesting to make breakfast with them could also let you have a little more control
Kamila M.
The deal is that I've tried to change my morning meal, however sometimes it might be difficult because other members may not want to see you eating that. Nevertheless, I guess that it's a requirement for the new lifestyle, so it doesn't matter what others think- the only thing matters is you
Alma P.
I eat form monday to Friday the same breakfast (oatmeal). My family is bu now used to that and they have something else. During the weekends we eat together the same one but if it isn't that healthy, then I eat smalk amounts. Later I can eat something else.
Courtney Z.
That is a very good question and for me it’s been tough. Because my husband eats whatever he wants in any amount all the time. So I have made changes for myself and And sometimes he comes along for the healthy ride
Citra Q.
Usually i cook complicated menu if i want to cook for my family. So yeah, i haven't been able to make simple cooking for my family. But i'm grateful that it's delicious even it's too long to get set on their plate
Reinhart F.
No, we rarely have a breakfast together. And I usually eat what mom has cooked, what everyone eats.
But I also had oats & banana and if I want, I take that.
Gr Inne X.
I don't eat breakfast with my family most of the time, but I have to be wary when my brother is coming to visit as he has a nut allergy and my breakfast always contains nuts or nut butter!