Would you eat rice as a breakfast?

Annika S.
Yes, you could have it with an egg or as rice porridge. Or fry it up with some veggies. Or just sprinkle seaweed/sesame seeds on top.
Carsten X.
no. im not a breakfast fan as ill get bloated easily after a heavy meal, for me i believe that light goes a long way because we will have lunch to have a heavier meal
Zainab N.
I usually wouldn't. I'd try to eat a protein filled breakfast including alot of eggs but if it's the last resort, then a small portion of rice would do. Remember, if rice makes you feel sleepy, refrain from eating it in breakfast as your morning meal should energise you!
Autumn N.
No but yes no because I’ve never tired it yes because I know other people do have rice for breakfast in other countries and I would like to try it.
Sandy F.
Yes, I would. I am not a breakfast food eater in the morning. I prefer it late morning even lunch. I do love eating leftovers for breakfast.
Christopher Q.
Yes. I love rice, and rice works as a universal side, so I can easily complement rice with a number of cheeses and vegetables to make a complete breakfast. Many Asian cultures include rice in their daily morning routine, which to me expresses how beneficial the practice could be.