What do you do if you really don’t feel like eating in the morning?

Nellie G.
The key is to start small. Try eating a bite of a banana or just like a single almond. The more you get into the habit of eating anything in the morning will make it soooo much easier to start the habit.

Victor A.
When this happens to me, I do my stretching first, get ready for the day and then I try to eat at least one youghourt with cereals or I make a smoothie.
What I noticed it helps is if you have your last meal before 10 pm, so that in the morning you are a bit hungry.
Hope it helps! Healthy mornings!

Esmeraldo P.
I eat anyway, it's the most important meal in the day. Maybe a little less that usual, but I always eat breakfast even if it's just a cereal. Most of the time I don't feel hungry cuz I must leave home like at 5:30am, at that time my stomach is still asleep -like me- so I pack egg and bread and maybe a chocolate milk to eat later at work, I put the egg in a special cup for it and then in the microwave, and eat that. But not before a cup of coffee, I still don't know if it's good drinking coffee everyday (I do it from Monday to Friday) but I makes me awake a little. I usually eat breakfast at 9am, I made a schedule for it so I know I'll be hungry by that time. Just eat, it's always good for the body to have a breakfast everyday, even if it's a small one. A

Dietrich U.
I usually don’t want to eat first thing, so I do my morning routine and go for a long dog walk… after that I’m ready for a good breakfast

Roland T.
That’s a hard one, because I get that pretty often.. but I try to nibble on something. A small potion bar or granola bar or something like that. Something that’ll kick start the metabolism. It doesn’t have to be big, or even the whole thing. Start small or in halves 😁

Susan O.
I usually wake up, drink my water, wash my face and then tidy up the kitchen or bedroom. After that, it’s time to brew some coffee and prepare breakfast. I always have an appetite after moving around.

Louisa T.
I just wait until I get hungry even if it’s a couple of hours after I wake up. I find drinking a glass of water and then exercising will usually stimulate my appetite.

Caroline W.
I don't often feel like eating early in the morning. But I figure food is, at it's basic fuel. There's often times I don't feel like fueling my car. But it runs a lot better when it's got fuel in it.

Cecilie W.
Personally I don't think much if weather I want to or feel like it, just do it I tell myself is for my own good and benefit.

Sara Z.
I either drink a protein smoothie with coconut milk and some fruit or one scrambled egg. Just some good light protein my body can use for energy and everything else it needs to do to get going

Liva Z.
I pretty much always feel like eating. The only thing that would prevent it is time. I am sometimes busy and in a hurry. Even then, I get something as quick as I can.

Anna Y.
I remind myself that if I don’t eat healthy or not eat at all…this will set the tone for my day. I will not have the energy to accomplish what I had planned for the day, I would feel frustrated and be non-productive. Why work so hard to get this far to only fall back and start climbing again.

Maya E.
Usually if I don’t feel like eating in the morning I make sure I put down a lot of water. Sometimes if you are feeling hungry the water will give you a full feeling that can hold you over till lunch. Also I’ve read that sometimes when you think you’re hungry you are really just dehydrated so drink up if you don’t want to eat!

Ron C.
I personally will eat something small. Maybe a handful of nuts or cheese. Most days I'm fasting till noon and then I break my fast and I call that breakfast. Even making a smoothie of some sort is also a good idea if you dont feel like eating 🙂

Clinton Z.
Rarely happens to me. I would certainly eat something, small perhaps like a breakfast bar or a couple of boiled eggs. Protein and carbs are very useful to have for the day ahead. Maybe try protein shake, e.g. a banana, protein powder and milk blended, that alone is far better than nothing.

R My Z.
It’s important to eat breakfast because breakfast balances your food intake for the rest of the day. However, if you’re not hungry right away it’s okay to wait a couple hours and consume something small like whole grain toast or yogurt with fruits and nuts.

Ryan E.
If I really dont feel like eating in the morning, I will try to at least eat something quick and small like a banana or a granola bar to ensure I at least have some caloric intake for the morning. If I cant do that, i try and make sure i drink water so I am awake and alert. I also try to remind myself to eat an early lunch, because I know that if I dont eat I will be miserable throughout the day. This fact is usually what drives me to eat in the morning.

Scott T.
I generally don’t eat in the morning. I’m rushing to get ready for work and some mornings I don’t prioritize my time affectively. I also get anxious or avoid making breakfast, or generally cooking, because I am guilted into preparing food for all 3 adults that live with me. My living situation is really hard to progress in and has been my entire life but I can not afford to live by my own means yet.

Marius S.
I drink a protein shake or eat a handful of almonds. Anything is better than nothing and protein shakes don't feel like eating.

Ludger Z.
Prepare your breakfast to go and hold it in your hand until you eat it. The constant reminder will end up opening your hunger

Rapha L Z.
Since I am eating ketogenic, I often don't feel like eating in the morning either. When I eat the first meal of the day I count it as ”breaking my fast” whether it is at 7 in the morning or at 11:30 am. Then I can check it off in Fabulous ☺️My advice: Don't eat when you are not hungry.

Rom O Z.
Listen to your body! Don’t make yourself sick by forcing food down your throat but don’t be afraid to eat or take along a later breakfast snack to have for if you do later!
If you’re trying to get in the habit of eating, start small and fast like a granola bar and build from there, or meal prep breakfast to have on hand!

Isabella Y.
Drink some nutrient drinks, such as coconut water, any home made fruit juice, which consists of nutrient ingredients and give energy to our health.

Reginald C.
You coul: grab something small like a handful of nuts, if you don't want to eat but a smoothie sounds okay make one of those, or grab something and carry it around with you until you feel up to eating.

Rapha L E.
I’ll be honest. I’m almost always either hungry or very hungry in the morning.

But if I really wasn’t hungry, maybe because I’m sick or because I ate wayyyyy too much the night before, I’d eat a small healthy for breakfast. Half an orange plus a few almonds should still be easy to scarf down.

Hope that helps!

Cetin B.
Eat the smallest amount. Like one nut. And if I can’t stomach that, I drink something more wholesome like a smoothie or milk.

Line Q.
I will throw a couple of eggs in some boiling water while I get ready for work, pop them in my lunch bag and eat as soo as i get to the office. I also have bags of frozen banana in the freezer, sometimes I grab one of them – I have a little blender at my office and some peanut butter and almond milk, I'll have a quick smoothie. Better than nothing.

Phyllis Q.
I eat a smaller breakfast because I have no appetite in the morning. So a piece of toast, hardboiled egg,
And some apple slices!

Diane O.
Well actually i have never come across such a situation.. being a foodie i love to eat..i get irritable if i skip my food… if i have to because of religious reasons.. then i will grab a banana or a glass of milk

Kelly Z.
If I don’t feel like eating when I wake up in the morning, I move on to the next part of my morning routine, and revisit the idea of breakfast before I leave for work. If I still don’t feel like eating, I grab an apple, yogurt, or a small bag of trail mix on my way out the door because I know that even if I’m not hungry now, I’ll hit that mid morning slump and need a pick me up shortly after arriving at work/school!

Alyssa S.
Well, if that happens I would stay in my room doing other things like drawing, read (on my phone) or sleep again. But if I wake up early that doesn’t happen, it’s more usual to me to wake up at 12am to not take breakfast;^;

Adelmo Z.
Well, if you don’t feel like eating, you should maybe drink a little more water than usual so you don’t feel sick. You can also drink a smoothie or some tea!

Alda S.
I rarely feel that way, but when I do I either eat something light like fruit or I make some breakfast to bring to work.

Marius G.
Up till now I wouldn't eat. But now I've decided to buy some nuts at least or fruits and eat that quickly, just like I did this morning. 😊

Lynn P.
Train yourself: choose something you really like and start with that.
Your body will soon get used yo eating at that time and start to expect it.

Keith Z.
if I dont feel like eating right away when I wake up, I try to do something else before eating. getting ready, washing my face, putting on my clothes. if this wont do, then I just eat a small snack

Isobel O.
I pack up a meal for breakfast and take it to work with me. I have a desk job, so most days I am able to munch on my breakfast while I work. Also, start with something small and easy to digest if you're not used to eating in the morning. I enjoy nuts and homemade banana bread or zucchini bread.

Lino T.
If I don’t quite feel like eating yet, I slam some water and have a small banana. I call this my breakfast “warm-up.” Then I’ll meditate, stretch, or read a book for a few minutes. 9/10 I’m starving after just 15 minutes. Sometimes your body just needs a little push!

Leana Y.
I usually eat something small and light like a piece of fruit or granola bar. I hate eating in the morning, but I have noticed change in my energy, so I try and keep it up.

Terry J.
Start small.

You should really try to eat anything (even just a couple of nuts!) to get your new habit going. Once your body is used to eating nuts and expects them, you should move to bigger meals (such as an apple) until you are eating a big, full breakfast every day.

Halil O.
I usually do the 16/8 fasting. I fast from 8 pm to 12 pm and then eat from 12 pm to 8 pm. That is only if I have to go to work. I normally eat a big breakfast in the morning.

Willard J.
I start small. Usually it's just laziness so start with sth small for example a granola bar or some bran flakes. Then I ask myself what can I do to make it more exciting. Then I start adding on. The meal doesn't have to be scrambled eggs or pancakes. It can just be something cold and fast, but also satisfies your craving.

Reinhard O.
Well usually I do eat breakfast every day and some days when I decide for some detox, I deliberately miss breakfast and lunch and maybe eat just a light dinner. Missing some meals from time to time is actually healthy because your body can use its energy for cleansing and healing rather than digesting.
But you should fast only with mindfullness and for this purposes. Otherwise I recommend eating breakfast. At least a piece of fruit

Tristan B.
Eat a piece of fruit or a slice of bread with peanut butter. I feel if I don't I have less energy and am less focused.

Lena Y.
I take a little time to convince myself that if I don’t eat anything then I won’t have enough energy for the day and that it’s important to eat at least something even when I don’t feel like it. I take a glass of water, and eat anyways.

Phoebe S.
I get it! Sometimes you’re just not hungry, or you’re in a rush…I’d recommend stocking up on something small that you can snack on, just so you can build up your energy for the morning. Maybe it’s a small smoothie or a yogurt, or maybe just a piece of fruit. Any way, you should try to get a little something in just so you don’t crash later in the day. And if you really can’t stomach anything, at least try to drink some water! Keeping yourself hydrated can help satiate hunger and keep you a bit more energized.

Aldo F.
I pick something that I can munch on slowly while I'm doing other things, like nuts. Take a handful of nuts with you while you're getting dressed and just eat a few here and there. Nibble a string cheese on the way to work. I decided a little something is better than nothing, and after doing this for awhile I began to naturally have an appetite in the morning. It also helps if you eat earlier dinners, at least 4 hours before bed.

Bryan P.
Rrealize that putting fuel in your body is self-love. Ask yourself if you choose to love yourself. If the answer is yes, you'll easily make the food. If the answer is no, you have to realize it's a choice. Same with any relationship. There will be times that it's harder to do the right thing, but you do it because you choose to love.

Yann A.
I've struggled with eating breakfast for a long time. I didn't feel like making breakfast and I didn’t want to spend the time to eat a meal. The best thing I’ve found for me is to stock the fridge for those days with things like yogurt and hard boiled eggs. You can always just eat a piece of whole grain toast or a banana too. Even something small and simple will keep your mind on your routine and eventually it gets easier to eat more in the morning.

Leah G.
Drink water, first, before doing anything else. When getting up, I usually do not feel like eating either. This App suggests drinking water when you wake.
Tap water, bottled water, mineral water, or water with added electrolytes. Iced or hot teas. I like Genmaicha “Popcorn Tea” or black coffee, but this AFTER drinking – WATER.

Guess what? It started to make me feel like eating something.

Now, I wake earlier, just to make something to eat. The meal does not have to be complex. Keep it simple and portion small.

In the beginning, you might skip days – this is OK – it gets easier with practice. The repetition is the foundation of a habit – a sort of, “muscle memory” for a good routine.

Wolfgang U.
I often usex to feel that way and I used not to eat. But with fabulous I tried to force myself to have breakfast every day and now that I am used to it I get hungry in the morning. Just remember not to skip any day and your body might adapt. Mine did.

Isidoro S.
Remember to eat less that evening. If I am not hungry in the morning, it is because I have eaten too much too late into the evening.

Jeff T.
I nearly always don’t feel like eating breakfast. I shoot for frozen egg bites or maybe some berries. It’s a small portion and something to keep me going so I don’t feel like I’m starved at 11am.

Aubree U.
I generally feel like eating in the morning; but I’ll always start with a glass of juice to let my body know it’s time to start eating.

Cassandra N.
Listen to your body and eat when you're hungry. But be prepared for when you're hungry by having access to healthy food.

L Nio I.
🤔 I usually don't feel that way because I drink 1 glass of lemon water (which cleanses your entire system) as soon as I wake up that is around 8 in the morning, after half an of doing that I usually have a handful of Almonds and two spoons of peanut butter and I have my breakfast at 10 so that makes me hungry till it's time to eat. Hope that helps!

Alix T.
Simple answer. Don't eat. You're doing nothing good by forcing yourself. Some people just don't do breakfast and that's a brut fact. But I would say take something with you. Some fruit and nuts if you're in a hurry but try to prepare something for the following breakfast/brunch. You don't want to start getting hungry and snack on crisps or other rubbish. Have something with you to eat.

Freja E.
Bring yourself to do it. Don't hesitate, just do it. What you get afterwards will always be better than what you expect.