Where do you find inspiration for breakfasts? I get tired of cereal, oats, or a breakfast sandwich.

Axelle Z.
First off, give yourself the time to have the inspiring breakfast you deserve even if it means going to bed a hour early… Seriously breakfast is important and some meals take longer then others. Challange yourself to find healthy foods that go well together, and look toward food icons in the cooking world e.x. Gordon Ramsey. Food icons as such can bring fresh recipes and spins on things your use to eating. Use the internet, educate yourself on healthy foods! Give yourself the best chance to be the best you by nuturing your body in the morning. Water is the best thing you can have first thing in the morning. Your body will thank you for skipping the sugar and juices, bring on the butter, eggs, and greens.
Alicia Y.
Honestly….. Pintrest lol. I get tired of eating the same thing as well, however I am super busy with toddlers. I try to look up quick and different ideas but generally if I cook breakfast I make sure I throw in a few extra bites for myself. Otherwise I just try to switch it up like I'll make cinnamon toast one day and maybe the next peanut butter toast or a bagel with peanut butter and apples or oranges. Sometimes a pop tart lol. As long as I have SOMETHING.
Lo C Q.
Other cultures. I love savoury congee (rice porridge) for breakfast.
Erika A.
Well I don't get inspired I just created something I ask myself will it make me full, is it well balanced.

Hope I could help

Caroline C.
I guess I never get sick of oats/porridge. I tend to just mix it up by putting different berries or fruits in. It's one of the few things that keeps me full for longer and is easier than trying to stomach a full savoury meal like eggs. Once in a blue moon I'll have poached eggs or a breakfast burrito. Taste.com is my favourite website for recipes, otherwise I just buy what's on special at the fresh produce shop and/or supermarket and will make something from that. My partner doesn't always feel like oats and is happy to eat more of a lunch-type meal for breakfast so sometimes will eat left-overs from dinner, like stir-fry etc.
Janet W.
I personally enjoy the routine simple breakfast. There's tonnes of stuff running in my head in the mornings as I prep to leave and that regular stuff keeps me comfortably moving in autopilot as I rush through morning chores
Edda S.
Eggs! Eggs can be anything. I do muffin tray scrambled eggs with spinach, capsicum anything you can think of in the oven for 10 minutes and you have 6-12 (depending on how many muffin holes you have) breakfasts that keep in the fridge and are on the go! I also like to hard boil eggs as another handy grab and go. But eggs are so versatile and delicious I never get sick of them.
Patrick X.
I just keep telling myself that the oats is good for me and that it's easy and quick to make. For me eating properly without too much fuss is key
Romy E.
Look online for healthy and quick breakfast ideas. I like to mix eggs, spinach, ham and cheese, pour into greased muffin tins, bake and reheat at work throughout the week.
Jonas F.
I usually have rice with Japanese natto (fermented soybeans) and canned tuna. Lots of good protein to start the day!
Barbara P.
I check buzzfeed's Tasty, Pinterest, Instagram, Martha Stewart's website for healthy breakfast ideas. I am sure reddit has plenty of ideas/perhaps even recipes for people with limited diets or who would like to lose weight.
Susanna J.
I like to make omelettes with the different veggies in my fridge. Banana oat muffins are a treat. Protein shakes and smoothies are yummy and conveniant for on the go. Sometimes I simply have a fruit, some nuts, cheese, and hard boiled eggs.
Annie Q.
I like trying new simple things from around the world. For instance, in South Korea, many people eat a nourishing light soup and some rice for breakfast. Or I will make 2 eggs scrambled gently with goat cheese in a French style and the egg cheese spreads nicely on toast. Think outside of your country for simple healthy takes on breakfast and it won't seem so boring.
Zeli E.
Pinterest and cookbooks. Even if it’s not super healthy a fun, less healthy breakfast is better than skipping breakfast entirely.
Rosie S.
I usually make a protein shake the night before. I usually eat that every workday. I like not having to think about what to eat so the habit of making the protein shake eases my stress.
Evan Q.
I don't get inspired by breakfast I just want it to be quick and useful. Walnuts and bananas!
Valentin U.
Hello! Eating fruits in the morning is also good, maybe with a bit of yoghurt and nuts. You can also eat crambled eggs or an omelette if you're still hungry; they're full of protein and will keep you energetic til lunch!
Madeleine E.
Well, I would probably search online for healthy breakfast ideas and see if you can find any recipes that inspire you. Is there a particular healthy food that you really enjoy? Maybe theirs a way to incorporate it into your breakfast to make things more fun.
Rhonda C.
I'm a family loving person if I'm on time then I get chance to have breakfast with my family and at that time I can eat anything.
Expedita E.
I often crave something, then have it every day until I'm absolutely sick of it. Unfortunately, that's often after I've bought groceries for another week's worth of the same. If I'm not sure what I want next, I often look at what's in the fridge or pantry that needs to be used up.
Ava Q.
I've never been a fan of cereal but I do like breakfast sandwiches. Anyway I look at different cultures and see what they eat for breakfast. I then decide if it's something I want to try for breakfast and then I decide if it's something I want to keep doing. I also look for new recipes or cooking techniques to jazz up my old breakfast staples.
Gerolf R.
Fast and healthy, also change. One week I do overnight oatmeal throw then in the fridge and grab one in the morning, another week I may do breakfast lunchables that include a hardboiled egg, fruit, applesauce pouch v8 energy, cheese stick and I portion them out as I eat them.
I've also learned to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Which is quick and easy
Jonathan X.
I have a breakfast to which I look forward every single day. I am fortunate – because I haven’t always had this – to have discovered something that really REALLY works for me, for over 12 years now. I literally feel better for having had it. What a thing, right? So what it: bran flakes with cut banana and almond milk, Activia Light, and a cup of black coffee. I couldn’t tell you what is all happening with the above, but I know my reactions: the bran flakes makes me feel balanced, the banana gives me a bit of an emotional boost, and the cup of coffee seems to connect me with the rest of what I take on in the morning. Hopefully it’s not too simple to consider; it can turn out that simple is best.
Albert N.
Google is your best friend. Just look up any combination of healthy nutritious delicious savory quick and easy change of pace extra special breakfast recipes and there is a bottomless well. I would suggest once a week treating yourself to something you’ve never tried for breakfast. Make sure you make a plan or even do the prep the night before
Emma B.
Pinterest is my go-tofor finding new recipes. I personally love smoothies for breakfast. There are heaps of creative recipes on Pinterest, and you can save them all for later.