I eat when I get to work does anyone do this differently?

Jonathan W.
Hi, personally I do the same, every day I ate in my mom' car, but I think if you are eating well and you are conscious about what are you eating or puting innyour body it's okay, not every one can eat at home or in a restaurant
Anna F.
I used to do the same because my morning routine already took too long. Now I'm wfh and I tend to start work for a few mins and then eat, which I guess means I still eat when I get to work lol, only without the long morning routine.
Jason X.
This clearly means your in a rush, you should make time in the morning for stretches, about 7 mins and some meditation, 10mins, then eat breakfast, then shower and get ready. Hope this helps 👍
Abril N.
My father, as I am not at age to work yet, on the contrary wakes up early, gets ready, and eats a nutritiously delicious breakfast at home. Then does he only go to work.
Eva Marie X.
Yo como antes, pienso que hace la diferencia, cuando dedicas un tiempo pequeño a comer y disfrutar de los sabores, las texturas y los colores de la comida disfrutas ese tiempo corto para ti misma. Es muy diferente a si solo comes por sentirte llena. No tiene que ser todo un ritual, con solo comer unos trozos de fruta con yogurt, o banano con avena, algunos pequeños trozos de fresas con chocolate, un rico café, o un espeso chocolate te dedicas un tiempo a ti en dónde disfrutas de lo que ingieres, es un momento de ti para ti.
Margrit F.
Yeah because going to work makes a routine for u to eat on time n when I have no where to go for work I usually end up eating late
Mia N.
I always eat before leaving the house. It lets my body know that I’m ready to start my day and idk I just find it weird to have my breakfast anywhere else
Nuray U.
I dont eat when I get to work because eating is not my way of running from problems. My way of running from my problems is watching some series, tidying my room, doing yoga or meditation or something.
Galaxies Q.
No I don't cuz if I eat now I will be hungry during my work at I will not have a lot of time to decide what to eat so I do it after work