Thoughts on skipping breakfast as part of an intermittent fasting regimen?

Ernst Dieter X.
I don't think this a good option for me because If I get up and don't eat breakfast I can immediately feel weak and almost sick.
Jean E.
I dont think intermittent fasting works for everyone, but if your body thrives off of that, then that’s great! I think it’s more important to listen to your body and provide fuel as needed.
Andy N.
I highly recommend intermittent fasting and of course when you're fasting you cannot eat hard food just make sure you're hydrated and then break your fast with healthy delicious meal. 😋
Kai X.
I think it depends on your day. If you’re doing the 18-6 fast, and you have to work on your feet from 10-9 pm, then breakfast is crucial , and having a good lunch break is also important. If your working 9-5 in an office, then maybe skipping breakfast is the way to go. It’s all about the ways you schedule it, and the conversations your body is having with you.
Madalena Q.
Couldn’t do it. I find breakfast to be a great start for my data. As long as you choose healthy foods, you’re good to go. I did pick a new healthy habit in the morning though: start the day by drinking a glass of water with the juice of a lemon. I feel like I start the day by cleaning my body on the inside.
Tani Z.
Personally, I would rather invest in a full one or two days of fasting every couple months than minute breakfast fasting. That gives your system more time to do less processing of any input, and work on the output of any backlog which there is likely to be. So far, I have always felt better after my full day fasts. I would like to get back to implementing that every 3-4 months
Karla Y.
If I am fasting for faith reasons I do not have breakfast or any meals Only water Otherwise I have breakfast most mornings or at least something to eat even if its a banana or other quick snack
Naomi X.
It's impossible to skipp breakfast because it's the first meal of the day, it's not dependent on time of day. Having it late is something I do regularly, calling it fasting is more positive than saying starving till you feel like eating.
Jasmine F.
I would say it is good for the mid term, not for the long term. I did it for a year and a bit and it was great to increase my metabolism. Find some initial self control and balance in your life. And especially if youre the type of person who doesn't feel breakfast benefits them hugely. But I would say dont make it a lifestyle change. Eventually go back to having delicious mindful breakfasts. And attempt a lot of different ones. When you find "YOUR" breakfast you'll start to love it!
Anastassiya X.
I am far away from trying intermittent fasting. Thus I did not yet thought about it…
I think I need to set up a routine to be able to skip it from time to time.
Soham U.
It's not when you eat but what you eat. Make sure that when you do eat your first meal after fasting, that it's a meal containing fruits, veggies or grains. Things not only good for the body but easy on the stomach too. Trust me, your body will thank you. All the best!
Jelena O.
I have not tried this before, so I can't comment on this especially given that my usual morning schedule varies depending on the day of the week.
Andr X.
Breakfast is the first time you eat in the morning. It doesn’t matter the time as much as what you eat. To stay consistent with a morning routine it would be best to start an intermittent fast in the evening that way the time of your morning routine is not altered or thrown off.
Anna U.
Personally I'm not keen with IF since it feels too much like I'm depriving myself and it just isn't sustainable long term. However I think go for whatever works for you!
Mattie Z.
I've try intermitent fasting and I guess it's really up to you. You have to manage your meals in the window time that you have to eat. What I understood is that, what you eat during that window it doesn't really matter, as long as you don't eat anything outside of it.
Kasper Y.
Its better to skip dinner. I like egg whites and veggies omelette for breakfast or morningstar imitation meat (soy patties) which is lean protein and you can eat a lot guilt free and keeps you from pigging out at lunch.
Gitte T.
If you fast for religious reasons its okay (don't do it everyday though). If you fast because of diet culture or weight loss journey etc I wouldn't recommend it. The ideal habit is eating small and frequent meals. This way you stay energized, avoid indigestion, heartburn and other unfortunate, and often painful situations and your body doesn't run out of "fuel". I also wouldn't recommend skipping breakfast. Our body needs to fuel after hours of being un-fed. Although it's best to wait an hour after waking up to eat your first meal.
Subin U.
Yes. I know it's better to skip dinner than skipping breakfast, but it's hard for me to sleep when I skip dinner. I would like to gradually change my body condition, but for now, it's better to skip breakfast for a successful fast.
Arjay A.
No, it never crossed into my mind of skipping a breakfast meal. I always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's my first fuel. The same reason why I always make the breakfast the largest meal of everyday. I would rather skip dinner than skipping breakfast.
Silke P.
After committing to breakfast every day, I generally find that eating SOMETHING is more beneficial to my well being and productivity than not
Maria C.
I did do IF for a month. It worked for me and I lost about 10 lbs. But I have to say, it's very hard to skip breakfast long after waking. I learned to do IF overnight. I stop eating immediately after 3rd meal at around 4 then I was able to eat again 8 am. Thats 16 to 8 for me. So I was able to eat breakfast. I usually eat good breakfast still. Snacks then dinner. Then stop again for the night. So thats my answer. I still feel breakfast is important. Gives you energy for the day. I should start doing this again because dude, I gained so much weight during quaratine. *facepalm*
Edeltraut U.
I don't think skipping breakfast is the best decision… Breakfast, after all, is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast will make you more energized and feeling much more accomplished. This being said, you should at least in something to fill your stomach in the morning. If you're in a rush, grab a banana or something. But definitely don't skip breakfast.
박하연 N.
I prefer ending the last meal before 7 or 8, and have breakfast bacause good breakfast make me easier to concentrate on working.