What is a good breakfast?

Tithi Z.
1.Eggs could be a good breakfast for someone who's busy at morning. They can be made fast also in many ways.
2. Dry fruits and Nuts are also really effective for health and can full the stomach for the moment.
3.Salad or vegetable stew are some really good breakfast for people with time at the morning. And for South Asian countries like Pakistan, india and others "sabji" of any veggie is great.
Filino A.
A good breakfast keeps you full for a while, is nutricious, and tasty.
I eat oatmeal with cinnamon, almonds, cocoa nibs and some berries. It makes me happy.
Amanda B.
My favorite is a toasted English muffin, chicken sausage, with McCormick country gravy and eggs ❤️ lay the sausage(s) on top of the muffin pieces and put just a splash of gravy on each piece.
Scarlett Q.
Which gives u calcium from milk , milk is must , protein from egg, veges , or roti made up of jowar or rice, dry fruits and seeds and if ur breakfast has ur one favourite thing like chocolate or pestries or anything like that it will be the best energy provider for ur upcoming day 😊✌️