Could you suggest some great breakfast recipes?

Elisabeth U.
Very easy solution: some boiled eggs and half an avocado with salt and olive oil. Add a few tomatoes, olives and maybe some slices of a good cheese.
Gilannie F.
I love a chocolate rice cake with Oui French yogurt, some fresh berries, a dash of honey on top. I also love an avocado toast with everything seasoning! I will also make a spinach and goat cheese omelette often.
L Rke W.
Some quick and easy breakfast ideas would be avocado toast, with seasonings you like with a little olive oil and lemon juice, scrambled eggs, or shakes, with banana, peanut butter, and milk(optional) protein shake mix(optional) and anything else you want to add.
Sturai L.
Chia seeds soaked in almond milk topped with mango chunks or tangerine slices.

Vegan eggs on toasted bread with cilantro spread, scallions, tomatoes and micro-sprouts or spinach.

Joan T.
Homemade brown bread toasted with cream cheese and smoked salmon add some cucumber,cherry tomato and Poached egg if like
Dora F.
We all love to start our day with a good breakfast , Here are 2 easy breakfast recipes .

1. BAKED EGGS = if you are tired of having eggs the regular way, give it a makeover . Prepare a protein rich breakfast in just 15 minutes . Enjoy this baked egg dish with toast.

2. BANANA -ALMOND PORRIDGE =this one is comforting breakfast option , you can make any time,any day.This recipe is packed with numerous health benefits and can be made quickly