What are some favorite breakfasts that are easy and fast to make in the morning to take to go?

Olivia A.
oatmeal with yogurt left overnight, with berries and nuts;
eggs with veggies, bread and cheese;
cottage cheese with herbs, sour cream and seeds

Earl I.
I love to make avacado toast with pre cooked bacon from Costco. It's easy because you have your carbs, healthy fats and protien.

Milan T.
When I have to be fast in the morning. I'll always choose for some fat free yoghurt, granola and fruits. Sometimes I make healthy pancakes in the weekends as meal prep and put them in the freezer. On an early morning you can take the amount of pancakes that you would like to eat out of the freezer and warm them up. You choose some topping you like and you're ready to go!

Mason E.
If I have a breakfast for on the go it would usually only consist of bagel. Even though it’s not much it’s something to start off the morning.