How do you integrate this morning movement into your routine when you live with housemates – and you can’t really play music or dance around cause the walls are super thin. It’s makes me feel super anxious and I can’t enjoy being active. Is there a quiet and soft movement excercise that you recomend?

Laura N.
I don’t really have a comparison because I live alone but my walls and front door are also thin so I have a limited amount of privacy also. I would put my headphones in and listen to music on my phone so my neighbors won’t hear my music and I would dance in place instead of moving around too much if you’re worried about your roommates. I hope this helps at least a little bit.
Plishk N.
I wake up hours before the rest of my household, so my morning exercise is always a restorative style of yoga pratice. I can listen through headphones or play it softly and the gentle movements never bother anyone. It is a great way to start moving and ground myself before I start the rest of my day. I do active energetic exercise (running, biking, dancing 😀) later in the day when everyone is awake, or I head outside for longer early morning sessions.
Colleen Q.
Yoga is my go to, I also live in a house with other occupants. I recommend yoga with Adriene because her yoga routines are very flexible for time and skill level, so you’ll get a full workout without a lot of noise. And it’s free so win win
Alison X.
I reccomend you buy a airpods, then you can play music anytime you want.
How about yoga or stretch?
I think that wouldnt make big noise.
and prank? it really worked for me
Harriet E.
You can get your earphones or headphones and play your music as loud as you choose to yourself. I recently incorporated the yoga practice of sun salutations in my morning routine. My office space is in my bedroom and to not wake my husband at 600 am, I put in my headphones. Yoga is a more gentle movement and will not make a lot of noise. You can also choose to do other low impact movements like stretch’s or body weight exercise such as push-ups and squats, etc. As long as you are rocking out in your head, everything you do will be a bonus . And if the need arises to rock out loud, take a walk to a park or just a brisk walk or run and feel free to rock out in public. Is exciting to let lose and be free. If all else fail, get your roomies to rock out with you also!!!!!
Ivan O.
For your music I recommend you listen through a headphone if possible. And for exercise you can always go outside and walk it doesn’t have to be longcoma or you can do yoga that’s also low impact with limited noise this also depends on what yoga style you choose.
You can also do full body body weight workout most of the exercise don’t make a lot of noise.
Example, push-ups squads leg raises lunges and you can do even more with dumbbells or resistance bands
Salma J.
I recommend Yoga it's quiet yet so relaxing and can energies you! There's Yoga with Adrien on YouTube so cool! Use Bluetooth headphones or headsets for music or to follow the yoga lessons!
Jonathan Q.
Sometimes I do this exercise where you squat and as you squat you throw your body down and sweep your hands down and I bounce my legs up and down a few times as I’m fully bent over. Then as you come back up, you stretch your arms upwards to the sky. And repeat
Idriz Q.
I try to make myself understand that in order to make it work with my habits of excercise i have to do what i have to do and if i might actually bother someone then i would just apologize and try to explain the situation to them.
Jardel P.
Try Yoga which some meditation music – meditation music doesn't have to be too loud or if you want you can skip the music all together and still do the yoga.
Rose E.
Wearing headphones while doing dance workouts is my choice of "quiet" dancing. But if this is still too loud, i would suggest stretching!
Linda N.
I would recommend YouTube videos and try a couple. I personally gave up cause as I was on the second floor I was making too much noise. So, I deceive to get a running app and started going on morning runs. I had never tried it before so, I was a bit reluctant at first. But, it was the best decision I made as I left the house early the scenery was amazing and it really helped me to relieve stress. I started from a seven minute jog and I slowly increased that every week so I ended up doing an half an hour full run around a park.
Emma U.
You could try yoga. Or other form if exercise that doesn’t require jumping. For example, squat, plank. If weather allowed, could also consider going outside for exercise.
Meghan W.
What I do every morning is get out of bed around 7.00AM, make myself ready and go for a walk. It's really nice to be outside when it's not that busy. I recommend for you to do the same. If you really want to do an exercise inside, maybe using earplugs is a solution.
Nina O.
Earplugs & yoga! Yoga doesn’t make much noise, while it can be very psychically challenging. I look up 10 minute sessions at YouTube. And maybe still, going outside for a run would be best/easiest!
Giovana Z.
Wear headphones to listen to music. Wear socks while dancing to minimize noises on the floor while dancing. Do simple stetches and yoga exercises with minima movement but also the same impact.
Ellen N.
Workouts I’ve found online that are good for small spaces and a full house are ones like: yoga for the office, standing ab workouts, standing yoga, body weight workouts. There are also no talking workouts online which make the workouts quieter.
Judy U.
If I want to play my own music but not having it blaring throughout the house I just throw my AirPods in. Yoga or resistant band workouts are good low impact workouts that aren’t going to break the bank either.
Khushi Y.
Using your headphones and dancing in the bathroom when everyone else falls asleep or dancing while taking a shower lifts up my mood and allows me to move without the sense of anybody watching me or me having to disturb anyone. Sometimes I don't even need music, just sing along lightly and dance
Rebecca E.
If you still want to dance around use headphones. If they ask about the noise tell them you are working out. If you want somthing quiet but still gets you heartbeat up in a short time look at low impact Hiit workouts.
Frida B.
Yes, Sun Salutations in the in make me Fabulous section! It’s under yoga! I have been doing them in a small space! to move around a bit! I havp
C Lie T.
I am doing the 5 tibetan rites, and love it. You can start with just a few repetition and build on. You can check for videos on youtube
Rheannon T.
I'm taking it slow by doing simple stretches. I'm not doing yoga, though. Just some basic starches that I remember from when I played volleyball in high school.
Tracy C.
I currently do a yoga sequence called sun salutation – I do each movement to one in and out breath both sides of my body, so it really doesn't take long either. I've an 18 month old, so at the moment I want something easy, quick and quiet. It doesn't take up tonnes of room and doesn't make lots of noise. Just a light stretch to get me going! I recommend searching online for a video to teach you the moves. It's a great way to build the movement habit without taking much effort at all – perfect for those mornings when you aren't in the mood for anything or don't have much time at all. Hope this helps you out, take it easy x
Josie U.
You could go for a walk, but even starting the day with something low impact could be quiet, like tai-chi, yoga, or stretching. You can always move the exercise to your afternoon or evening routine.
Tamara F.
Try and go outside or to another room and get some exercise instead. Or find a timing where your housemates wouldn't notice you exercising. Or put aside your anxiety and just do it.
If you need silent excercises, yoga is what comes to mind.
Doing only yoga would help a lot.
Fabienne U.
I think a morning yoga video is really nice! You can find lots on YouTube (like yoga with adrienne), and they are generally very quiet. I like to do yoga in the morning because it’s a bit less intense, which is easier when my body is still tired.
Davino Z.
I totally understand I live with a chef and he’s hours of activity during the day are between 11 am to 1 am :/, I have to be very quiet in the mornings so he doesn’t wake up (I wake up at 4:30 am and go to bed around 8:30 pm).
Well, first, headphones are going to be your best friend, use them at all times an this will help with the roommates situation; as activities goes try Yoga, all you will need is a mat (that can be easy replace with a towel if you are just starting) but in Amazon you can find some wonderful options for a very good price. YouTube is a great source of videos to home workout. You can try yoga for beginners there and see how you feel, start small don’t over do it so you don’t frustrated yourself to much, FitOn app it’s free and have multiple options as home workouts go, lastly and if you can you can, try going for a walk/jogging around the neighborhood ones or twice a week the fresh air is always well welcome. I hope this help you fellow friend! Have a beautiful week.
Phoebe J.
Great question. I ran into similar concerns with my roommates. The first solution was asking them if they were interested in getting some movement together so we can hold each other accountable. If they decline another option is to get outside for a walk or include low impact workouts such as yoga or pilates. You can wear headphones if you’re worried about noise levels.
Rebecca U.
My husband works 3rd shift so I also find myself tiptoeing about the house. To be honest, I'm not super active but I do put my wireless headphones on and find myself quietly jamming around the house or dancing in my seat as I polish my nails or clean and organize an area. I hope to try yoga at some point as it's a quieter activity as well. Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!
Marzena E.
Dance on the spot with headphones. Just move your body and don’t stamp your feet. Try simple yoga stretching or Chi Kung. If you have stairs, use them to exercise a little. 😁
Olivia U.
Definitely play your music through wireless earphones it is really good for when you live with other people. Maybe find a time where you know you’ll be alone and you can let it out or doing some yoga, meditation or stretching instead to relax you
G F.
I do cardio workouts and strength training. For both, I picked exercises which are joint-friendly – so, no jumping. There are exercise apps for people with joint pain, which are ideal for apartments and roommates, especially if you want to do something that will build your muscle more than doing yoga might. Though, yoga is also a really good choice, but make sure to challenge yourself and each day do a pose you might not be so good at yet.
Franklin Y.
There are routines that allow you stretch in bed often with the use of a pillow. It a nice thing to do right after you wake up and really sets the mood for the rest of the day. I tend to like yoga in the mornings as well because it is gentle and strengthening and slowly wakes up your muscles. It is usually quiet and doesn't take up a lot of space. If you feel the need for something more morning runs are a great way to get out of the house and exercise with new scenery
Helena Z.
I do yoga with headphones on and a yoga mat. It’s lots of breathing and really flowey so it doesn’t really make any noise. Facing sitting upright on your bead is also an option or going for a walk. These are al ways to feel good while beating active. Good luck <3
Meryem O.
Use headphones! I love my AirPods now more than speakers as the sound is so good. They won’t know you’re dancing and if they hear you moving and you’re too anxious to tell them you were just grooving to life, tell them you were cleaning your room. Also, master not caring what other people think as much as possible, it’s so freeing! Good luck ❤️
Chey P.
My husband works from home, he is in meetings when I work out, headphones with yoga or a bodyweight workout I. E. Crunches, pushups etc and a good yoga mat.
Davie T.
Thank goodness you have friends. I was once in your position. I was living with a friend who used to work from home. I could play music or work out in the house or even dance or have a time alone to reflect on things by my own, and it drains. The best way to deal with such situation is putting on your headphones, get your favorite song and take a walk outside. This way you are able to get fresh air, clear your mind and be you for a little while.
Constance Y.
For me, wireless headphones and morning yoga are my go to. I have the same situation, my sister sleeps next to me and my mom across the hall, and I'm usually up first.
When I specifically look for a morning practise, it's always going to be a nice, slow moving one, so my movement shouldn't make too much noise. I've always hated exercise prior to this as well
Katie O.
How about stretching or yoga sun salutations? You can do them with no music or put on headphones and listen to calming music!
Shuiki P.
I always practice my favourite monologue on my bed with my blanket on(Nina’s monologue from Seagull), with my lips reading and making no sound

My imagination go even further and my movements always surprise me, as I was even free with privacy. The words even move me deeper when I’m “hearing” the lines in the dark.

Jie P.
Try yoga inside the house with soft music (Invest wireless EarPods so that music play into your ears only). Sometime try fast walk outside.
Sunny Q.
There are a few things that are possible.
1. If possible go for walks outside, take your headphones with you and jam to your favorite music.
2. Try stretching exercises which can be done on a Yoga mat.
3. Jam at your music with headphones on inside your room. The movement doesn't have to be a full on a dance. I sometimes dance while I'm cooking.
Giulia Z.
Well I have a shame for my partner doing stuff like that. I put on my headphone and focus on the music, sing along not too loud and just dance
Rachel O.
I like to do yoga myself. I put on my music and listen through ear buds so I don't wake anyone else. Also another option to consider for louder excersize is doing it outside in your backyard or driveway or even driving to park if it's close!
Jan X.
I purchased a stationary bike that is affordable and super quiet. I breathe louder than the first bike works. If a bike isn’t an option for you I would suggest picking up a pair of dumbbells and also getting a yoga mat and doing simple exercises like push-ups sit ups and other easy lifting exercises with the dumbbells.
Peter J.
There are several exercises that don’t involve jumping around like pushups and sit-ups. Another great option is to go outside, or get your housemates to join you.
Ruth C.
I would try doing some basic yoga, not the balancing on one leg kind. I also like to take walks and get some fresh air, especially in times like these its good to get outside. Sometimes I will do some calisthenic workouts, most don’t require weights or loud movements. A youtube creator Chloe Ting has a good workout routine for people who live in apartments.
Marshall X.
Well I would say you should do yoga. It's quit and the breathing would help your anxiety. Also it's a good thing to start with because your body can maybe be a little stiff in the morning. By stretching and breathing you wake up your body in a very comforting way
Dimitris Q.
Well, other than dancing I would recommend either some bodyweight exercises like push ups / squats / crunches or any other ab exercise etc etc.

You can also try some 5-10 minute yoga session. It really comes down to what you Want to gain from your morning workout.

Jonas F.
I had this problem when I was sharing a dormitory room with a roommate. I tried to exercise in the common rooms when noone was there or went outside for a stretch and a jog. But if there are no ways to get out, I recommend planks! I rolled out of bed straight on the floor and mixed regular and side planks. You could also do back stretching or yoga.
Teobaldo S.
Yoga is a great one for me. It's not noisy and it gets my blood moving and helps to stretch out my muscles after sleep. After I do yoga I will use my headphones to play music while I make my breakfast.
Edmundo P.
Yes I recommend yoga under these circumstances. Yoga can be done quietly and you don't need music. In fact, it helps to listen to your breathing during yoga because it calms you and helps you tune unwanted things out.
Elizabeth S.
hi there, I don’t have housemates but I have children who I have to get to school in the morning. I would get a yoga mat and do sun salutations for seven minutes. It really is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen and it’s quiet. I do my exercise after everyone is gone to school. Maybe just move the exercise habit to later part of the day? Good luck!
Ali S.
Aw I completely understand that. I don’t like doing any overly loud or upbeat exercises in the morning. That’s why I do yoga! It’s so gentle and it really has built up my core strength and helped my breathing. The perfect quiet (but sometimes) intense body workout
Jasmin G.
The sun salutation Fabulous has is really good; doesn’t necessarily get the heart racing, but some movement is better than none and movement without anxiety is even better.

(Also a few jumping jacks can be pretty quiet.)

Good luck!!