What if you don’t have time to cook, what’s a quick on the go breakfast?

Flavie O.
A piece of bread with cheese or jelly or peanutbutter. You can also eat a piece of fruit with it. And add a glass of milk or juice. This doesnt take long but will make youre day start of nicely
Veronica U.
I buy these things called “split.” It’s a mix of a type of nut butter and a jelly that you fold and squeeze right into your mouth! It’s really tasty!! I get them from amazon/Whole Foods.
Bettina X.
A wheat bread sandwich with cheese or other protein source with a few greens. No cook, it should take less than 5 minutes to prep. Then add a banana or another fruit.
Lo S A.
My go to breakfast generally is an apple and fried eggs because it it is healthy and can be made quickly and I generally eat this with a cup of tea
Holly S.
I like to have an apple or banana with small coconut yogurt.But I usually prep night before for my breakfast some oats chia seeds flax seeds soy milk and leave that in fridge over night. In morning you most probably might want to warm it up or eat it cold. Just add some berries and it is done. Also quick as long as you prep it night before.
Lisette O.
I guess a good quick breakfast might be a banana and maybe some nuts. It's not what I'd regularly have but a bare minimum.. if I've time
Lester E.
A bowl of fruit salad with some natural yoghurt, I also pre prep my oats so that it's a quick cereal to just add milk or hot water and enjoy. I love my oats topped up with some banana and nuts instead of adding sugar.
Carl G.
I often take breakfast to work. This sometimes means making scrambled egg and mushrooms (I’m vegetarian) the night before to heat up when I get to the office.
Other mornings I’ll have some weetabix, yoghurt and frozen fruit to take with me. Tomorrow I’m trying porridge for the first time, with soya milk, a pinch of cocoa powder and some frozen berries to see how it is!
H Lo Se Y.
I’ve been prepping overnight oats and adding in granola the morning of for some added texture! Other mornings just granola, yogurt and fresh fruit. Keeps me full throughout the morning.
Maureen Z.
Actually I don't cook for breakfast. I'm Italian and we have a Mediterranean breakfast: no eggs, beans or other meals suggested by the app. The secret is: adapt. What I do is eating more fruit and
paying more attention to sugar and fat.
Lia E.
You can't go wrong with a bowl of cereal and milk, or some fruits. Also, you can try preparing something the night before, like overnight soaked oats (which are apparently delicious).
Louise T.
Stuck a banana and some nuts to have on the go. I also always have some vegan croissants in the cupboard which are perfect with some peanut butter or some jam for the go.