What is your go to quick and easy breakfast when you’re in a rush?

Alfred F.
Bread with scramble egg with mayo and chilli sauce; honey water;
Or sometimes when I really don't have time to prepare, I just grab banana and a pack of milk
Caleb G.
Microwave oatmeal—1/4 cup of oatmeal and half a cup of milk in the microwave for three minutes (you can even put it in the microwave and then take a shower or do whatever else you need to in order to get ready) and then throw it into a pyrex bowl with a lid, add a squeeze of honey, and slip it into a zip lock bag with a spoon and you’re sorted.
E M S.
Typically a granola bar if I need to be rushed on public transportation early in the morning, but if I'm able to wake up a little earlier, I make a simple avocado toast or turkey bacon with egg whites
Jessica N.
If I am in a rush I usually just grab a fruit or some yogurt and eat it at work. Sometimes I will stop by jack in the box and order a breakfast sandwich even though I know it is not the healthiest.
Stephen Z.
When I’m really in a rush I like to grab a granola bar or two, depending on how filling they are, and some fruit like an apple or a banana. If I’m rushing but have slightly more time, I like to make smoothies and take that with me to go, if I have enough time for that. My go-to smoothie is peanut butter, bananas and soy milk.
Aldrovanda C.
When on a rush I love to have a breakfast bar. They are healthy and hearty. They are easy for on the go and keep me full throughout the day. They also are pretty tasty as well.
Rachel J.
When I just want to grab-n-go I like to reach for granola bars, maybe some trail mix, or easy fruits like apples and bananas.