Do you eat at home or when you get to work?

Mis P.
I eat at home just now as I am off work for sickness. However I am trying to focus on making breakfast recipes that can easily be made the night before or morning of, so that I can keep the time I eat consistent. As sometimes my shifts change there maybe days when I am in the office before/during my self prescribed "breakfast time"
Jennifer H.
When i didn’t work from home, I ate at work because i left the house by 7:30am and usually didn’t get hungry that early.
Eva O.
I’m generally not hungry when I first get up, so I eat when I pack a portable breakfast to eat en route or eat when I get to work.
Nikolaj N.
I usually eat at home, but if I am running behind or forgot to take my medicine first thing, I will eat later at work. I would prefer to eat at home so that I can eat with my family and have more time at work (and one less distraction ).
Monika P.
Most days I have a coffee at home with some soy milk and some protein powder. Then I eat at work around 10 as I am currently trying to do Intermittent Fast.
Ja Casta E.
Both, I only work part time. When I work I take a packed smoothie and something light to munch on as it’s really early in the morning. When I’m at home I cook a nice big breakfast.
Marto A.
I eat at home. I cycle to school and I need energy to do that. Also, I don't really have much time to eat before my lessons.
Suly Z.
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Serena Z.
I eat at home. Because I am a student my classes are pretty early so to me it is better to eat at home as I get more time and get to be in a more comfortable environment.
Nanya N.
I eat at work when I go to office – usually 2 times a week as my company provides well balanced meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks every day. All other days I eat at home
Ludovica N.
I eat at home and i usually eat a snack for lunch at school. but mostly i have a small breakfast, two snacks, and a dinner
Aicha C.
I eat at home most of the time. I eat little pieces here and there at the Madison. I am constantly snacking when working for SMSE.
Ariadna N.
Eating at home is more efficient but if you have no time eating during work is just fine..make sure you have something before afternoon (12:00PM)
Julita J.
I actually eat AFTER school. Often in the morning I do not feel hungry and if I push myself to eat at that time I feel dizzy all day long and cannot concentrate.
Jessica O.
I am a student right now and half dependent on my parents (I live with my parents). So yeah, to save money I try to eat at home as much as possible.
Joissi T.
I eat at home but it's because i dont work i am still studing so i have time to prepare breakfast and a simple lunch
Jordes E.
I always eat at home and give myself the time to make something good, if I don't have the time to make and eat something I will take it with me. I always have some type of easy food made that I can snack on while I drive or while I work and eat the meal I made when I have a break.
Tha S E.
There's no point in giving a long answer to this question. We are all eating at home for the last two years, thanks to Covid.
Noelle P.
At home! When I eat at home, it gives me more freedom on my food choices, since I'm not limited to the foods that can be packed in a lunchbox or bought at a drive-thru.
L Rke E.
I rather eat at home because If you work shifts, you may find yourself eating a large meal twice, first at home and then again at work. This may lead to weight gain. Eat your main meal a few hours before going to work. Eat a small meal and have healthy snacks spread out during your shift.
Clarisse T.
I usually have a little breakfast at home before I leave, like a yogurt or a drinkable, sometimes a hard boiled egg. Then I also take cheese nuts and cran-raisins on the road with me off and either eat it on the drive or when I get to work with my coffee. If I’m working from home then I just eat at home.
Aureliana E.
In the days I go to the office, I usually eat when I get there. I have plenty of time to eat before leaving home, but lately I have had reflux, so I feel better if I eat slightly later in the morning.
Waltraud F.
Most mornings I make a smoothie that I drink on the way/at work, however I feel better when I get up a little earlier and have time to make a decent breakfast at home
Brunhild B.
I always eat at home. My mom keeps all the food ready for me when I arrive from my classes late at night. I prefer to avoid eating outside because that involves taking off the mask and exposing myself to aerosols that might lead to corona virus. And, besides, I have back to back classes with no break so there's no opportunity for a snack either.
I eat mostly healthy food and might twice a week, a junk food.
I, however, successfully resisted buying those snacks the last time I was waiting for my ride to arrive so I'm tryna get rid of this habit that has formed over the course of months. I think it's natural that when one has not eaten anything for more than six hours, to crave spicy snacks more than normal. So, I think, on that respect, I should definitely buy chick peas instead. They are protein and will help my satiety center to feel good.
Hunter U.
I try to make time to eat at home to ensure that I eat breakfast. I don't want to hurry to work just so I can eat there.
Johanne X.
I prefer eating at home. When I am at home, I am still in a comfortable environment where I feel like I can relax. If I wait until I get to work, eating feels more like a chore than something to enjoy.
Alberte U.
Depends on the energi levels of the day. If my energy is low I can't muster sitting amongst my roommates and chit-chat over breakfast, so I make something easy to go like toast with salmon or something. If my energy is up, I'll try and get a nice start to the day at home.
Kunjal F.
Eat at home because it provides me with varieties of foods which get limited at work. If I have time to think about what I eat, I can gradually incorporate all the essential nutrients too. So the key is to wake up early and be prepared.
Mapi N.
I personally prefer to eat at home since it’s healthier since you prepare your own food. I also prefer eating at home because you get to have a moment to yourself instead of being in an office
Anja M.
Sometimes I have enough time to eat at home. But sometimes I eat at work because I either wasn’t hungry or didn’t have enough time/energy to do it at home.
L Rke B.
I eat at home. But as I am a student i also eat at school.
right now due to situation I am in online eating at home alone
Arthur S.
I usually eat at work. I'm not hungry when I wake up and I takes me a while to want to eat so I usually go ahead and get ready then start my day and I'll eat when I get to work or have an early lunch. Sometimes I will grab something quick if I am actually feeling a but hungry and eat that as I'm going.
Jana I.
Every morning I eat at home. I spend about 15 minutes having breakfast, no matther which day it is. This is my favourite morning habit sinse kindergarten.
Matteo E.
Both. I will eat breakfast not long before I leave for work – too early and I'll be hungry when I get there. I also take a snack to have at work to keep me going.
Alexander W.
I normally eat at home before Going to work/ school because I feel like it gives me structure and a certain time to eat food and not quickly scoff it down at work.
Pallavi N.
I dont work im a student so most of the time i eat at home. I dont eat breakfast usually i directly eat lunch that i make. A while back i had a stack protein bars and i got addicted to them because as you know they contain so much sugar so they increased my hunger and cravings. I used to eat 2-3 protein bars in a day and i was very unhappy about my excessive consumption and loss of self control. I got rid of them now and im doing better with my eating habits since then. Lunch is usually egg sandwich or omelette or protein oatmeal or a banana apple smoothie. For dinner i get homemade food from a catering service which is very delicious. In dinner I usually have 100g rice with two chapati/roti (indian flat bread) with daal and vegetable or chicken curry.
Ariyana C.
No, because whenever I eat it hurts, but when I don’t eat I’m hurting myself. My body also doesn’t tell me when to eat, it doesn’t tell me when I’m hungry.
Vaishnavi X.
I eat at home usually. At home food is healthy and made with atmost hygeine. Whereas food at college is oily and is often made in a hurry which makes it unhygienic..too many hands touching it.
Zaira W.
I normally wait til I get to work to eat breakfast. Whether I pick up something at Tim Hortons or I make something quick at work.
Shannon S.
I mostly eat at home because of two reasons one being that my home food satisfies my hunger in less quantity and also it is budget friendly for me… Only in rare cases of me eating outside is seen.
Arianna Z.
Usally I eat as soon as I reach home, close to 1 pm, but when I have to stay at work on the afternoon, like this past week, I bring a sandwich with me, and when I reach home I would lunch again, with a plate of pasta
Rebecca F.
I don’t go to work. I am a student currently on summer holidays so always at home. In school time I would often eat at home but now I have finished school.
Veronica U.
I eat on the way to work. Normally I do not have to eat at home because I wake to late in the mornings. So normally I just eat in the car on the way to work or at work.
Krist Na B.
I eat at home since at work i can only eat in lunch breaks but i would starve to death until lunch ( if that makes sense cuz english Is not my first language )
Tia N.
I am a senior in high school, so I eat three times a day. Very early in the Morning's when I’m at home so around 5am, lunch or brunch when I’m at school which is around 10-11am and Of course, I eat dinner at home around 6-8pm
Jeannette X.
My school classes start at 8am. At 11:25, It's lunch time. I live near so I come home to eat(a light lunch). My classes start at 12:50. After school, at 3:30 I come home and I'm usually starving so I eat some fruits or lunch.
Jamie J.
When I eat my breakfast, I eat it usually at home, but sometimes I have less time, so I have breakfast on my way to school. But suddenly, often I don't have breakfast, because I have little time or I don't have hungry
Clay Z.
I think this is the goal yeah, I’m trying to remember when I had a job. Ultimately It’s somethingI should be aware of from a financial and mental standpoint
Dustin P.
I eat at home as I work from home. If I do work from the office I eat there as I choose to eat breakfast later when I can focus on myself and not be distracted by the family.
Cathy U.
I eat at home because it offers me more to choose from and healthier options but if I'm at work, I might just eat junk food.
Elspeth Z.
I always like to eat at home but honestly it doesn't make a difference where you eat as long as it's healthy with lots of protein and nutrition
Jeffery U.
I try to eat at home as much as possible, but when I am in a hurry I will eat on my way to work or at work. But most impotent is that I eat a nd enjoy my meal.
Florian Y.
I always try to eat at home, at work I don't always have time to do it and if I do it it has to be in a rush so It's better to do it at home and plan your breakfast ahead.
Cory Y.
I either eat at home or don’t eat at all. Since I go to school in the morning, it’s easier for me to take some time to eat before h get to class rather than panicking and eating.
Alexandra W.
I work from home, so I eat at home but also at work… I never eat breakfast from my desk, which I use as a dedicated working space. And I try to not eat lunch from there, but sometimes it’s more convenient to do so
Frank O.
I try to eat soon after I get up. I find if I get into doing other things I will forget to eat it’s important to few of my body before I do anything else. I drink water first and then prepare a breakfast even something as simple as toast with my coffee even if I delay getting a real meal until mid morning at least I have that little bit to fuel start my day.
Christine W.
At home. I find it more claiming to eat at home, because if I set aside a good amount of time to make my meal and eat it, my food comes out both yummier and healthier.
Michael Q.
Both. Since I currently intermittent fast, I am very flexible with my meal schedule. I have already hit my goal weight, so I maintain with 3 or 4 days of of a 6-8 hour feeding window. If I work mornings that week I may not have breakfast until noon, and dinner at home around 6.
Other days, I may eat a good breakfast around 9 or 10am, at home. Later that day at work, I may have prepped a meal to eat between 4 or 5pm.
The hardest part of intermittent fasting, I have found, is fitting in enough nutritional dense food into a 6 hour meal window. Take your time, use apps to track your food, making sure you are getting adequate calories, and nutrients for your activity level.
Detlef B.
Most of the time I eat at home because my family won't let me go out without eating, they say that if I don't eat I will faint and I think they are right.
Sienna U.
Both! Having a nutritious breakfast is key to having a great day but weather you have it at you house or at work or both is completely up to you!!
Lya F.
Im twelve so I dont work I go to school. Not atm tho. Cause its summer. But I prefer eating my breakfast at home. But I tend to forget it.
Jasmine O.
I eat at home because it allows me to quickly change what I’m eating to improve it and it makes it so I can enjoy what I’m eating a bit more.
Corina A.
I eat breakfast at home plus a snack, lunch at school( i attend a culinary school), a dessert there sometimes, then afer schooll eat again at afternoon. I eat dinner later
Drew Q.
Most often on the way to work. The pandemic has given me new routines, often affording me the chance to make it at home or to make a healthier lunch.
Ami O.
I like to wake up a bit earlier and take my time having breakfast at home. When having breakfast at work it's not as enjoyable and feels like I'm rushing. I don't get to properly appreciate what I'm eating.
K Q.
Both. I am working on two things right now bringing lunch to work and drinking more tea (less coffee). I love coffee. The older I get the less my body tolerates coffee and the acid.
Mk F.
well to be honest that depends, on the weekends i tend to eat breakfast at home, but on weekdays i have school and sometimes i skip it completely and sometimes i have just enough time for a breakfast
Genesis G.
I eat at home so I can plan and prepare. If wanted til work would grab easy and unhealthy. Especially when donuts and bagels show up in the breakroom
Jeffery F.
I eat at home before I leave. I usually like to eat while watching something and not in a rush. Eating for me is my relaxing time so I don’t do it when I am at school or work
Felix X.
Depends on how much time I have! Sometimes, I just forget to eat, so I eat what I can at work. I habit that I want to get out of.
Ryan T.
Depends on the day, I usually eat at home and end up bringing a snack with me to work and wait until I get back home to have my next meal.
Tristan X.
When not working from home, I eat during my commute or when I arrive at the office. But even when on the move, I do take care to have a nice breakfast of fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola (without sugar or syrup) or overnight oats with fresh fruit.
Jes S F.
I eat at home. In order to do this, I wake up a little earlier and make a healthy breakfast. (Oatmeal- 5 minutes, smoothie -2 minutes, eggs- 7 minutes). When I run out of time, I take my breakfast to work .
Julia O.
I usually eat at home i’m still at school and i cant eat when i get there. Also, i usually get there walking, so i have to eat to have energy and carry my backpack from home to school.
Alpoim Y.
I usually didn't eat until I got to work but I just recently realized how important it is to actually eat a good breakfast. So I'm trying to eat more at home rather than just a little something at work.
Millie N.
In the morning? I usually grab a quick bite of toast or a bagel. Sometimes when I don’t have time I skip breakfast but that’s not a healthy habit. In the morning, it’s best to get some exercise and have a nutritious breakfast, in order to start the day energised and ready. 🙂
Cea P.
I eat at home because after eating, the near 30 mins maybe unproductive, i don't want to make my workplace feel unproductive.
Rishika Q.
I eat at home .As I go to school it’s really uncomfortable to eat there and n I travel through bus so I better eat at home
Julie I.
I typically eat when I get to work. This allows me to get as much sleep as I can and make my getting ready process much easier.
Rosivalda N.
Usually at home, because it’s easier and healthier than somewhere else. Also at home you may have a full meal, not just some snacks or something like this
Olivia Q.
If I'm in home office, I eat at home. If not, I eat at work. I eat at the same hours every day, and I usually need to be at work by that hour. I usually try to eat something easy to carry, such as a small bag of nuts or an apple or so.
Katie F.
I wake up at 7:30 and eat at home for 10 min. Then I do my normal routine and I go to work at 8:50 to enter at 9 o'clock
Sirene A.
I have a 30 min drive to work, so I always pick a banana or some nuts for the road. Though my safe net is my biscuits with my coffee when I arrive at work!
Wardiya Q.
As I am currently a student I eat my breakfast at home, for example Banana, toast something that gives me a boost for my morning, and in the afternoon I eat at college then get home and have snacks , later on I eat dinner my last meal. I do consider myself good at picking the right amount of food however I'm still having problems with eating enough to gain weight. 🙂
Alo Sio N.
I eat at home. I don't leave my home because I study but I think I'd like to eat breakfast outside, but it's more expensive and actually eating at home can still be peaceful.
Belinda C.
I work from home so always from home and sometimes socially- more lunch these days but sometimes brunch and rarely dinner. I dont eat on the move
Diane T.
I try to eat before hand because I feel as though I am rushed when I am at work. Even if I am a minute late or two I eat at home or in the car. It is a very important ritual of eating breakfast at home and coffee at work. I get to slowly sip the coffee through my morning and enjoy it.
𝚎𝚕𝚘𝚛𝚊 𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚞𝚖𝚗 𝚔𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 N.
I eat at home because I want my first meal of the day to be heartfelt, and for me that is the feeling my home brings to me!
Claire U.
It depends, sometimes I eat at school, but other times at home. It really depends on how early I get up and how busy my schedule is that morning/day.
Katherine O.
It depends on the day, sometimes I have breakfast at home and sometimes at work. I always have lunch at work and dinner at home
Sidney Y.
Both, because if I eat at home I get more energy before I do something, and if I eat when I get to work it may be fun eating there than at home.
Kevin R.
I work from home, so it’s always at home! But I do eat breakfast at the kitchen table with the family, except for Monday mornings when I have a “breakfast meeting” with my boss. Then my spouse usually brings my breakfast to me.
Samanta G.
In the morning i always always always try to eat at home. Sometimes if im late i would make a quick snack like an apple or granola bar and eat it on the way to the bus. Then i would eat a snack and lunch at school. When i get home i eat dinner and then i try not to eat after 6 pm. If i get hungry i drink water. But if im really hungry i would have a healthy midnight snack.
Selma E.
It all depends if I have time in the morning before work I’ll eat at home and if I do not have time I’ll eat on the way to work or at work.
Alberto C.
I eat at home since I most often don't leave the house until later for school or what not. I also feel as if taking the time for me and eat something I enjoy is a great way to start of my day.
Leon J.
I eat at home because I do not have a job. I wish I had a job so I could get into stocks and have a few different ways of income
Le F.
I eat breakfast at home whenever possible. It helps me to start the day and gives me energy. Otherwise, I end up at work hungry and a little grumpy and often eating less healthy and less healthy appropriate foods. Of course this is different for everyone.
Teresa T.
This all depends on what my dayis going to be like, will I be working out and about or from home? If I'm out and about, I will bring healthy quick snacks, like nuts n dried fruit, or a good protein bar, instead of eating anything too heavy in the morning and I tend to eat it while I'm on the go. However if I'm working from home, I will make sure to get a little more to eat, like eggs N turkey bacon with some whole wheat toast. Hope this helps 😀
Oscar F.
my work is my school, i ate everywhere and at anytime im hungry. im very thankful that i dont gain any weight but it is also sometimes a horrible curse. but short answer, i eat at both!
Tristan Z.
Always at home when I won’t get distracted easily. But if you work for long hours, you can always plan your meals ahead and take your lunch with you!
Amy Q.
I have breakfast at home, I eat at lunch break at school and then again when I get home (sometimes a bit too much;)) and then wait for dinner time
Mathilde Z.
I prefer to eat at home because there are so many healthy options waving to me whereas At office I'll just grab and boggle down an energy bar or anything sugary because " I feel like it"and also I feel a sense of urgency in office so I don't even chew properly and swallow it down …(sorry for bad English lol)
Tanya W.
I eat at home. When I get to work, I immediately push myself into my work and try to only focus on that so I don’t eat there.
Tammy S.
I always eat at home, it’s very important to me to have a “me time” and be able to just eat my breakfast and relax in the morning
Rebecca Z.
I try to mix it up. I've heard that doing the same exercise over and over again makes your body used to the movement, therefore not burning as many calories/ building as much muscle.

When I wake up in the morning the forst thing I do is change Eden. After that, I think about how much better I will feel once I stretch.

I am a stay at home mom, so I eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant drive thru 😂

Willow O.
I don’t work. I’m a student, so I don’t have time to eat at school. I do try to stuff some food in my mouth before I leave, but sometimes there’s just not enough time, ya know?
Miguel G.
I drink something before leaving and then I eat at break and lunch at work. I then eat sometimes between when I get home and when I fall asleep.
Meghan Q.
I eat at home because I don’t work or study but sometimes when I go out for shopping or when nothing cooked at home I eat from outside.
Susan I.
When I work – I have to leave at 7.30 and I usually don't feel too hungry until 8.30. Recently been trying to wake up earlier so I can eat breakfast at home. I think it may help make me feel a bit more relaxed before going to work
Rowen C.
I eat whenever I have time, a peanut butter and egg sandwich is a flexible breakfast because it’s really portable and you can just carry it wherever you go.
Taylor O.
I eat breakfast at home as one of the first things I do in the morning. If you eat when you get to work/school it feels more rushed and you might not get as good of a breakfast in.
Paige T.
Both, Because I go to school in the morning and I won't get time to eat and in school I will eat my breakfast, and when I return home I will eat from there
Reich Y.
Im eating at home. In the morning maybe at 7 am i have a breakfast. Then i do my school things and go home. There i eat something for lunch or dinner because sometimes a could come home at 3pm and other time at 6pm.
Ellie N.
I eat at home because I make time to. I like to have everything that I need to do in the morning done before I get to school
Brennan J.
I eat sometimes when I get home but when I work I don’t really eat because I feel like it distracts me and I don’t get anything done so I don’t like to eat.
Ashley V.
I usually grab a quick breakfast bar and a banana as I rush out the door in the morning and eat those while I’m driving.
Herbert P.
Depends on my schedule. I always make sure to bring something to eat when I’m at work, but I make sure to have breakfast at home before I leave,
Naomi T.
I like to eat at home, but I do eat at school when I’m in a hurry. Eating at home helps me eat mindfully, and encourages me to eat enough food and respect my hunger cues.
Keth Z.
I prepare and eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for work. That way I fuel myself before starting my day. I only eat at work if I'm running late.
Andrea U.
I eat at home most often. I usually make breakfast and eat it while I continue to get ready. Sometimes I sit down just to eat. Very rarely I take my breakfast to the car.
Sebastian B.
I have starting making healthy smoothies in the morning and bringing them to work. They usually take me an hour to drink and are pretty filling so it stops me from snacking on things that I shouldn't during the day.
Jasveer F.
I cook homemade stuff mostly. Sometimes I go eat outside. But even if I am at work, I am eating my homemade food mostly.
No Lie S.
Always at home. Peace and calm must be your zenith even if you have only 20 mins to eat breakfast. Don't think about the day or your schedule for the week, focus on your food and its preparation, in other words enjoy the moment you are living.
Karolka N.
I have my breakfast at home, so that once I get to work I can focus on work. Admittedly – I work from home, but I make sure I’m done with breakfast before I sit down to my desk in home office (aka guest bedroom).
Avery N.
I do not work but when i like to walk to school I just grab something and eat it ok the way but most of the time I don’t eat breakfast which is bad I am starting and trying to make a habit with this app to et breakfast and pick up up on new habits.
Mikkel W.
Breakfast at home as part of my morning routine. Very VERY occasionally on the way to work (in the event of an early start or an unforeseen delay at home)
Robin U.
I eat at home, I try to take my time and sit and eat breakfast with a cup of coffee. If I eat when I'm on the way I usually forget breakfast at all
Vernon P.
I rarely eat my first meal after leaving the house, because if I do, I end eating junk food, and that makes me body feel heavy and make me feel nauseous.
Annabelle Z.
It depends on what time work is. If it is at maybe 7:00 in the morning, then I will eat at work but if it is at maybe 9:00 in the morning, I would eat at home. I think it also depends on the mood you are in. If you are quite grumpy or tired you should probably eat as soon as possible but if you feel fine, you probably don't need food for 30-60 minutes. Hope this helps you
Marshall Y.
I don't work. And when I have to go outside of my house I prefer not to eat until I get home and I know that I won't go anywhere else that day. It's not the best because a lots of times I wake up at 6 or 7 am and I won't eat until 5 or 6 pm.
Gabriella F.
Yes, I always have breakfast because if I didn't eat in the morning I feel trough the day Light in my head. You must not give up, I kniw you can do it!!
Megan E.
If I am working from home, I eat at home, anytime between 8-10a. I'm not hungry when I wake up at 6a.
When I work from the office, I eat around 9a when I get in, and I pick up something on my way.
Jann I.
I like eating at home since I can just eat what I have and I stress less having to pick what I want to eat when I’m out. I don’t think I would feel comfortable eating at work unless it’s lunch break.
Maria F.
Usually I eat when I get to work. Most days I wake up 1 hour before work and I can’t make breakfast very fast so I just decide to eat at work. I could get up 30 min earlier but I usually prefer to sleep during those extra minutes then prepare breakfast because I’m lazy:(
Felecia U.
Depending on my schedule, I prepare meals at home to eat. However, oft I must eat atmy place of work, due to my long shitfs.
Billie G.
I eat at home because it helps me keep energetic and get my carbs right after my workout and I really don't get enough breaks in between my classes
Monica T.
When I go to work, I usually eat at the canteen. Otherwise, I eat outside, but it isn’t really expensive, or I go back home if I can to cook myself a nice lunch.
Luka O.
At home so I can control what I eat, if I do it when I am at work and haven’t prepared anything to go most likely I will be too hungry already and will fall into poor choices:).
Avery F.
you should eat at home. it gives you a chance to be grateful for what is in front of you. aka food. at work it’s sort of hard because you can’t focus on what’s in front of you.
Hannah F.
Usually at home, because it’s more convenient for me. I also like to eat something small before working out, which I do at home.
Mari F.
At work. I like to sleep as long as possible and going to work allows my body time to wake up and be ready for breakfast
Sam O.
At home and was a perfect time l have a tamato suop with kebabi . And after lunch we always eat sweet and caek l kown that not health but what i do i like it so l do workout to help me
Anna W.
I like to eat at home and since I’m on a break rn I don’t go out much. But during school time I still try to eat at home
Yamero J.
hm. i'm usually drink a smoothie at morning, and when i'm arrived to rhe school, after the first class i always eat an apple. after that, i'm eating whenever i'm hungry <3
Maame F.
Sometimes I eat at home, other times I take breakfast when I get to work , before I start working. There’s a great meal sold at my workplace and I love I’m to eat there sometimes.
Fatima F.
I eat at home and keep the office for work only. It gives me the time to digest while I travel and I'm more alert and focused while at work.
Annie T.
Right now it's the summer so I eat at home. I guess during the school year I eat at school, but usually I skip breakfast because I don't feel like I have enough time.
Fran U.
I eat at home as I need this fuel to get me through the day, it gives me the energy to help me re align and makes me feel good
Kim J.
I usually have a protein smoothie at home and i have a home made lunch at work plus a protein shake for later when i dont have time for a meal 🙂 it differs
Hillary N.
Usually, I eat at home as breakfast is a very important part of the day for me, gets me going, gives me energy, and eating at home makes me feel much more ready to face the day as I walk out the door.
Teresa U.
At home because I'm working from home. When I had to go to the office I always had breakfast at work because it is more time efficient
Kirsten R.
It depends on the morning. Sometimes I eat before I leave on more relaxed days and other times I eat at my desk before class starts.
Lonnie Z.
I eat at home because eating when you get to work feels more rushed, and it’s so much more relaxed when you make a nice meal at home.
Lisa J.
When I don't have work…I'll eat at home…but when I do…then work place it us…but most of the time I'll eat at work
Khalid E.
I drink water and take my morning supplements at home. I usually break my fast at work, only eating dinner at home. On the weekends of course I eat at home.
Angela J.
If I eat breakfast, most times it will be at home. The second best place is at a restaurant, rarely do I ever risk eating at work.
Heather Y.
I am trying my best to eat at home, it is a lot calmer and I can have a bit of time for myself to just have breakfast. No hurry or whatever. Just be sure you have simple/easy things for breakfast at home that are healthy:)
Firda Z.
I eat at home, a simple breakfast like egg, fruits and milk is my best choice. Sometimes I just buy my breakfast on the way to go to work.
S L Na C.
Actually I am a college girl and when I am rushing to collage.. Just grab some peanuts and a banana and that it…. It's my breakfast for today
Miroslava Y.
At home, I rather eat at home because I can choose better my breakfast, you also have to eat in the first 30 minutes after you wake up
Zelaci S.
I usually eat at home before I start my day I have a nice breakfast and when I come back from work in the evening I have a nice long dinner
Andre X.
I eat at home because it gives me the environment I need to enjoy my meal properly though it forces me to wake up earlier it's worth it.
Laoura F.
I usually eat before I go to work, because I feel it’s more relaxing Andy satisfyingly than packing a breakfast and then eating at work (it feels packaged that way van fresh at home). I also get a better day when I have a quiet morning rather than trying to rush out the door and eating on the way.
Tracey T.
I usually would get something to eat on the way to work when I get a ride. I am actively working on eating breakfast at home and have done so the past few days.
Kiera N.
Since it is currently summer, I'm out of school so therefore I eat at home. But when there is school, I usually eat a quick something before I leave. If I'm late, I just grab and go.
Anton F.
I either eat at home or I go out to have a nice breakfast in a coffee shop, and then start to work on my computer from there. I prefer the second option
Gen N.
I eat at home because it's not just quick and easy but also sometimes I don't have time to relax at work and eat. It's better to eat early to be more energized or else you might be tired for the start of the day.
August A.
I guess yesss cause food acts like a fuel to my body the more the fuel the more the capacity to do anywork buttttt don't go far as we should not keep eating Everytime or else it would be harmful for us
Ibrahim H.
I eat breakfast at home, largely because my mornings before work revolve around family. On a day I’m tired I might get a coffee and snack on way to work and eat while driving, which isn’t super great. But once at work, it’s the packed lunch and fruit / veg that I brought, since it eliminates the need for snacks from the vending machine.
Rosa Y.
I eat breakfast at home a snack and lunch at skl but sometimes I don’t like the food so I have a sandwich them I have a snack and dinner at home
Luise A.
At weekends I eat breakfast at home. In the week I eat when I get to work but try to take something healthy, usually muesli and yoghurt.
Oscar U.
I'm Yeshiva student, so when I'm home at weekends my breakfast is at home and more varied. At my Yeshiva, my breakfast is quite of what the cook is making
Martin J.
I tend to eat 2 meals at home and one at work if I have time for 3 meals. I have been eating smaller meals over getting all my calories in fewer sittings.
Stanley W.
I eat at home because you get good energy before work. Now my job is pretty far away and if I don’t eat breakfast before work I have a bad mindset.
Debbie S.
At work tho work is school for me because I don’t have enough time to catch the bus after eating knowing no one is gonna drive me need to eat at school at least once
Amanda E.
I am currently eating at home breakfast and then I get to work without any sugar in my hand. I am waking up at 6:15 am and I am getting to work at 8:00 am.
Engin F.
It depends, really. If im going to work in the morning i eat on my way there or when i arrive before my shift, and if im going in the afternoon, i eat once or twice before work, depends on when i wake up
Yvete C.
If I’m at school then I eat during the day around 2 but i also eat when I get home or sometimes I just wait til I get home around 5. If I’m not at school I eat during the day
Thomas Z.
I eat at home; I don’t have time to eat once I get to work. When I get there I’m immediately dealing with customers. Sometimes I’ll grab something that I can eat on the way.
Carly Z.
I try to eat at home as I feel I get a more balanced meal that way. I do have a couple of very early start times a week where I end up eating once I get to work. I try to make sure I prep something healthy the night before like oats or yogourt so I don’t end up wasting money on junk pastry from Starbucks.
Haneen R.
I usually have my breakfast at home before I take off so it’s home-made and I know exactly what’s in it and I can control what I eat. However, if I don’t have time some mornings, I have a power bar and a coffee on my way or when I arrive. I prefer to eat at home, though, it’s more comfortable and I’m in more control over my breakfast. Plus, I enjoy making a healthy breakfast.
Jonathan Z.
It all depends on how much time I have. If I can get up early enough to eat breakfast then I’ll eat at home. If not, no harm in packing it up and eating it while at work. Especially if you wanna go to work first and eat so you have that time to relax and eat
Vanja Z.
Eating at home is a lot more convenient because at the end of the day it is your comfortable place. Also you have all the freedom to experience multiple recipes and to make you breakfast moment more enjoyable. On the other hand eating when you get to work is easier because you don’t have to prepare your food and is a good place to get something to eat and continue with your work. What I prefer is definitely eating at home since I love to make myself a very comfortable and cozy spot to enjoy the beginning of my day.☀️☕️