Is your breakfast fueling your body and brain properly? How does it make you feel physically after you eat it?

Jasmine Q.
When I eat breakdown I do feels energized and I can think and concentrate better. When I skip breakfast I can see a huge difference throughout the day!
Craig U.
A big breakfast could cause you to feel a little tired and heavy. I must recommend a light breakfast. Include carbs and proteins but at a smaller amount. Good luck! πŸ˜ƒ
Katherine U.
If I eat something that is not good for me or the best choice, then I am sluggish, feel bad, am tired, get sleepy, stomach hurts, those types of things.
Judy Q.
In my opinion, I think it does. I feel more energized, more happy, and generally in a better mood after eating my breakfast. I am also able to think more after eating my breakfast.
Vera T.
I don't know how to answer that but I will try.
So I used to not eat in the mornings and then Steve for hours because I didn't had time. Than I tried to do time before I start to do my things for a good breakfast. And in the beginning it wasn't cooked or homemade I just kinda get the stuff and ate it. But now I try to eat normally so I can feel myself energetic and I have enough energy for workout too.
Oswin E.
It makes me feel accomplished when I make a good breakfast every day. However, I also eat more during the day as a result. I feel better, but I'm already gaining weight.
Leslie G.
If I only have coffee and cereal, it doesnt provide much. But when I eat fruit with yogurt along with my coffee, or have oatmeal I feel satisfied throughout the morning.
Nikolaj Z.
Normally I don't eat breakfast, but since I got the challenge to eat breakfast I did, and today was the first day. I ate cereal but it didn't really "woke" me up and I felt tired for the whole day, but I will eat something different tomorrow πŸ™‚
Tiago Y.
It depends on what I eat. I can feel energised or tired if it's too much. I understand that I need to stay off sugar. I feel better if I eat veggies or salad and some small fruit