Do you have any awesome recipes to share? I need some inspiration! Cheers! and thanks in advance!

Jared P.
I like to add honey and walnuts to plain Greek yogurt. I also like figs and pistachios with a little honey on packs of oats and flax that I buy. Both work well for breakfast or a snack.
Horst O.
I like eating yogurt and home made granola. Taking the time to make your own granola is great. And make your own yogurt if you have the time. Take a part of nourishing yourself.
Walter Z.
Fruit and nuts
Muesli with kefir and chopped fruit
Bread and cheese
Eggs on toast
Mushrooms on toast
Avocado and tomato on toast
Millet porridge with turmeric coconut oil and chopped nuts and fruit
Nathan Z.
Streching before bed and before taking shower in the morning really make a different, the first help me to sleep better and the later help me to get more energize. Taking 5 or 10 minute break after 30 minute full focus work help me to feel better and wash away the boredom.
Cassandra Q.
i like to make an egg ham and spinach omelette and some tomatoe too with some toast and it starts off my morning amazingly!
Gail O.
These are amazing: I use peanut butter instead of cashew butter.
Ma Ly Y.
1/4 stone cut oats
500ml wide mouth mason jar, filled with water to line
Pinch of salt

Soak overnight on counter. 7am take off lid, add pumpkin spice, and spoon of coconut oil. Bake for 40min at 350ish in toaster oven, meanwhile get ready for work. Bing.

Finish with a hit of cream like what you’d add to coffee, when jar cools a bit you’re good to go. Packs up nice too if you like to eat at your desk.

Nikolaos Q.
Nothing special. I usually just go for yogurt and granola with fruits 🙂
Osmano Q.
I am a student, cooking in the room isn’t allowed in the dorm, I also don’t have the kitchen utensils and since it’s a very cold winter, sometimes I have left over of last night’s dinner. Sometimes I’ll have fried eggs with bread. I prefer my eggs salted or would make an omelette. Or even boiled eggs very easy to make haha

My omelette consists of: green pepper, red pepper, spices, salt, tomatoes (sometimes but I prefer it without tomatoes because it makes it abit watery like looking I think)

Sometime I make a traditional snack like, it’s pancakes but instead of using sugar, it’s salted with spices. It’s a Nigerian street snack called “wainan kwai”.
(Pancakes in my country are kind of used as snacks or sometime for breakfast)

Or even boiled sweet potatoes (sometimes with spices and sometimes without spices. Tastes good eating it like that).

Thinking about it my breakfast routine could be unhealthy, will have to try more healthier recipes and try to find more time to make breakfast.

Oscar Z.
I usually have oatmeal and add frozen berries to it so it cools it down faster or have a banana top it with peanut butter and ground flaxseeds
Xerxes P.
My breakfast is normally light. I usually make a shake using a powder mix adding fruit or peanutbutter depending on what I'm in the mood for. There are mornings where I'll make scrambled eggs with spinach mushrooms tomatoes and cheese.
Mathilde U.
I'm eating oatmeal with bananas and walnuts.
Here is a video on how to cook them
Also eggs.
Suzane Q.
To be honest, I've found that quick easy breakfasts make it more likely that I'll actually eat! Things like soups yogurt with berries, granola with plant milk, and oatmeal with sliced banana, chocolate chips, and a dallop of peanut butter are some of my faves.
Edelbert O.
Savoury oatmeal.
Regular Quaker Oats, the kind you have to cook for 5 minutes. I cut up a slice of ham and put in while the oatmeal is cooking. The I fry up an over easy egg to put on top of the oatmeal. A little salt and pepper and you're good to go.
Patricia U.
Avocado toast with eggs. Crisp whole wheat toast on avocado (remember to salt + pepper) is so good! Add some pepper flakes on top for that extra flavor 🙂
Evan J.
Microwave eggs.

Crack open an egg and put it in a cup. Add a little milk or water. Whisk. add whatever flavours you prefer like cheese, tomato, ham, olives and Salt and pepper. Mix together. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring each time. This prevents dried out bits. It should take about 2min 30 at the most. The eggs will be more moist and it is so easy to do with minimal clean up

Alexandro Q.
Hi! Yes! I just found this recipe and really enjoy it. It's great for breakfast and is pretty simple to make! I hope you enjoy!

Breakfast Avocado Baked Eggs Recipe from Pescetarian.Kitchen