If I am not hungry when I wake up in the morning, should I eat breakfast anyway?

Mille B.
You should, what I end up doing is eating less at night, which is what you're supposed to be doing anyway. You can gradually eat less and less at night time. I end up not eating at night at all unless Im really hungry. Besides depending on what time you wake up, you can have a either a light breakfast or a heavy brunch. I wake up at 5.00 am so I need to eat a lot of breakfast. If you wake up later, then you can have something light to start with.
Daryl J.
Yes. You needn't eat a lot. Just a bite of say, an apple, an energy bar would ensure that your body gets the message that you are feeding it at that time. It all comes down to regularity.
Jessie J.
Yes you should, just don't make it too heavy. A light breakfast would be the best breakfast for that kind of day.
Victoria A.
I would say to try re-ordering the routines. I’m not hungry in the morning either but maybe if you drink water and exercise first, you may build an appetite with exercise. Otherwise, I’d say prepare your breakfast anyway then eat it when you feel hungry. Routine building here is key but listen to your body too .
Theresa O.
It's very important to eat breakfast. Just drink something and eat a piece of fruit or toast with jam, even though your not hungry. You're eating too late at night.
Clifford F.
Eat a little less in the dinner or start eating dinner a bit early like at 9'o clock or 10.When u will wake up next morning u will be hungry….
Mabel A.
Eating a little breakfast will prevent an energy crash, even if one does not feel particularly hungry.
Durvalino Z.
Yes. Eating breakfast keeps me from having the mid morning slump—a slump that can make me feel tired, and lazy because I’m wishing I could take a nap. It also keeps me on track with a healthy Chou e at lunch.
Noah Z.
I should eat breakfast anyway to get my metabolism going and give me energy to make it through the morning.
Alma C.
Sure! Just have a smoothie or something light and easy. It’s portable and doesn’t weight a lot on your stomach.
Rainer E.
Yes. The way your body works is that if you are feeling anxious or stressed about work it hyperreacts to stimulation. So if you engage in any strenous activity after getting up without breakfast, your body would release large levels of insulin which would bring your sugar level down drastically. This would make you feel lethargic and disrupt your psycho-physiological balance. Once disrupted, it can only be reset after more sleep. So I would suggest you eat a protein and fat rich diet in the morning as The Fabulous suggests.

If you're not hungry when you wake up, you can have something simple like almonds and nuts. This is what I personally do. I eat some almonds after drinking water and then have my heavy breakfast after about two hours.

You can try this routine if you don't feel like eating a heavy meal right off the bat.



Greg P.
Depending on when you ate last. The arguements for intermittent fasting are quite interesting. Advocating a period of as much as 16 hours, I say if you're not hungry, shoot for the 16
L Rke X.
Yes because even if it’s not a lot it helps your body to start functioning properly
Daniel Y.
In my personal opinion I'd say yes, even if it's something light (though I recommend some protein). Cortisol levels increase when you're fasting, so eating something can help prevent that.
Cassandra P.
No. You can eat something small, like an apple, or something similar, however, when you start eating in the day is entirely up to you. Just don't wait until you're super hungry because it will result in binge eating and poor choices. All in all, if you feel hungrier later in the day, just eat more later in the day, without unnecessary calories in the morning that you don't enjoy.
Billy Y.
Maybe you should wait a few more hours. I usually have breakfast around 10 pm, they say starting this time our body begins digesting food
Elizabeth Z.
Yes. You'll need the energy and I often find that hunger will hit me soon anyway.
Theresia Y.
Go for something easy to chew on, like nuts or a glass of milk and some cookies. The hunger will steadily start to appear in the morning
Same U.
Yes, you should always take breakfast. If you aren't feeling hungry then try taking lite breakfast but don't skip it.
Elisandra S.
Yes. If you don't, what options are you looking at when you DO get hungry? Vending machine snacks (guilty)? Even a small, healthy real fast snack will help derail desperate hunger later.
C Lio Z.
It may depend on your diet, and needs I would say. I usually don't feel super hungry but eating something, even small with some protein helps pick me up.
Genesis Q.
Yes. Important to get a nutritious start to day and get metabolism going.
Julian S.
I know it can be hard sometimes but yes always eat breakfast! It gives the energy you need in the day. Even just a little small protein granola bar will be okay. As long as it’s healthy.
Solene E.
Since you are changing your habits and what your body is used to, there may be a period of adjustment. Starting off with a small breakfast will give your body and your brain the necessary energy to start the day. As your body gets used to the new routine, you may find that you are hungry in the morning.
Ivonne Z.
I am generally ready to eat within a couple of hours of waking which works out fine. The only time I am not hungry is if I have overindulged. When this is the case I still try to eat something or I overeat later in the day.
Isabella T.
Yes, always eat a good, heathly breakfast. Without it you will start your day really lothargic.
Heinz S.
Yes, because our starts your fires burning which help aid the body mind during the entire day.
Jeanette O.
It's good to eat it anyway–this helps prevent impulse-eating sugary or unhealthy snacks. But if you really feel gross about eating too early, find a way to eat breakfast later. I only eat breakfast at work during coffee break around 9am, three or four hours after I wake up.
Sandra E.
Yes! I had a similar problem in high school; I found that drinkable yogurt or a thin smoothie was a great way to get my body revved up for the day even if I didn't feel like eating food.
Rafael T.
Absolutely! Think small since you aren't feeling hungry (a full egg and bacon breakfast is too much). Even a couple of pieces of fruit, yogurt, or a granola bar is better than not eating.
Joshua E.
Yes. You're body needs nutrients from it's tearing state. Don't consider it breakfast. Eat something light. Maybe a healthy shake or banana.
Jimmy J.
In my own perspective, I do eat breakfast eventhough I am not hungry and I choose the best food to fuel my entire day. I believe breakfast is my best meal of the day and I should not skip it.
Florence Y.
Perhaps you should try to eat earlier in the evening to make sure you are hungrier in the morning- this certainly helped me, although it does take some self-control! But I would advise to still eat something even if you are not hungry! cheers:) and good luck
Misty J.
Yes. You need to eat a little bit of something. You've been "fasting" during the night. This is good for your body. Don't eat anything like a donut or a cookie. This will only spike your blood sugar and you'll end up getting hungry as your blood sugar drops. Eating something as small as an apple or a banana with a serving size of any nut butter, a protein, will start your metabolism. Make a plan for what you could eat the night before. Oatmeal is good cold. Fix it the night before and put it in the refrigerator. You don't have to eat " breakfast" foods. Have a bowl of soup leftover from the day before. A handful of homemade granola. There's a lot of mug recipes. Google them.
Cirlei Q.
Forcing yourself doing anything isn’t going to help. I’d suggest you wait for an hour, the hunger will definitely kick in. If you have to leave the house prior to that hour, get something with you.
Kasper N.
You can easily wait a while, then have something tiny to start refueling your body. A bite or two of Apple or banana. A small smoothie. Don't drink coffee or strong black tea until you have something inside you to cushion it. You may discover that your appetite returns as you snack!
Nina Y.
I think it's important to get something in your system at least. If you're not feeling as hungry, try munching on an apple or some snacking on some yogurt! Think of it as giving your body that necessary boost of energy rather than looking for that feeling of being full.
Michel T.
No. People have different needs, and forcing yourself to eat isn't productive or healthy. How do you feel after you wake up? Personally, I like eating breakfast an hour or so after I wake up.
Jucelaine S.
Quick answer is yes. But this question doesn't exactly apply to me. I do not eat when I get up. I have to take medication on empty stomach in morning. The correct answer is to stick to a schedule as much as possible. So if you are not hungry at your scheduled meal time you should have something nutritious yet light near that time. Best to keep track of your hunger and eating habits too. That's one reason having a regular pattern is good. You remember what you ate etc.
I'm not saying I'm good at this. I need to fight my random whims with this and other habits month after month etc.
Ps this app helps, thanks but I can't afford the premium 🙁
Horst Dieter U.
Even eating something small helps. I find a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread super filling. I don't way right away, though. I do everything else to get ready, and finish my morning with breakfast, even just a handful of trail mix!
Abigail Y.
I don’t eat if I’m not hungry— instead, I go through the rest of my morning routine until I feel hungry, then have breakfast. If you don’t have much time in the morning, maybe you can put something together the night before that you can take to work with you, if you don’t get hungry before you leave.
Sarah J.
Yes. Yes I should eat breakfast because it will fuel me so I won't be tempted to eat the 1st thing in sight come lunch time.
Howard C.
If you are really not hungry then don't eat and enjoy the benefits of intermittent fasting. Otherwise, just eat something small like a handful of nuts. Even if you are not hungry I'm sure you can eat that and doing so will reinforce your habit and potentially give you more energy throughout the day.
Eduardo Z.
Yes! Just a piece of fruit and walnuts or a boiled egg will be fuel for the body and not make you feel overstuffed.
Phillip U.
I know many people who do not eat breakfast right away, or at all. Their reasons vary.

You have the ability to edit your morning ritual, to suit your circumstances.

I wonder what the Fabulous staff have to say about the habit of eating breakfast.

Owen U.
You should try to eat because your body was resting all night and needs food. Listen to your body. Even eat small handful of nuts.
Henri J.
Learn and get to know your body. I’ve known individuals who get extremely nauseated consuming breakfast too early, and some just need to find the right thing for them to eat. I suggest getting up about an hour earlier than necessary, focusing on another activity, whether that be reading, doing some light yoga, watching YouTube, whatever works for you. Then, see if you’re more hungry than before. Eat something small like a granola bar to test the waters. Best of luck!
Timmothy Z.
Yes. You don't have to eat a full English though. A power bar, protein muffin, nuts… Even a small, good breakfast snack is better than nothing.
Noah F.
Yes, because your body still needs the energy soon to make it through the day.
Mary J.
Yes! You don’t have to eat much, but you need the energy to start the day. If you eat before you feel hungry you’re more likely to make healthier choices.
Logan E.
I eat oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast. What are other ideas for breakfast that won't take too much time to make?
Bertram A.
Yes. Eventually, you will be hungry, and you might have fewer opportunities to eat later on. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to splurge or binge at lunch.
Landon P.
Short answer: YES! … kind of.

Better answer: Chewing food is what starts your metabolism in the morning. You don't necessarily need to have a big breakfast first thing in the morning. A cereal bar, piece of fruit, or a small handful of nuts are fabulous options for a good start to the day. A yogurt or smoothie is often suggested, but they give calories without starting your metabolism. Feel free to have a light "brunch" later in the morning or a bigger lunch if you're running low on energy or need the calories.

Adamastor Q.
You absolutely should!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it fuels your body for the first part of the day. If you're not used to eating in the morning at all, start with something small – homemade cereal bar, small pot of greek yogurt, an apple. Soon you will feel the change.
Marin S Z.
If you’re not hungry in the morning, then don’t eat. Just drink some water to be hydrate and wait 10 minutes. If after that, you’re still not hungry, that mean that your body isn’t awake or doesn’t need nutrients yet. Take a snack if you need to go outside, then you can eat it when you will be hungry later in the morning. Listen to your body in first, learn to be patient and good with your stomach. You will be successful !
Lisette J.
A bite of something is better than nothing. Try to get into the habit of having a breakfast to give your body a necessary headstart every morning. Over time your body will adapt and you will feel hungry for that breakfast. It will also be easier to wake up.
Jacob X.
Hi! You should at least have something as fruits for example. Do not skip breakfast!
Mikkel U.
I have the same problem. I know I need energy so I choose something small, light but healthy and I only have a little bit of it, for example a handful of nuts or a small pot of yogurt and coffee.
Elmano Z.
My opinion is if I'm not hungry I will not eat at all or if I am I will eat. But usually do cause I have to eat food with my vitamins so if I don't I fell grose
Vincent F.
No , first try drinking a full glass of water.
Emile Z.
I think it is okay to not eat the second you wake up, but that you should eat within an hour of waking. I get up, get ready, and get breakfast when I get into town, then I take my bus to do course work (I do online schooling). I have stomach issues, so if I can’t eat within the first hour I try to munch on an oatmeal breakfast bar and drink water, because you need fuel to work!
Do your best! I know how hard it can be, but eating something small is better than not eating at all. However, don’t make yourself sick. That’s worse than not eating. It’s a fine line for me, between eating and feeling sick or not eating and feeling sick! I have found that oatmeal, bagels, toast, those are generally easier for me to put in my stomach first thing. You have to learn what is best for you, and only you know that. I dislike ultimatums and rules, as I tend to be the exception due to my health problems. I always try to adapt everything to fit me and my lifestyle, and I think everyone should do the same. Breakfast is important as we need fuel, but not at the expense of your stomach!
Lilly Q.
Yes! I am the same way and do not like eating breakfast, but I have been eating at least some toast and salami with an apple every morning, and it helps me get through the day and my tasks so flawlessly!
Rapha L N.
Something small, but healthy is a good idea, it can keep you from having hunger pangs in the afternoon that can lead to overeating and eating unhealthy stuff.
Lucy P.
Yes. Remember, we eat to stay alive, don't live to eat. Consider eating the same as taking medication. It's not a matter of whether you want to take or not, but if you need to.
Jeppe W.
You’ll be banking up fuel for later when you don’t have time. Being hungry is when your body starts to grasp for nutrition. If you can take a travel breakfast, that would be second best.
Hugo Q.
Yes. Your body needs fuel after fasting all night, and needs food to stabilize blood sugar levels and kickstart your metabolism. Without a healthy breakfast, you're setting yourself up for an energy crash later, as well as making it more likely you'll snack on unhealthy foods.
Kelly O.
Yes, this will get your day started. Even if it is a small breakfast it will help boost your energy for the beginning of the day.
Tracey S.
I wouldn't. There are plenty of fitness and nutrition gurus (Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, for one) who advocate skipping breakfast. It can be a great way to keep to overall calorie intake down for weight loss if that's your goal. Just make sure it's what your body really needs. If you are feeling fatigued before lunch, you probably should have eaten breakfast.
Marina Z.
I think yeah because the breakfast fast is the most important and make us more active all the day if it was a healthy and fabulous one
Ellen J.
To fuel the body for the day, it would make sense to eat at least a little bit, e.g. overnight oats. Except when fasting or on a diet. Protein intake also sets the body clock.
Clara Z.
I should you take breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, and you can't skip it, it doesn't matter your are hungry or not, but you have to have this meal and eventually you will be habitual of eating breakfast🍳☕.
Xiomara B.
Yes but you don’t have to do it straight away or force yourself. Just delay breakfast for a while and eat something small something is better than nothing a piece of fruit or a hard boiled egg
Sina Q.
It depends – according to Fabulous: yes, at least a light breakfast, like a handful of nuts. My personal advice: Do something else first, if eating too early makes you feel sick (as is the case with me and my brother), but don't wait for too long, else you might feel tempted to eat unhealthy snacks.
Lauren P.
I think so, breakfast is super important but this happens to me a lot. I don’t know if I should still eat waking up not hungry
Faith Y.
Yes. I start work within an hour of waking up and do not get free time or get free very rarely before lunch. So, even if I am not hungry(rarity) I will still eat otherwise I will be inefficient and would probably develop a migraine by afternoon. It helps me stay focused and energised, at least till noon.
Louna E.
Yes, because a good breakfast fires the metabolism, feels nutritious and sets you up for the day.
Amalie U.
Yes, you should. Breakfast is an important routine, as youneed to refuel your body after sleeping, however much sleep you had, whether your night was good or bad. In fact, if you had a bad night it is probably even more important. Low blood sugar can negatively affect your mood and ability to think rationally. If you are at all susceptible to negative thoughts, stress, depression or anxiety, it is extra important to eat breakfast as low blood sugar and lack of energy will make you feel low and more lethargic. Foods such as porridge and banana give good energy and are easy to prepare and digest. Portion out oats, put some muesli, shredded wheat or Weetabix in a bowl or food saver box before going to bed, then just add milk in the morning. Or leave oats to soak in some milk or yoghurt overnight in the fridge. Choose plain natural or Greek style yoghurt as they have less sugar and more protein than flavoured versions. Dried unsulfered apricots (the dark brown ones), prunes, raisins, cranberries are a good addition and give some sweetness. Flaked almonds give extra protein and minerals. For snacks, if you can bake muffins or flapjacks, try making some low sugar or sugar free muesli ones – replace cane sugar with mashed banana or apple sauce. The muffins won't be as sweet or bouncy as shop bought ones, but they will be more filling. Peanut butter is high in fat, but a little bit goes a long way. Peanut butter and banana is delicious! Savoury oatcakes are easy to eat and filling. Also fit easily in your bag if you need to grab something quickly before leaving home. At breakfast time, avoid biscuits, cake or chocolate however tempting. These will give you a quick sugar high, but won't sustain you and you'll be looking for more quick sugary snacks the rest of the morning. Low fat foods, or those aimed at dieting are generally lacking in decent nutrition and won't keep you going for long. And of course, even though we're told to 'wake up and smell the coffee', that caffeine kick will wear off and leave you even more tired and anxious. A cup of warmish water will help to wake you up, maybe followed by a cup of tea for a more gentle caffeine fix. Herbal teas like rooibos, peppermint, spearmint, and chamomile, are caffeine free, gentle on the stomach and taste good too.
Ana Lle Y.
Perhaps if you notice yourself either not hungry or feeling sick at the thought of food in the morning, you should start off with something light. Breakfast biscuits or bars are typically a safe bet, or else some fruit or a handful of nuts. Best off to start later in the morning and work backwards, eating 30mins earlier each morning for about a week. Keep going at your goal breakfast time for another 2 weeks and it should start to come naturally to you. It's all about training the body. If you still feel you really can't stomach solid food, why not try a healthy fruit smoothie or a green juice? They are filling and extremely nutritious. To combat the source of the problem, I recommend that you do not eat after 9pm, or at least 1hr before bed. If you eat too soon before sleeping, your body is still digesting that food by the time you wake up.
I hope this helped you and good luck on your breakfasting adventures!
Frederik N.
I should eat breakfast anyway to let my routines settle in. If I don’t do the easy stuff, like eat breakfast, when I don’t feel like it – how will I have the willpower to do the hard stuff, like exercise or study when I don’t feel like it?
Ramon F.
Yes! Your body needs fuel even if you don't initially feel hungry. Also, just because you don't feel hungry first thing doesn't mean you won't be starving or fatigued by mid-morning. Then you'll be more tempted to snack on unhealthy foods.
Grace U.
Yes, eat breakfast. Helps keep your hunger at Bay and helps to provide energy for the rest of the day.

I eat small in the morning: hard cooked egg, piece of raw fruit like a banana or a favorite apple. Be sure to keep a snack handy. Eat it all or just take a few bites regularly to keep you energized and avoid over eating until the next meal.

Hana E.
I am usually not hungry when I first wake up so I'll eat something small to fuel my body. If you start small by eating, for example half of a banana with almond butter, it will help to increase your morning appetite.
Sonia S.
I'm often in the situation where I'm not hungry in the morning. After starting the habit with Fabulous I just made sure that I had something really quick and easy to grab available. I've only been doing it for a short while, but I notice now that I'm more motivated to prepare breakfast for myself and the family.

In hindsight I can see why I wasn't hungry. First of all, even though I did the same things every day, they weren't nothing but stressed habits. Creating a habit with Fabulous has made me more organized. I start the day with my water, then breathe and make breakfast.

So to answer the question. Yes, you should. It gives you energy, a good habit and it's a great start to structure your day.

Ted N.
Not sure. I myself only have a glass of water first (with vitamins), then some fruit, and then coffee. Sometimes I eat soon afterwards, but most of the time I don't. Not sure if this helped, but I also ate once a day for years (who's going to bother with eating when there are so many more interesting things to do? 😅), and I read recently that supposedly more and more studies support that one as healthier (if you aim for longevity) way of eating (btw. when I started eating three meals a day – in my 28th year of age – I got fat!). Take that, mother! 😅
Bartolomeu N.
Absolutely! I’m typically not that hungry in the morning but I try to at least get some protein in me. I like to keep some prepackaged yogurt on hand. It comes all sorts of ways these days. It’s quick and convenient. I find too that if I’m drinking my water first thing in the morning and briefly exercising I’m ready for something to eat no matter how small. It’s really focusing on the tiny things. They all work together and build up over time and we start to feel the benefits.
Laura Q.
Yes. I’ve found that if I don’t eat breakfast, even when not hungry, I’ll be significantly less productive by 10:00 and looking for snacks. When I’m not hungry, I try to eat some Greek yogurt with a bit of granola and honey, as opposed to eggs on a regular day.
Terry E.
Actually, sometimes, I am hungry, sometimes, I am not. I think, we should eat breakfast first, so that our body will generate new energies. And for us to become more energized
Nathan N.
Even if I am not hungry, I should have little amount of protein diet to keep me full
Naomi Z.
No. But if you don't eat be purposeful with it. Sometimes I will not eat in the morning, then go to the gym to workout and then eat within an hour after working out. Employees at Lifetime Fitness recommends this. Or I will decide to just drink 32- 40 ounces of water over the course of 2-3 hours to flush my system.
Amanda P.
Eating a healthy breakfast really helps give me the energy to get going in the morning.
My reminders go off at 5:30 am, but I have to wait a while before I can eat though. Maybe try exercising a little before breakfast and then your body will need that food to recover.
Erika U.
Yes, eat a light breakfast if you're not hungry. Your body needs the right foods at the right times.
Alyssa T.
You should eat something light (like a banana or anything nutritious but light), then you do some exercise and after that you now have to eat more.
Alois G.
Yes definitely, even something small . It’s kick starts your metabolism first thing and you know you have kick started your day with something healthy. Especially if your running around that day . If your full your less likely to go through to McDonald’s drive through .
Sacha Q.
Yes. You need to break you fast, and let your metabolism know to start up and that food and energy is available. I lost over 120 pds and speak from experience.
Felecia J.
Yes. According to me, skipping breakfast isn't an option. Eat one bread with butter maybe, but eat. Drink water when you wake up and then eat.
Ricardo O.
Yes, you should: you can feel rested in the morning but not energetic! Energy will be needed later during the day and you're already out of it since you didn't had breakfast!
Eva F.
No, don't eat right after you wake up if you are not hungry. But drink water and eat something light after some time.
Alexander U.
May not be hungry because your body isn't fully awake yet to kick start hunger. Eat anyway to nourish your mind and keep up your energy
Gustav C.
A healthy person will always naturally feel hungry in the morning, of course after answering nature's call. If you do not feel hungry in the morning then you need to set things right before it culminates into a problem that might affect your health.
To set things right, it would be a good idea to drink green tea or simple lime water or even glass full of water immediately after waking up in the morning and oral hygiene and before defecation.
Do 10 min of exercise or yoga after the above sequence of activities. Wait for another 10-15 min, you will feel the difference. An urge to eat plenty of food will be there.
Remember you can afford to skip dinner but you can't afford to skip breakfast if you want to be healthy and continue living a healthy life.
Sam U.
I guess you're supposed to. Even if it's something small, and even if it's a little later. Waiting until lunch is always not as preferable.
Sebastian U.
Yes. Definitely eat something even if it’s just a fruit or make a simple smoothie to keep you going:)
Dave E.
Yes. If you absolutely cannot eat try going for a short walk and then return to breakfast.
Sebastian W.
It depends. If you're starving by lunchtime, and as a result tend to have a very big lunch, or eat whatever food you can get your hands on, then yes I would say you should try to eat breakfast. Similarly, if you tend to get sleepy and unproductive before lunchtime, breakfast would probably help. It doesn't have to be big, it can just be some nuts or cheese for example. But if you feel fine without breakfast, you're awake and productive and able to make rational decisions about the types and quantities of food you want for lunch, I'd say don't beat yourself up about skipping breakfast. You can delete tasks from your routines in Fabulous, so you can delete the Eat Breakfast task if you want to.
Silas W.
Yes you should still eat breakfast. Even though you may not be feeling the physical sensations of hunger upon waking, your body just went through a period of fasting while you were sleeping and needs to be refueled.
Meires E.
You should eat breakfast because maybe due to uncleared bowels you are not feeling hungry or your body has not yet responded from break of night sooner or later you feel hungry and our commond trend is to eat whatever we infront nevertheless those are mostly junks. So drink few sips of water stretch a bit and have breakfast if you are not feeling for a heavy one go for a nice light breakfast!
Elise Z.
No, waiting until you are hungry is good for your body as you will burn off more of yesterday's energy and less energy will be turned into fat. There will be times where it is not appropriate to skip breakfast, for example if you have a morning exersize class. What defines breakfast? I believe the first meal of the day is breakfast even if that is at 13.00
Mattie C.
Yes. Do not eat breakfast but have one plain glass of water and a local fruit(i mostly have a banana) or soaked raisins or almonds.
I have learned this habit from Rujuta Diwekar who is an excellent nutritionist and believes in very simple mantras.
Have this within 20 min of waking up.
You can work out and then have breakfast in an hour.
Mileu Q.
Eating when you don't feel like you should, especially in the morning, is important! Being asleep for the whole night, your stomach will be completely empty… fueling yourself appropriately for the day at hand will drastically improve focus and give you the energy needed to tackle some big stuff. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF !!!
Julie T.
I am usually the same. But what I find is that an hour or two later I feel hungry and regret not eating something. I recommend taking something like a banana or a small breakfast bar with you in the morning and have it whenever you feel hungry. A multipack of something in your bag may be a good idea as you won't have to remember to pack one in your bag daily.
Kristin Z.
Yes, because its important to give your body energy and nutrients for your brain to work
Donna O.
No, listen to your body and only eat when you're hungry. However, not eating in the mirning is likely to mean that you'll get hungry an hour or two later, so you need to make sure you have foods available at that point that are good for you, eg an apple, so you don't fall in the trap of skipping breakfast only to have an unhealthy snack mid-morning.
Mara U.
Yes, it’s part of developing the habit and you will be vulnerable to being extra hungry when you do eat later in the day. Plus, your body needs the energy even if you don’t feel hungry. After a few weeks of eating breakfast, you’ll start to get hungry in the morning. It’s the fuel you need to make healthy decisions for the rest of the day!
Beth X.
Yes indeed, if not i will be ravenous by 10am. If I eat a decent breakfast I can focus on my day. No hunger until around 1p
Josilaine W.
Just like with any habit, start small. If not hungry, eat a banana or even half of it. Eat the same time if possible, that way the body will ask for food at that time and you will start feeling hungry at that time. At that point or in the meanwhile up to that point, increase the size of the breakfast. Soon you will be so used to breakfast that you cannot start the day without it.
Gina T.
Yes! Even if you can’t bring yourself to eat a full meal, it would be good for your body to get some energy. Just have a fruit or some nuts! 🙂
Nicky Z.
I think our body knows what it needs and we must learn to listen to it. Drinking a tall glass of water may activate your system and bring on hunger. I get hungrier every time I eat an apple! 😉
Mir Ia Q.
Usually I wake up at 6:30 and have my breakfast 7:00 – 7:30. If I am not hungry in morning, I have my breakfast at 10:00 AM
Nicoline N.
I would say yes. It's about starting the day right and having breakfast on time every day is an integral part of that routine. I feel that having breakfast late or skipping it upsets the balance in a big way.
Nicky E.
I've noticed that I'm doing better having eaten something even if not hungry. Usually I go for something small like a handful of nuts or a tiny portion of musli.
Noemie C.
Yes, because when we sleep there is no nutrition intake.
Louna T.
Take your time adjusting. Listen to your body and don't eat if you feel full, but understand the benefits of eating a full breakfast and how if can benefit you. Try by eating a handful of something small and work your way up. And remember, breakfast is called breakfast because you are "breaking the fasting" you have done since dinner and while you slept. It's possible you aren't hungry because you are eating too late into the night.
Zachary E.
Is it worth considering why you are not hungry? What are you feeling instead? Discomfort, tiredness, aches…or do you feel kind of great? There is no good reason to force yourself to have breakfast for the sake of it. If we nourish ourselves across the day and balance energy in with energy out, then meal timing is not so important. That being said, here are my favourite reasons for breaking fast early in the day. 1) Breakfast foods are delicious and diverse, and bring delight into my day from the beginning. 2) My decision-making has not yet been fatigued by commuters or colleagues, so I'm more likely to pick food which sustains and fortifies me through till lunch. 3) Not being a ravenous carb-hound at 12:55 allows me to make better lunchtime choices too. 4) By now I'm feeling like Emperor of Constraint and Control, so when Sharon from accounts bring round homemade cookies at 4pm, whatever I choose to do in this moment, I win. I've eaten well enough that one cookie won't do much damage. I refuse and keep the chain reaction going even later in the day. If however, you wake up not feeling so glorious, and a big glass of water makes no improvement, think what could bring you some blood sugar. Cordial, a few grapes, a croissant, mackerel, a bit of last night's Chinese. This is where breakfast food diversity is your friend. Experiment and have fun with it. Or know yourself, skip breakfast and have a magnificent lunch instead!
Gary F.
You should always eat in the morning, it's the best way to start your day full of energy. Eat a little less, something light.
Mathias Q.
Yes! I always eat breakfast at the same time each day. It breaks my fast, and reduces my hunger throughput the rest of the day. I’ve been doing this for 13 months or longer
Penny U.
You need to eat something in the morning,your body need energy and the breakfast is one of the most important meals…without it you have a weak day!
Filippa C.
Do it for few days and you'll start getting hungry when you wake up in the morning
Kent A.
Yes. Breakfast is the most important meal because its the first fuel you get to start your day with energy. You're pretty likely to become tired quickly without breakfast even if you drink coffee. Coffee is high in caffeine which gives you a buzz that fades quicker than real energy.
Brandy F.
Yes, I think it is important to still have breakfast, even if it is just something light.
Axel Y.
Yes. You should always have breakfast unless you are fasting.
Francis F.
Yes. Breakfast is the key to fueling your body for the day.
Katie Z.
Yes. It doesn't have to be big. But, it will give you energy and jump-start your metabolism. People lose more weight when they eat not too long after waking up.
Christian B.
It's good to have something in your stomach, however small, to help your stomach adjust to your day's routine.
Herculana E.
Yes, it is the best time for breakfast when you wake up, during a hour you should have a breakfast. Every time our body needs energy even we don't feel ourselves as hungry.
Earl N.
Yes! A good breakfast will put you on the right path for the rest of the day.
Ernst Dieter Q.
There is a great compromise for that actually! You should definitely eat something but what I do when I don't feel like sitting down to a full meal, is eat a banana and a handful of mixed nuts and that's it! I took a can of mixed nuts and added more almonds to it and cranberries and raisins. These are perfect for sustainable energy that doesn't crash, and you don't have to fill your already content tummy! Enjoy!
Gertraude S.
Even if something small, your body will thank itself in the afternoon.
Elise U.
Yes! Breakfast is always the best possible way to start your day. It gives you the energy needed to get a kickstart on your day. It’s never good to skip breakfast, even when you aren’t hungry. Maybe if you aren’t hungry you could try eating a lighter breakfast as instead of skipping it all together.
Alyssia Y.
Yes. Daily breakfast helps set our body's rhythm for the day. Over time, we train our bodies to be hungry for breakfast. Also, it helps us keep a regular meal schedule, and avoid hunger interruptions that limit our productivity.
Ray P.
Yes, I think breakfast is what fuels the day. It’s vital for everything to work – your brain to begin to function, to provide fuel for your body.
T O T.
I think so because your body needs the fuel to function. You may not be hungry at this exact moment, but you do not know when you will begin to feel weak. If you are like me, it will happen when you are not able to eat; when you are in the middle of work or another activity and you will regret not eating earlier.
Carl X.
I should because that will reinforce the habit even more than just doing it because I'm already hungry anyway. The prompt will come from the mind, not the stomach.
Ed E.
Absolutely! Just start with a little snack, like nuts or cheese, if you aren't that hungry. The fuel will help you stay energetic and focused without crashing, if you eat foods that are high in protein and minimize sugars in the morning.
Hanne Lore U.
I think yes, you could eat a little bit to boost your metabolism. I always tell my brother (who's never hungry in the morning) to do some streches, drink a tea, and eat at least a banana, an apple or a good quality granola bar before going to school. It will give yoh some energy.