What is your go-to breakfast on days when you’re running a little late?

Egor N.
It depends on the financial part. I can have a breakfast at a workplace, when I get there, or check some place on the way for a quick snack like a chocolate bar+soda (yah, I know it’s not very healthy) to have some carbs and sugar for energy boost.
However, gotta balance that with some salad or grain when day schedule is settled.
Savannah Gillette F.
Quaker has these rather great instant oatmeal packets that have 10 grams of protein. I like the cranberry almond one. I only eat them when I have zero time and that usually means after I cook it (for only 65 seconds) I have to add a couple ice cubes and stir them in really fast so I can eat it super quick without burning myself. The protein is really important for me or else I wish I could just have an apple or something but that wouldn’t work for me.
Lauren X.
Whenever I am in a rush, I take breakfast even before getting ready. It is the prime priority and should not be compromised with.
Julie C.
I have a stash of protein yogurts in the fridge that are a squeezing pack. And I throw it in with my pack lunch so when I get to work I can scoff it down lol
Kenneth B.
Well when I’m running late I don’t have time to make my usual fruit smoothie that I normally have so I just grab a quick banana or something and get coffee somewhere.