Just curious what others are eating…?

Benjamin Z.
I've been eating eggs and bacon and trying to stay away from sugar. I've also got Cirkul which helps people stop drinking and consuming sugar.

Augusta A.
If you mean for breakfast, I do a hard-boiled egg, some green grapes, and a mini whole wheat bagel. Today I switched out the hard-boiled egg and grapes with an apple and peanut butter, just to switch it up!

Noah P.
Omelette or baked cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast , many options for a healthy lunch (soup on the vegetable or meat broth, white meat for the main course, with vegetables or rice or buckwheat), light dinner not too late. And always finish the day with kefir (kind of natural yogurt without sugar and added flavors)

Ilan Z.
Before I worked a desk job I’d eat oatmeal as breakfast. Once I got my desk job, I find myself constantly snacking on fruits. It ties me over so much so that I sometimes work passed my break.

Herbert O.
Im eating oat meal in the morning with apples and a pear, for lunch im having rice with veggies from yesterday and for dinner i will make a veggie hamburger with curly fries and salad

Sandra Z.
Fruit smoothies with Greek yogurt and milk of choice, eggs with salsa, salads with chopped vegetables and a vinaigrette, and whole grains mixed with a protein, vegetable and some herbs or dressing for flavor.

Storm Z.
I haven’t been eating healthy,i’m been eating fast food that will make me gain weight more..and now i know that I shouldn’t have done that.Right now i am going to eat healthy and drink water to have clear skin.

Bobby U.
2 boiled eggs.. With salt and a little mayonnaise.. Half Avocado or banana ..Coffee mixed with ( milk or soy milk+ cocoa+ cinnamon powder boiled togather ) ❤

Alvin X.
For breakfast? I have a list of breakfast ideas I keep adding to and I look at it when I'm wondering what to eat. Eggs are number 1

Sofie A.
I eat toast, green juice packed with yummy greens and fruits, and some jam! It’s quick and healthy if you use rice bread and organic jam.

Emilie W.
I eat healthy delicious 😋 food such that contains a lot of vegetables and fruits with full bread sometimes with olives or tasty adds but it’s better to eat more food then bread so try it . And the meal itself I eat fish , meat 🍖 ,chicken and healty rice 🍚 and beans sometimes a healthy natural soup 🍜

Amanda E.
I’m eating oatmeal with roasted and crushed almonds, cinnamon and cardamom. A fried egg on whole wheat crispbread with Napoli salami. One small, strong cup of coffee with just a little unsweetened coconut milk and a big glass of water!

Malgorzata O.
1 glass of water + 1 glass of Lemon water, after 10 min Apple and cinnamon flavored black tea with a cheese and ham sandwich (toasted bread)

Gerald X.
It’s not just what but how much and how often.

3 main meals + 2 snacks

Porridge/ bread with tahini+honey/peanut butter/ light cheese and turkey + glass of milk – Breakfast

Walnuts/almonds + 1 fruit – Snack

Fish/chicken/veggies/Mediterranean cuisine

Yoghurt/fruit+ breadsticks – Snack

Salad + omelette/cottage/chicken/healthy wraps etc – Dinner